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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Best Explanation
for Gun Ownership
I Have Ever Read

What a fantastic job "Existing Thing" did here! A great read you'll be sending to your friends.
USA Today Jumps on the
NYT's Treason Bandwagon



Did you think that the NYT's getting away with publishing classified information would not set a precedent? (Many thanks for the excellent summary view by A. J. Strata at the Strata-Sphere!)

Better question would be why wouldn't it?

Have you seen anybody get indicted? ...go to jail? ...get anything more than a stern verbal rebuke?

Just like your children learn through lack of punishment when it is OK to do something wrong, the adolescent, self centered Pulitzer seekers at the NYT's have demonstrated that it is "OK" to publish secrets to the rest of the 'media', too.

Lesson complete! Treason is abolished! What pesky 'Rule of Law'?

'Prhaps we shoulda' learnt 'em better...
The Times and the Spy Loophole

30 June 2006 @ 2:36AM

When The New York Times first felt the public uproar over the paper's decision to tell the world about U.S. efforts to trace money transfers between suspected terrorists, executive editor Bill Keller mounted a rather telling defense:

It's an unusual and powerful thing, this freedom that our founders gave to the press. Who are the editors of The New York Times (or the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and other publications that also ran the banking story) to disregard the wishes of the President and his appointees? And yet the people who invented this country saw an aggressive, independent press as a protective measure against the abuse of power in a democracy, and an essential ingredient for self-government. They rejected the idea that it is wise, or patriotic, to always take the President at his word, or to surrender to the government important decisions about what to publish.
What does publishing this information have to do with taking the President at his word? Keller is wrapping himself in the First Amendment because his only argument in favor of publishing this information is simply that he can.

While the founders clearly understood that an informed public was required for good governance, there's no evidence that they intended to set aside journalists as a special class of citizen to which certain laws do not apply. Keller seems to think otherwise.

He continues:

A secondary argument against publishing the banking story was that publication would lead terrorists to change tactics. But that argument was made in a half-hearted way.

So, in other words, the Times decided to put vital national security secrets on the front page because the people charged with protecting the public from terrorist attack didn't bend down and kiss the ring of the Times quite vigorously enough. They only did so half-heartedly.

What I'm struggling to figure out is, if you as a private citizen came into the exact same information that the Times eventually published, but instead of publishing it, you passed it along to an al Qaeda operative in a dark alley somewhere, you would be guilty of treason and could be executed.

Yet, Bill Keller seems to think that "freedom of the press" amounts to one huge legal exemption--the espionage laws do not apply to him!--and by being chosen by a handful of old-money New Yorkers to edit a newspaper, he is somehow in better position to decide what is in the public interest than the government officials that we the people elected to act on our behalf.

We've already seen in previous cases that The New York Times believes that it should never have to disclose its sources in court. And now we see that the Times believes that it should be allowed to publish information that could get you executed if you passed it on in private. That's one hell of a loophole!

Why run the risk of going to jail or even being executed for passing along classified information to our enemies? Just start a newspaper, and have all your informants send along whatever secrets they uncover. If you publish it, you're above the law. After all, you're a journalist. And if you get dragged into court, just refuse to give up your sources. Again, you're a journalist; laws are for commoners.

But why even bother going through the trouble of starting a newspaper? The New York Times already provides this service today.

I don't mean to argue that reporters should be jailed for this sort of reporting as a matter of course. But the fact that the Times continues to act in such an irresponsible manner, jeopardizing the non-military portion of the war at the same time that it criticizes every use of our military, makes it all the more likely that reporters in the future will be hauled into court for breaking similar stories.

I think the public realizes that the Times crossed a line here. But to Bill Keller, there seems to be no line at all. He sees his press freedoms as an absolute, without any countervailing responsibilities.

While he applauds reporters for being "a protective measure against the abuse of power in a democracy", he fails to address an important question: Where is the check against Bill Keller? Where is the check against the press? I don't remember getting to vote for any newspaper editors, and nobody else I know does, either. And yet they have the power to change the future by making it more likely that terrorists can move throughout the world without detection.

The ultimate check against the press would be to enforce our espionage laws against reporters who expose classified information to the entire world. Prosecuting journalists is a very dangerous road for a democracy to go down, and one that could easily be abused by the government. But journalists are not a separate class exempt from the law, and they would be wise not to test the patience of the public. Another story like this, and I think the backlash against the Times will be severe. People will call for prosecutions, and bendy politicians, sensing the mood of the public, will gladly oblige, regardless of the consequences.

And if reporters end up in jail, they may have Bill Keller to thank.

By Evan Coyne Maloney

Evan Coyne Maloney is a political commentator based in New York City. More of his work can be found on the website Brain Terminal.

All contents ©2001-2006 by Evan Coyne Maloney

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Insightful Commentary from
The Vault

"Hmmm…. very simple… too simple for those who overthink…

Is knowingly publishing classified information against the Law???

Are Reporters above the Law?

Is this a Nation who believes in the rule of law?

Moral relatavism will be the death of this country. We are now AFRAID of enforcing our own laws… (immigration, NTY, Congressmen hitting people, confiscating guns during Katrina…) and once the rule of law breaks down we’ve got SERIOUS problems folks… "

Romeo13 on June 29, 2006 at 11:18 AM
The Dominoes Tumble:
The Inevitable Fallout from the
NYT's Acts of Treason... Begins

*POOF* goes the SWIFT Program thanks to Comrade Keller and friends. Disgusting...
SCOTUS Slaps the US With Yet Another Terrorist Tool Revocation

Enjoy your day, love your family and kiss any hopes for winning the war against Jihadism bye bye. Not only have they infiltrated our Leftstream Media, but they actually have commandeered our "Justice" system as well.

Can you hear it? Listen to the cave dwellers rejoice. This is beyond what the mind can conceive. Who would have really believed that victory for these animals would have been handed over freely from people who were supposedly on our side?

By the time this gets bloody enough for the Liberals to withdraw their heads from their respective asses and look around, they will only be providing their heads to the terrorists for the next throat slitting.

10:54 AM UPDATE: More overview and perspective from Andy McCarthy here.

1:36 PM UPDATE: Webloggin has Justice Thomas dissenting view here.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Assad Gets Air Mail

Israeli warplanes stray outside their borders to
deliver a message.
The NYT's
Most Feared

Mr. Keller would love to have you as short memoried as his cohorts, en masse. Another outstanding collection and presentation from Michelle Malkin.
Rest in Peace
Staff Sgt. Raymond J. Plouhar

Read about one who gave selflessly. Thank you and God Speed, Sir.
Super Slack Security
at a Nuke Site in North Dakota

OK, so they wore clown suits (it is rare that they dress up in costumes actually reflecting their conduct). What if they had been actual terrorists carrying bombs instead of posters and paint?

But shouldn't the focus be on how they were able to get so far as to successfully take one of our National Defense Nuclear Missiles offline??? And they were charged with only two Class A Misdemeanors?

Excellent coverage by Gateway Pundit here...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Threat of Smallpox

Ever since 9-11-01, I have repeatedly argued that the threat of a "smallpox homocide carrier" is only a logical evolution from their more typical current technique of blowing themselves up. Homocide bombers only kill victims in their immmediate area and frequently get discovered before reaching their intended targets, risking an even lower effective kill ratio.

An intentionally infected carrier could criss cross our nation by commercial flights for days on end without any risk of obvious discovery, at least until he himself (or she) showed any symptoms of the disease. In the process, the terrorist would infect potentially thousands, which would then go forth in their daily activities and travels and infect countless thousands more. With the time period of ten days or more before anyone infected would typically begin to show signs of the disease, the possible impact of such a maniacal exercise could be devastating.

Jim Meyers of Newmax has written an excellent and provocative article outlining this very real threat. It essentially endorses a preemptive approach through vaccination now, instead of after the crisis is identified... which well might be too late. A great, yet disturbing read.
Traitor Murtha Goes Over the Edge...

As hard as I am trying to IGNORE this unrepentant a**hole (for, like the Ditsy Chix, he is betting on our attention to keep him in the headlines), his latest stunt in Miami truly goes further than even I could have imagined. He actually stated publicly that his OWN COUNTRY is more dangerous than Iran or North Korea!


Even my most liberal 'aquaintances' shudder and recoil at this most recent insidious quote... When his rhetoric gets this stupid, it is really telling to see who on the Left continues to place him on a pedastle.

I hope all liberals continue to do so, since it can only contribute to the Conservative effort in the most essential manner possible.

Thanks, "Jack"! I'm sure the troops, who he "supports", really appreciate this too.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The BEST Dead Zarqawi Video Compilation

"Bryan", of HotAir fame, did a simply Masterful job! This one sure brings out the Team Spirit... speakers to be turned on!

UPDATE: Here is another premium Dead Zone presentation complete with Lefty sadness coverage by tgslTakoma. Excellent!
Anybody See a Pattern Here?

It took just barely two days to elapse before the treasonists at the NYT's did it again!

Moderates and liberals will actually waste air consumption by attempting to debate whether this is as serious a breach of classified information as was Friday's unauthorized worldwide disclosure of the (formerly) secret SWIFT program.

Is it not obvious that that is not the point? The point is that "secret" and "classified" means SECRET and CLASSIFIED!

These exposures of covert information are illegal. Period.

While Allah and his Partner in Prime, Bryan, over at HotAir are engaged in open debate about whether we should indict and prosecute the NYT's for bullhorning these items, I once again and as usual see this as a simple, black and white situation.

Allah worries about the political fallout and the sure to follow Lefty's screaming about our "Fascist government" and Conservatives even daring to question the press' right to expose potential government intrusion (to be read: undermining our national security and directly endangering our troops). He also encourages boycotting the NYT's advertisers (which sounds cool, I agree we should do and it still won't work... but it would be reminiscent of the attachment Liberals have with symbolism). How quaint.

Bryan, on the other hand, states that we HAVE to pursue prosecution or they will just continue to do it again and again. It would be sort of like paying ransom to the terrorists for kidnapped victims... Show them it really works and they thank you for silently proving their methods. Click on "Repeat".

Well, it took almost two days to prove Bryan right, huh?

I think that the tendency to "cave in" (pun intended) to political fears in order to establish what is right and wrong is a major mistake.

President Jorge has repeatedly proven this theory:

  • Illegal Aliens
  • "you guys just lay down your weapons, be nice and return to your homes in Fallujah while we march on to Baghdad... and we'll leave you alone, OK?"
  • even giving a response to whether Gitmo is legitimate treatment for captured terrorists who have no uniform, no country of allegiance, are therefore NOT subject to the Geneva Convention (whilst their "brethren" are meanwhile sawing off the heads of our soldiers and civilians in Iraq).
  • STILL not imposing Martial Law in Iraq until we get control of the chaos that is continuing to be served on a daily basis by the terrorists.
  • Participating in Liberal sourced PC word games such as reference to terrorists as "insurgents", "militants" and even "freedom fighters".
  • "Oh, OK, we'll have direct talks with Iran after all... (Hey, how come Kim Is Ill is fueling up that there big missile?)"

I could extend the list down the page...

While I sure as hell am thankful it is not President John F'n Kerry in there, I am not without major criticism of how Jorge has allowed this PC disease to encroach upon effective and complete execution of this most important of wars since we gained our sovereignty.

And neither does it make any sense in the case of the traitors at the NYT's.

Enforce the law, do what is right and regain the traditional American BALLS!

My belief is that we, first and foremost, go after the LEAKERS of this secret information. Prosecute them and use the "journalists" at the NYT's as first squealers, then witnesses. Any resistance from them to participate in the prosecution of the leakers makes them accessories to the crimes. Then you can add those charges to the crimes of being active and willing conduits to dissemination of the secret info worldwide.

The NYT's actions embolden the terrorists and become evidence to enable them as they indoctrinate more evil animals into their Jihad through creation of more films and propaganda. (The cacophony of laughter roaring out of the caves is deafening!) Unlike Liberals, the terrorists don't ignore nor forget a history of actions!

For us to respond otherwise is to cow tow to actual terrorist support from within our very own borders.

Now what President and Congress could be trusted further if such was to be allowed to occur and continue?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bay Area Liberals
Hard @ "Work"

Have you laughed today? It's healthy, ya' know!

(This is not safe for children or workplace... you've been warned!)
Interesting Speculation as to Why
The NYT's was Motivated...

Was it a collective NYT decision to sell out the secret Swift program in order to save the Times failing readership/financial status?? KT at The Scratching Post offers some intriguing thoughts as to what would move an entire company of 'journalists' to a pure act of treason against their own country.

Watch the video wherein Eric Lichtblau "explains" his rationale for enlightening the whole world to a once covert and effective program. He (and his criminal cohort, James Risen) display the typical elitist "we know better than you lowly members of the public" mentality.

E-mail the editor at the NYT to add your view to the multitude:

Also complicit and to be equally blamed in this latest escapade to undermine terrorist apprehension BEFORE they strike is the LA Times, who can be e-mailed by using their online form found here.

The Traitorous
New York Times...

They have sold out their own country once again for the hopeful opportunity of some sort of journalistic achievement award. A proven, formerly functional and LEGAL program (by their own reporting) has now been made public despite repeated requests by the administration to keep it quiet.

Their thinly veiled attempts to explain their actions as "in the public interest" are empty and hollow.

LOOK! Do you see it, too??

The Emperor has NO CLOTHES!

Despicable... and astonishingly dangerous!

Rules and Why I Decided To Do This...

Well, after getting my comment status "banned" from one of the more popular blogs, I have decided to create a forum wherein I can freely post my views without that continued risk. It seems that a multitude of these posting forums are only interested in views which reinforce their own... and in words that they insist to be sanitary, canned and pre-packaged.

I will enable and invite comments here. I will never require anyone to agree with me, although I will expect arguments to be based in fact and please abstain from only personal insults (throw some substance in there, too... OK?).

That does not mean you cannot insult me, nor does it mean that I won't reciprocate. It simply means that I require some foundation stemming from history and actual occurrence when you wish to attempt to negate my views and statements.

I appreciate emphasis and heartfelt emotion in expression of your views (contrary to the sometimes popular opinion of us as "unfeeling, mean-spirited" Conservatives perhaps?). Therefore, I will tolerate some occasional use of profanity. I will not tolerate nothing but profanity, nor will I allow any blasphemy... whether you believe in God or not.

I will remove any comments which, in my opinion, deviate from the above basic rules.

I don't have endless amounts of time... actually, very little. I am a Landlord, a Sole Proprietor of a separate business, a devoted husband, a good friend to worthy people and a dedicated enthusiast to the pursuit of LIFE. I will post here as a self imposed duty to speak my mind and, secondarily, as a recreation. I am a politically active Conservative, I write my Congressional members and I always vote.

That's it. Sparse, yet firm, rules to allow as much freedom for you to respond as I feel is reasonable. Post your words as you wish...