"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




social transition


Gossamer Socialist



Problem obvious

Liberty Caged, 11-4-08

Next Opportunity for Redemption of The Republic...

...6:00 AM Eastern, November 1st, 2016

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hezbollah Smells Victory

After warning the civilians in the area of Qana, Lebanon, by an extended dropping of leaflets urging residents to leave, Israeli bombing attacks were executed on the confirmed Hezbollah stronghold and missile launching sight. An early death count includes 56 civilians,
34 of which are alleged to be children.

It is indeed a tragedy, but directly because Hezbollah has intentionally positioned themselves along side of Lebanese civilians. They have used the same tactics throughout their terror campaign, and did the same by firing missiles into Israel from
within 100 meters of unarmed UN "peace keepers" on July 25th.

The collective Left Stream Media reaction in both cases is to blame Israel and ignore the direct reasons why civilians in totally unnecessary numbers keep getting killed!

  • Hezbollah continues to perpetrate acts of terrorist aggression on Israeli civilians with rocket attacks intentionally, randomly targeting civilians.
  • Hezbollah continues to launch these attacks from Lebanese civilian quarters, mosques and village centers.

World reaction contributes to the persistence of these horrendous Hezbollah methods of aggression and furthermore confirms their effectiveness in moving mass opinion to the side of terror. The sheep of the world are helping Hezbollah win.

Predictably, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has said:

"There is no place at this sad moment for any discussions other than an immediate and unconditional cease-fire as well as international investigation of the Israeli massacres in Lebanon now."

Once again, he has publically chosen to side with Hezbollah, yet we ignore the move, which we have repeatedly stated puts them squarely on the side of terrorism.

Condi Rice continues her ineffective babble by saying:

"We all recognize this kind of warfare is extremely difficult," said Rice, noting it comes in areas where civilians live. "It unfortunately has awful consequences sometimes."

"Once again, I was reiterating our strong concern about the impact of Israeli military operations on innocent civilians."

"In the wake of the tragedy that the people and the government of Lebanon are dealing with today, I have decided to postpone my discussion in Beirut."

"We want a cease-fire as soon as possible."

"We are making real progress [WHAT???] on the political framework and believe the parties are coming together."

Her dialogue deserves nothing but the "BULLSHIT" Stamp of Disapproval!!! Has all leadership in the remaining Free World lost every semblance of reason, ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, and retention of good, old-fashioned BALLS?

I would rejoice to see Rice, Jorge or anyone, with their head not inserted fully in their ass, clearly state:

"Lebanese civilian casualties are tragic and directly resulting from Hezbollah's cowardly, abhorrent practice of persisting to perpetuate random, Israeli civilian attacks from Lebanese civilian positions while utilizing them as 'shields'. For those Lebanese innocents who remain alive after predictable, predisclosed Israeli attacks, Hezbollah marches in to "rescue" and coddle the survivors in a despisable move to win their support and stimulate further hatred for Israel. This is followed by Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora's mocked outrage that these deaths are the responsibility of Israel, and not properly attributed to the Hezbollah terrorists who have long ago taken Lebanon hostage. These disappointing words from Prime Minister Siniora yet again indicate the unwelcome support by the Lebanese government for bloodthirsty terrorism. Continuation of this public support for terrorists may force members of the Free World to regard Lebanon as complicit and therefore part of the Jihadi movement. We will not ignore the facts of Hezbollah's tactics nor encourage any type of ceasefire until Hezbollah is destroyed, utterly, unequivocably and completely. To act otherwise would constitute surrender."

Think that would be outrageous? You have been well trained by the appeasors of terrorism then... and will live by it when we fail.


Photos that damn Hezbollah

"Hezbollah came in to launch their rockets, then within minutes the area was blasted by Israeli jets," he said.

"Until the Hezbollah fighters arrived, it had not been touched by the Israelis. Then it was totally devastated."


There is nothing new about these Hezbollah techniques... Review some history.


Angel writes of facts and reality.


A meticulous sequence of photo posts, along with the times they were taken tells more of how the victims were used beyond belief for elaborate propaganda displays.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blogi's Breaking
Middle East Takeover News...

How does this guy keeping dreaming up his humor?
Too Good Not To Share...

A friend sent me the following PC Lessons. We live in a time when the chance to laugh should be valued:

**Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America, certain Virginians, Kentuckians, Tennesseans, and West Virginians and North Carolinians will no longer be referred to as "HILLBILLIES". You must now refer to us as "APPALACHIAN-AMERICANS".

And furthermore :


1. She is not a "BABE" or a "CHICK" - She is a "BREASTED AMERICAN".

2. She is not a "SCREAMER" or a "MOANER" - She is 'VOCALLY APPRECIATIVE".

3. She is not "EASY" - She is "HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE".



6. She is not an "AIRHEAD" - She is "REALITY IMPAIRED".

7. She does not get "DRUNK" or "TIPSY" - She gets "CHEMICALLY INCONVENIENCED".

8. She does not have "BREAST IMPLANTS" - She is "MEDICALLY ENHANCED".

9. She does not "NAG" you - She becomes "VERBALLY REPETITIVE".

10. She is not a "TRAMP" - She is "SEXUALLY EXTROVERTED".

11. She does not have "MAJOR LEAGUE HOOTERS" - She is "PECTORALLY SUPERIOR".

12. She is not a "TWO-BIT HOOKER" - She is a "LOW COST PROVIDER".


1. He does not have a "BEER GUT" - He has developed a "LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY".

2. He is not a "BAD DANCER" - He is "OVERLY CAUCASIAN".


4. He is not "BALDING" - He is in "FOLLICLE REGRESSION".



7. He does not act like a "TOTAL ASS" - He develops a case of "RECTAL-CRANIAL INVERSION".

8. He is not a "MALE CHAUVINIST PIG" - He has "SWINE EMPATHY".

9. He is not afraid of "COMMITMENT" - He is "RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGED".

10. He is not "HORNY" - He is "SEXUALLY FOCUSED".

11. It's not his "CRACK" you see hanging out of his pants - It's "REAR CLEAVAGE".

Friday, July 28, 2006

Is This What We Pay Her For?

Condi really wooed them at 39th Asean ministerial meeting in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, and by all accountants the air utterly reeked of symbolism. Nice, I guess, but what the hell does that accomplish? She hurried from ineffective talks in Rome pertaining to the Mideast turmoil for this? I guess it is a case of "What else could she do"?

Afterall, she already hugged and kissed Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora last week!

Keeping in mind that Hezbollah has been allowed to hold something like 14 political seats in the Lebanese Parliment as well as have a multitude of military installations and organizational headquarters within Lebanon (which are off limits to Lebanese police and military), why wouldn't Condi want to be all lovey dovey with old Foolwad, anyway?

A friend sent me a (maybe photo-shopped?) re-creation of how a more realistic assessment of PM Siniora actions (or lack thereof) might have been delivered.

We need to stop telling ourselves stories that we want to hear. If these people align themselves with terrorists, they are terrorists, too. Didn't President Bush explain that to everyone quite awhile back on September 20th, 2001?

"Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Refuse To Be A Parrot

I find nothing particularly worthy of comment. My views on the Israeli assault on terror are clearly espoused to date. Kofi is making stupid accusations against Israel, which are being disproven promptly. There is even a vicious rumor that Hezbollah was using the bros at the UN encampment as a shield?? Go figure! Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams has described her wish to kill George Bush to school children. Howard Dean is continuing his mouth manure. Mother Cindy continues to be a fat, disruptive nobody. Medea Benjamin joins her and grabs another quick 10 seconds of Left Stream Media spotlight. Condi is hugging everybody in the Middle and Far East and soothing them with "It's Going to be OK Afterall, My Good Friends" on the piano. Iran is sending 'non-official' homicide bombers to join Hezbollah in Lebanon. I'm-The-Man Al Zawahari is announcing the beginning of a worldwide fight between Israel and Islam (news to no one but Liberals, and don't worry... they still won't believe it yet). And Israel has proposed creating a 1.2 mile wide buffer zone along their border purged of terrorists (why even bother?? What will THAT change???) while deciding not to 'expand' their war against Hezbollah and Hamas.

As the mess spirals downward...

I got something much more important to write about today. Today, it's about... making everything you can of the day you have been granted.

I have always said that I have been blessed with more friends than I ever gave the Good Lord solid reason to bestow. Friends, not acquaintances. Yeah, and I said the "Good Lord". Atheists, agnostics and Liberals having a problem with that can leave now... my blog and I don't care.

I have several BEST friends (I am much more fortunate than worthy). One has been very sick this year. I have spent many late night hours worrying and praying for her recovery and well being. Although tougher than granite, she still has her limits and they have been very severely, repeatedly tested. Not having experienced what she has faced, I truly can't fathom how difficult it has been for her, but it makes my caring and concern no less real nor diminished. You don't have to walk the path to grasp the enormity of the task.

She, like me, and like you... we all have today. We all have only today. One of our mutual friends told me "tomorrow never comes", way back when I was just a little boy. It took a long time for the little boy to understand.

We can always make excuses and try to pass them off as reasons. But in doing so we fritter away the seconds God has given us. Our mutual friend also told that little boy "every one you pass up is one you'll never get". It took even longer to catch up with that morsel of wisdom. But what it all amounts to is that our most precious commodity is time. We get a finite quantity of it, unevenly distributed amongst us... some more, some much, some much less. And we never really get to be privy to what our individual allotment is. We just get some. There is no such thing as enough nor tomorrow.

Things can always be worse. As long as we can, we should do, in whatever capacity and form the Lord allows us. For that is living and life is to be lived and cherished. All the seconds... every one of them. You can't stop living until life is done. And we're not done yet.

So here are some images of true, raw beauty from my wonderful wife's gardens... for one of my best friends. It took a few moments to preserve and share these. They were perhaps my best seconds of the entire day.

They are beautiful and loved, just like you. I hope you enjoy them, Mom.

Oh, the puppies are pretty stressed out lately, too... :-)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More on 'Disproportionate Use '
of Force by Israel

A hard hitting, well written overview of the claimed Israeli excessive use of force during a war against Jihadimals. This is a must read! Many kudos to Doug CORRECTION: Allan (Nuda Veritas) at Fine Dry Wit.
When You Appease Terrorists

We see civilians bombed as they try to leave their homes and neighborhoods (...because you can't tell who is "innocent" and who is "bad" down below from the cockpit of an Israeli warplane). Civilian homes leveled, homes that Hezbollah has stored weapons caches in. Homes that were commandeered by terrorists to utilize the very occupants as shields from Israeli attack. Mosques used for the same purposes; to conceal, store and fire their lethal rockets from. Neighborhoods with tunnels to deeply entrenched bunkers.

These civilian populations surely got to a point where they had no choice. They were threatened with death and hideous abuse if they didn't comply with the serpents who were infiltrating their land, their country. No choices... not after their government had allowed their foot over the threshhold in the first place.

They took the Jihadi "gifts" and charity. They permitted and then elected them into their politics. They gave them buildings to occupy and, eventually, excluded their own police and military from even entering these places. They turned their backs and closed their eyes to Iranian support and the Syrian conduit that delivered it.

When Israel finally completely pulled out of southern Lebanon on June 16th, 2000, Hezbollah continued to remain there, despite the ineffectual UNIFIL's continued presence there. UNIFIL was charged with the duty of purging of the terrorist occupation. There as a result of UN Resolution 425 since March 19th, 1978, UNIFIL has only been occasionally successful in bringing food and related supplies to civilians. Six years have passed since Israel moved out while Lebanon continued to tolerate, ignore, and do nothing regarding Hezbollah's control of their southern countryside.

Did Lebanon let it get to a point of no return? Certainly yes. Now we observe the unforgiving difficulty of trying to reverse such huge mistakes.

We have open, essentially unprotected borders in the US. We also have terrorist groups in our midst. Since we have an estimated 12 million or more illegal aliens in this country who we know NOTHING about, we DON'T KNOW how many are terrorists. We do know that Hezbollah has many "sleeper cells" worldwide. Those cells are publically being called to action by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. How intensely and thoroughly have we been infiltrated... like Lebanon?

As Conservatives and Liberals alike witness the most severe repercussions (of Jihadi appeasement) to the Lebanese civilian population, do we see the lesson?? We just sent Condi to Beirut to snuggle up with Lebanese leadership. Here's hoping the message behind closed doors was not all kisses and hugs.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Despicable Liberal Bile

Capitalist Infidel outlines more out of control malevolence from yet another member of the Party of Peaceniks in reference to the slaughter of an American soldier's family. This guy surely makes Deb Frisch smile.
Lebanon Illustrates Why
Closed Eyes Don't Work

Capt. Ed notes why reports of damage and the question of possible success in Israel's drop of 46,000 pounds of ordnance on Hezbollah's headquarters in southern Beirut were impeded:

Hizbullah has a headquarters compound in Bourj al-Barajneh that is off limits to the Lebanese police and army [my emphasis added], so security officials could not confirm the strike.

Got that? The Lebanese police and army are not allowed to enter onto its own land. That's not much of an excuse for a state, especially given that the land is in the capital city of Lebanon.

This is what happens to independence, sovereignty and the ability to defend your own country when you take the "stick your head in the sand and ignore" approach to terrorism. I won't even suggest the hope that our Liberal Democrats in the Ostrich Party might take note. The problem is that when this fantasy is adopted by the leaders of a country, ALL of its' people are subjected to the consequences of such foolishness.

Can we learn by example?
A View of Death Tactics
from Syria Via Hezbollah

As Hezbollah continues to rocket the civilian population in northern Israel with warheads stuffed with Syrian ball bearings, UN 'Leader' Kofi Annan continues to chastise Israel for "disproportionate use of force".

Friday, July 21, 2006

Lebanese Army May Join Forces with Hizbullah?

When I read the headline, I thought surely it was a mistake or a joke. What civilized people would join up with the terrorists that have occupied southern Lebanon instead of taking the opportunity to finally boot their asses out of their own land?

Would they do it as a result of the civilian losses from the IDF's bombing campaign? With only a cursory review of these circumstances, one might easily, quickly say "yes".

However, Israel pulled out of its' occupation of southern Lebanon six full years ago. It was (as was the pullout from the West Bank) Israel's concession to the long perpetuated notion of trading "land for peace". Hezbollah has since obliterated that myth as have the Palestinians. They have unabashedly insisted that they will not be satisfied until "Israel is driven into the sea".

Israel has repeatedly demanded that Lebanon retake control of its' southern region and remove the terrorist threat that remained there. They left it to the sovereign, 9 year old democratic state of Lebanon to handle on its' own... as it should be. Lebanon has failed to act, letting down its' people, who in turn have remained mute regarding this failure. Democracy comes with a responsibility (defined here for the ignorant) to use the included tools to speak out. The people of Lebanon have subsequently, therefore, also failed.

Israel to date tolerated the continued threat and was not the aggressor in this latest conflict, but rather the target. It has responded, as any nation should, to first a barrage of rocket attacks, followed by intrusion onto their side of an internationally recognized border (except by Hezbollah) and the killing of eight soldiers while also kidnapping two more.

Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman stated clearly to the UN and his Lebanese counterpart, Nouhad Mahmoud, on July 14th:

"Deep inside your heart you know that if you could, you would be sitting here next me. If Israel wins the war, Lebanon will benefit."

Gillerman quoted a Lebanese minister who lashed out at Hizbullah and Iran and Syria who support it. He accused the Lebanese government of failing to impose its sovereignty on all its territory and disarming the Hizbullah as demanded by Council
Resolution 1559
[September 2nd, 2004].

Indeed, I believe Gillerman is quoting Lebanese Communication Minister Marwan Hamadeh, who stated unequivocably on July 14th:

"[Syrian Vice-President] Faruq Shara gives the orders, Hezbollah executes them and Lebanon is the hostage”.

Hezbollah has become a pillar in Lebanon, both politically and militarily. Pure terrorists. And now Lebanon threatens to join Hezbollah to fight Israel???

If they do as they suggest, then who in Lebanon is innocent? Numerous civilians, who perhaps don't agree with their government's idiotic "solution" to Hezbollah? But they elected that government. And when that government sides with bloodthirsty terrorists, they become terrorists.

Civilians who disagree should heed Israel's repeated warnings to leave southern Lebanon... because Israel is left with no alternatives but to invade and clean out the terrorist hornets. To stay would be suicide. It is, still, their choice.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Steadfast Denial: When Words Don't Work Anymore...

You can't convince people that refuse to see.

Monday, July 17, 2006

"It's the danger that people will look at you differently..."

Don't give that a second thought, Michael. Unless they put in a whole lot of common sense and reason that God forgot to install congenitally, I won't look at you one iota differently. HA!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

NYT's "Courageous"
Photographer Joao Silva

He stands by and photographs a terrorist sniper as he shoots to kill Americans. This is what the NYT's calls "courage". The photo op is more important than doing anything constructive to stop this animal from taking an American life right before his cold, pale eyes. Afterall, there is no higher aspiration for any NYT's employee than journalistic/photographic "awards".

Here's the exact quote from Michele McNally, Al Qaeda Times Assistant Managing Editor for Photography:

“Right there with the Mahdi army. Incredible courage.”

REAL "incredible courage" would have been to watch for his squint as he aligned his sights and drop kick this murderer in the throat, closely followed by shoving the rifle butt through his face.

There is a day of reckoning that will arrive for these terrorist helpers that we currently allow to live and breathe upon our very own soil. There's nothing I can add (that's fit to repeat) to the coverage Michelle Malkin has provided here.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hand Wringing and Finger Pointing

The party of surrender has already begun its' "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa'ing" over the inevitable escalation of war in the Middle East.

Yes, I said inevitable, because it is and has been for a long, long time. I personally hope it is not just another partial volcanic upheaval. I am sick of this ongoing mess and I am intensely hopeful that Israel finally intends to truly accomplish its' stated goal of disabling Hezbollah.

Typical Leftstream Whine: "It's all because Bush led us here." Yeppir, Hezbollah wouldn't pursue Israel if we hadn't gone into Iraq. Damn, makes sense to me!

"Now look what I'm going to have to pay for a gallon of gasoline." Wail, cry and complain about your wounded pocketbook... that's classic Liberal compassion for all of humanity!

"Our support of Israel has enabled them to stir up the hornet's nest." Fools... it has been stirred up for more than forty years now. That inverted position of the Liberals only makes the blood rush to their heads and maintains a sand coating to their hairdos.

"Israel's response is disproportionate." Yeah, right. Hell, I believe even Bubba Clinton would have responded militarily to similar actions occurring on our soil. But this is somehow different?

What despicable, dishonest garbage. But to any Conservative who has paid attention at all (and thankfully many, perhaps most of us do) these are just the latest model rhetorical prevarications from the Peaceniks. There is no reason we should hope for, much less expect, anything different at all from these intentionally disconnected personalities.

Bush has pursued the fight that was started with us... not initiated it. He responded. IMHO, he has also responded with too much restraint and catered to far too many (ONE would be too many) Leftist "concerns".

My criticism of Jorge is multi-pronged: continued refusal to secure our borders; allowing combatants in Iraq to lay down their weapons and "peacefully just go home" during our march to Baghdad (that's how WE created Falujah!); capturing terrorists rather than killing them (er, um, you're prolly not going to change their minds... better to expand their minds with high velocity projectiles); exuding only mild upset when Spain, Philippines, etc. pulled out of the conflict (now those "allies" showed the terrorists how well they could run, didn't they?); not LOUDLY, PUBLICLY condemning ransom payments to terrorists for kidnapped victims (terror + kidnapping = $$$)... the list is damn near without an end.

These moves constitute appeasement. Nothing less. Bushy all too often appeases Liberal outcries which only brings louder calls for more, and, far worse, he in turn appeases terrorism which shows undeniable weakness. This is not just noticed, it is harvested and cultivated by our murderous enemy. But at least he doesn't pull a Juan F'ing Kerry and "reach out" to hold hands with the "persecuted, downtrodden freedom fighters". Talk fixes everything, right, Libs? That's how we won our independence. We talked. Uh huh.

Liberals extol their perceived "need" for the extremist death squads to fight for "militant freedom", but casually ignore (attempt to debunk?) our need to fight to retain ours! Afterall, freedom is something we just have always had, right? I think it fell out of the sky around 1950 or something... And of course, we always will have it, too... The left sees our freedom as a given. Why would anybody ever want to take it away?

Do you notice that the Libs cries all have the same underlying motivation? It's all about "ME".

The increasing cost of gasoline is something they all prayed for, because it would "teach us a lesson" about the need for alternative fuel sources and our wasteful consumption of fossil fuels. But now that they have what they wanted, it isn't because world demand is at the highest levels in recorded history, it's because "Bush lied", Haliburton and the administration's "war for oil". And now those 'fascist capitalists' are "hurting meeeeeeeeee....... whaaaaaaaaaa!".

Israel is a tiny, isolated country in the Mid East that is totally surrounded by hostile Arab countries: Egypt (sure they made "peace" with Israel... watch that evaporate as the conflict increases), Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Branch out from there and continue looking for friendly ground... Sudan, Libya, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates (a traditionally "neutral" country that ignores Israel's existence even in the phone book!), Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Turkey... Who ya' going to run to, Baby?

If only we could get Liberals to try to grasp the "feeling" of living on that Israeli island. Nope, won't happen. Like most darker scenes, lefties just close the curtains and "POOF"... the nightmare is gone. All better now. Care for a spot of tea?

We stirred up the hornets nest? How do you make crazed, exclusionary, suicidal/homicidal hornets "nice"? Hamas and Hezbollah both have the stated goal of wiping out Israel and have just begun a direct and intentional campaign to accomplishing the task. Without the history of inaction from the UN, NATO, France, Russia, etc., etc., these calls for Israel to "ratchet down" their "excessive response" to intrusion, kidnapping and murder would be, in a word, unbelievable. But since we have their loooooooong history of doing absolutely nothing, it should not even provoke a raised eyebrow.

The photo reports of the conflict in the Left Stream Media (LSM), are running along the lines of 30 images of the "Arab side" to one of the "Israeli aggression".

Arab photos exhibit the destruction of buildings and the retrieval of casualties, interlaced with verbiage about "innocent" victims. Hezbollah operates freely within southern Lebanon and occupies numerous positions within the Lebanese government (with direct Iranian backing, arms and money), but everybody there in Lebanon is "innocent".

Hamas, another long verified terrorist organization, is the freely elected government now in Palestine. When the people of Palestine overwhelmingly elected terrorists to lead them, are they realistically anything other than terrorists themselves?

Paraded Israeli pictures illustrate tanks firing, troops movements, warships perusing the waters near the Lebanese coastline, etc.. It is classic LSM artwork. Paint the Joooooooooos as the unjustifiable aggressors and the poor Muslim oppressed as the victims.

Is there any other Liberal presentation, ever, no matter what the subject? It is the SOP again and again on the Left... just change the names of the "good guys and the bad guys" and reintroduce.


Good luck, Israel. Hope you mean what you have chosen to pursue this time. By going through the door you have closed off the room you formerly resided in. No turning back. Surely, your people have finally tired of submission by now.

Give 'em hell, Hebrews!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

It seems as if the breaking point has been reached. If this is the beginning of all out confirmed war, here's hoping that PC half measures won't be utilized... ala Jorge style. There are many snakeheads that should be properly and firstly chopped included Hamas/Hezbollah leaders and Syrian Prez. Bashar al-Assad.

If Israel steps into this cesspool without the resolute committment to draining and thoroughly cleaning it up, it will become the largest terrorist toilet this world has ever witnessed.


More up to the minute blogging found here at Euphoric Reality including breaking reports that Hezbollah is attempting to move the two Israeli hostages taken at the Lebanese border to Iran. This would make it a four front Israeli conflict: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and now possibly Iran.

*POOF*'s a major pile of sh*t now!


One of the terrorists whose release from Israel is being sought is Samir Kuntar. Read about who he is and his history as a bloodthirsty murderer here, courtesy of ShrinkWrapped.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel About to Declare War?

Euphoric Reality has sources saying yes, on both Lebanon and Syria.
Ya' Keep Poking the Sleeping Dog...
Eventually It Bites

So it is looking as if Hezbollah deciding upon multiple strikes into Israel from Lebanon to the north (while they are still taking sporadic incoming from Gaza) might have been an extremely poor idea. Shortly after they started doing so, killing eight and taking two more Israeli troops hostage, they offered Israel a "cease fire". It was almost immediately declined.

This may be the time they instead receive "incessant fire".
DC Declares "Crime Emergency"

In a city where it is virtually impossible for a citizen to legally possess a firearm for self defense, why would there be a crime problem at all, much less an "emergency"?

Here is a shining model of what the Anti-Gun Folks actually want for the entire country. If you are 'law abiding', you are to be disarmed and vulnerable. Yeppir, open season on your ass, baby. That's because while the law abiding population has not yet figured this out to the point of changing anything that would truly have a beneficial effect, the gangsta's are right on top of it.

It's still the criminals who are committing the crimes, not the law abiding. Possession of a firearm for self defense purposes by educated hands does not induce that person to commit crimes. It simply enables them to have the potential to defend against one.

The police can never be everywhere in time for everything and anything. And if they could be, you wouldn't like that.

'911' equates to 'Dial-A-Prayer'. (The whole post sequence is good, but don't fail to read the post by Kanda' Jalen Eirsie. )

"Safety" is a liberal myth.
Liberal Priorities

With the pace of unraveling news, events, reaction and mainly, inaction, I suddenly got the urge to purge. With that in mind, I figured what better source for inspiration than to view the latest Mother Cindy feculence.

It took only seconds to unearth her most recent spewage and, as always, it only took seconds of her fumes to satisfy the need. But then I started noticing that today's infusion was posted at an outfit called Political Affairs which included the sub-title "Marxist Thought Online". So much for asserting the myth that she has no connections to communism (" A publication of the Communist Party USA and designed to appeal to the broad left "), but then again most sane thinking Americans that paid any attention didn't need much more evidence than her history, deeds and rhetoric.

The part that then further attracted my attention was their included cute little "polling opportunity". Well, after I saw the question and their list of possible answers, I wanted to see the results! How do these listed biggest issues, that confront and confound the typical Liberal mind coming to this place seeking salvation, actually stack up?

I had to participate in the poll to be allowed to glimpse the results, so I pulled on my tightest, whiniest, emotional headsock, squinted my eyes and chose "gas prices" as my Liberal rant.

As my finger nervously shook, about to witness the tally, my mind toyed with the idea of a possible clearcut winner by a landslide. Afterall, I reasoned, those on the Left claim to speak with a solid, singular voice, right? Would it not surely have to illustrate a mandate?

BEHOLD! The results of the those in their sample of non-apathetic Left:

The item that most concerns the participating: Gas Prices (a full 1/4 of those voting).

It was closely followed by end to war... 23%. Almost catching both of those were universal health care and jobs/economy at 20% each (as per normal, conveniently ignoring any part of yesterday's economic update).

One in eight (13%) said it was their biggest concern was ending "Republican corruption". (Good luck at "ending" any kind of political corruption!)



"Like, ah... Whaaaahhh! Like, I want cheap gas for my, like, car and You Guys STOP this bloody war for OIL! And I want, ah, like, DEMAND FREE health care and, like a $32 per hour minimum wage for my, like, guaranteed job (haven't you seen how, like, COOL they do this in France??). Oh yeah... and send those, like, damn mean spirited Republicans all to, like, Guantanimo for Chrissakes!"

Fighting the terrorists of Jihadistan? Closing our porous borders? Stopping Ahmadinajad and KJ Ill? Protecting freedom? Education for our children? Preserving the differences between right and wrong?

"Come on, like, pay attention Conswervahtiffs! The poll was about, like, important issues, for Chrissakes!"

Monday, July 10, 2006

It Feels "Icky"!!!

Read this squishy "article" about Deb Frisch's outrageous over-the-weekend behavior at Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom website! Just in case Scott Jaschik opts not to post my comments pertaining to his piss poor example of journalistic coverage of the Little Debbie affair, they were as follows:

1.) First and foremost, Deb Frisch is an unabashed, verifiable LIAR. Her lascivious comment regarding french kissing Jeff's son was hers, is a matter of record and was witnessed by myself as well as HUNDREDS of others in real time.

2.) Jeff, sue her. Otherwise she will take the typical Liberal high road and continue the lie and victim portrayal amid smoke and mirrors she creates. You know the truth in what was said just like the rest of us who witnessed this crass spectacle... don't let her get away with it. JUST DO IT.

3.) Scott Jaschik did an extremely poor job in writing and reviewing this incredible mess and, when one considers how plain and easily verifiable the facts in this situation were, the conclusion must be drawn that it was intentional. You have needlessly compromised your own journalistic credibility, albeit by apparent choice.

4.) The statement above that Jeff never received any e-mail or phone attempt from anyone at "Inside Higher Ed" only reflects more suspiciously on #3 above. If he didn't wish to answer Mr. Jaschik's questions, why would he post and do so here?

5.) One must be left with the lingering question as to WHY ANYONE might wish to soften and deflate the impact of such outrageous behavior, especially by one of such alleged high profile.

6.) Disgusting. Utterly, simply disgusting.


As I anticipated, the above listed comments were deemed too truthful and pointed to post in the comments section of Mr. Jaschik's 'article'. It makes sense I guess from his point of view. Why take additional heat from a gun you hold in your own hand? So Jaschik chose to unload and throw away my cartridge.


I have submitted an apology to Mr. Jaschik which should appear in his comments section. He did post my comments pertaining to his article. I was premature in my judgement that he would not, I said so, and I thanked him for doing so.

Many thanks to Vermontaigne for pointing this out to me!

Pass the cold dish of crow, please?

Meanwhile, Patterico also got a link posted to his dismemberment of Jaschik's weak ramblings... and it is a damn good one.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

NYT's, Frisch, Sheehan, Murtha, Dixie Chix, Penn, Sheen, Madonna...

THIS is what your military that you scorn is fighting to save you from!

Cowardly, traitorous, seditious, treasonist ignoramuses!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Meet Prof. Deb Frisch, PHD

You aren't going to believe your eyes when you read what this University of Arizona Faculty member (Thank GOD, FORMER... she allegedly resigned) wrote for vicious, threatening comments in Jeff Goldstein's blog. Stunningly candid words of a truly unbalanced kind.

Everything you need to know about what she did is on this post... a page from her very own blog along with spot on comments from readers. Wow!

To e-mail the University of Arizona regarding their employment of this lunatic:

Here's her e-mail, if you'd rather write her directly:

... or perhaps BOTH!


Well, I should have expected it, but honestly didn't. Here's someone (no one?) that makes right of Little Debbie's "wanderings" afterall:

I was under the impression that you were/are suffering from some sort of mental illness in making those comments. If that is the case, seek help - but don't resign from your job.

[Nah... "mental illness"?? ...that's not it!]

You needn't lose your job because of this.

[But of course not!]

You have apologized. You have made it clear that your intent was never to cause anyone real harm (as if Jeff Goldstein or anybody else ever thought for a moment that anyone was in actual danger...)

[...other than a couple of itty, bitty child molestation threats... in writing. But wait, I guess it ALL was in writing.]

1. Call your boss and tell him that you are un-resigning

[Yeah! THAT'S it... 'un-resign' !!!]

2. See a mental health professional if you aren't seeing one

[You know, just in case... besides, it will look good!]

3. Ignore the hypocritical wingnuts here who pretend as if what you did was some enormous crime against decency. It wasn't. What you did was stupid and misguided.

[Yeah, afterall, all us "hypocritical wingnuts" are really closet child molester wannabe's anyway, right? Since when is child molestation any sort of crime against 'decency' for Chrissakes?]

Conservative bloggers are masters at being stupid and misguided.

[Ah, yes, that last required Liberal parting shot 'factoid' that is just rife with detail and history]

Posted by: The Liberal Avenger at July 8, 2006 11:55

Beautiful... just f***ing beautiful...


Emperor Darth Misha I at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler performs the obligatory Frisch vivisection here. Helluva job... I see nothing missed. "Tushy"! (I won't use anything borrowed from the French anymore.)

Patterico continues with similar surgical precision. The comments are also spot on, many with links to other blogs bringing up additional concise points. For example:

I guess that’s now the new SOP for congenital sociopathic idiots like ol’ Deb.

First go way out of line with disgusting threats. Whine that you are the victim when you get caught, and then try and see if you can somehow bring up “Bush lied, people died!!” as a way to deflect criticism.

Deb, I am not a rightwingnut, I’m a liberal. Stop trying to make it seem like your revolting, unacceptable behavior and non-apology are in any way, shape or form justifiable.

Get yourself hospitalized, get some therapy, do whatever it takes to cure yourself of your obvious, out of control delusions.

As a former Sun Devil, I never thought I would say this…..but in defense of the University of Arizona and the city of Tucson, for those who have never visited the area, rest assured that Deb Frisch thankfully is not representative of the people who live there and lead decent lives.

My condolences go out to the state of Oregon.

Comment by KoryO — 7/8/2006 @ 8:37 pm

OK, like most all of the other Lefty bloggers, she has not even made mention of anything about Ms. Frisch Fry on her own blog, but at least she did have the decency to speak out in the comments section at Patterico's.

The utter silence by the liberals on this is rather telling of the magnitude of embarrassment Little Debbie has delivered... rightly so, too. There's that silver lining to an otherwise vast array of black clouds!


More top shelf coverage with multiple links to be found here with The Stout Republican! Another excellent job! This outrageous display of out of control behavior simply boggles the mind.

Deb Frisch is a PHD who was (still will be??) teaching our youth! She comfortably and casually refers to herself as a "moonbat" (and all this time I thought we Rightists conjured up that term to be derogatory... she considers it somehow a badge of honor??). She is blatantly manipulative and patently passive/aggressive.

Yet she still adheres to the long advanced Lib methods of stating obvious obfuscations and vagaries while offering no supporting evidence. Herein she is typical Liberal to inner core. And to preserve the "normal" left tactical operation, straight from the training manual, she exits this affair with proclamation of "victimhood".

Well, I guess the cake now has its' frosting. I'm getting a big brain ache...

This Will Make You Proud

Capitalist Infidel discovers a great video/image posting by Age of Hooper. Watch them all, but make sure you see the last video at the very bottom of the post... one of the best clips I have seen in months! Excellent job!

The Myth of "Safety" and Other Left Born Prevarications

How did we get here from where we once were?

There was a time when we spoke clearly, with so much less vagary. I am not old enough to make this that long ago. Words had clear, defined meaning. They still do… some of them anyway, but so many have been crafted into tools for saying much more (or much less) than was originally intended. This trend is something I recognized quite some number of years back and its’ existence plus its’ disregard by many (most?) continues to nag and peeve me.

One of the best examples of what I refer to here is the perpetuation of the fantasy of “safety”.

It has evolved into a jubilant target, perceived and sought by all. It is the refrained reason behind all proclaimed acts of caution and precaution. It is used to market and convince the masses of their “need” for innumerable products and services all designed to make sure “you stay safe”!

Child “safety” seats, seat belts, air bags, video surveillance, home monitoring systems, helmets, child protection internet programs, safety organizations, recalls, complete world peace, etc.. The list goes on and on and on.

"What will it take to make us safe?"

Some of the devices and implements work and in some cases, work well. My gripe is not with product innovation, evolution or improvement. My problem with this is that each of these potential steps forward in risk reduction is marketed on the idea that true “safety” is actually achievable. It is the label, not the effort. It is, IMHO, the ultimate misnomer.

The truth is, there is no such thing as true safety… only varying degrees of danger!

To imply, and thereby essentially declare, that full and ubiquitous “safety” is possible is to perpetuate a fantasyland that we all might seemingly someday occupy… if only we subscribe to the myth.

This does our society no favors. In fact, I believe it harms us. It gives people license to live in a dream and ignore what “is” is. (GOD help me, I quoted Prez. Bubba!)

Don’t actually SAY it… use a fuzzy acronym or assign a more “pleasant” (“correct”) reference. The “F word”, a “militant”, an “insurgent”, a “progressive”, a “moderate”…

Do you have a “home invasion”? …Call ‘911’ (Liberal equivalent to 'Dial-a-Prayer' without that bothersome theological vein) for your ticket to “safety”.

In a world where “reality TV” has taken on such popularity, how is it that we have strayed so far from actual reality? Perhaps because “reality TV” is so completely contrived, staged and plastic?

I see it as more of the invasion of PC phraseology. It is the continuous forward walk to a “global village” mentality. It is a creeping process to socialism. It is the slow death of blunt speak and clarity. It is the progress of Leftist ideology and agenda.

It is dangerous.


FOR YOUR SAFETY, consumers will stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed by your Authority. For further information, contact your Guidance Commission and have your Universal Identification Number ready for submission.”

Friday, July 07, 2006

Foolish "Moderate"...
What Did You Expect?

It seems Pro Gun Control RINO Colin Powell sat down to break bread with Comrade Bubba. There was a day when the "clinking" of tin mugs of beer (with glass bottoms so you couldn't lose sight of your adversary while consuming) was standard practice during a toast. The idea was that some brew was to intentionally slop from mug to mug, such that any attempted poisoning was effectively shared. Perhaps that might still be advisable practice, eh, Colin?

Serves ya' right for sharing sustenance with the enemy. Cross dresser!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Palestinian's Real Goal

A look into history, actions and reactions. This is an excellent post... accolades to Betsy's Page.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cindy's Diet

Now that's the spirit! She's dropping some pounds for the troops!
Kim's Chess Game

They're prepared, and they know what our response will be...

fade in *crickets churping*

*UPDATE* More coverage of our resoundingly powerful response here at Non-Idiotarian Rottweiler.
The Hildebeast Promises to Eat Her Own

The predator does the expected. Don't have to explain 'survival of the fittest' to her!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Our Wonderful Republic

Uplifting insight from the large mind of Kim du Toit.

God Bless This

Grand Ole'

Happy 230TH America!
Thanks to Our Soldiers,
Past and Present

The World on Our Birthday:

To no thinking person's surprise, Wacko Kim Is Ill fires blanks.

Our Space Shuttle flies. Victory Chant here from Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller!

Palestinian terrorists fire rocket randomly into Israel killing no one, but seriously pissing off the Israelis. I'll bet that wasn't a good idea.

*UPDATE* ...and that seems to be the case.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day Diarrhea from Daily Kos

No shame at no time for the Lefties:

PsiFighter37's diary :
To me, songs such as "God Bless The USA" demonstrate a rabid sort of nationalism that has become embedded in this country since September 11. Before that tragic event, I'm sure that most folks on the right wing really didn't give much of a damn themselves about making a show about being 'patriotic'. Nowadays, almost every GOP politician (and some Democratic ones) wear a lapel of the American flag on their suits. At any chance they get, they'll use the flag - or its potential destruction - for political gain. You have to prove your pro-American credentials for everyone because you're either with us or you're with the terrorists.

On the other hand, Springsteen's song (which I was surprised to hear at a July 4th event) is tinged with sarcasm and is similar in content to Billy Joel's song Allentown. 'Born in the USA' doesn't celebrate the best spirits of America; instead, it speaks of soldiers who are forgotten when they come home and of the hard knocks that the average American has to endure. I'm sure most folks on the right wing would call such a song treasonous these days were in not for Springsteen's stature as a legendary musician.

Yup, you're either with us or the terrorists... and by your own words we see clearly where your allegiance lies.

I wouldn't hesitate to call Springsteen treasonous the instant he gave legitimate reason to do so, despite you declaring his "stature as a legendary musician". Whoopty-F***ing-Doo!

As if you bestowing your lib elitism upon him somehow would or should insulate him from the same criticisms the rest of us mere mortals have to endure, eh? His song falls under the category of free speech that I don't agree with, not treason.

...Just like that tripe of yours I reprinted above.

You nutless Lefties are so swallowed up in your own Clintonian PC crap and awed by your pedestal mounted plastic assholes. How despicable that you can't even shut it off on our nation's Independence Day.

Please just leave now.

More at Capitalist Infidel and LGF...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Israel to Target Palestinian
President Ismael Haneyah if
Kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit is Killed?

Rather unorthodox and unusually direct, but it seems they have chosen to speak a language that Hamas terrorist leaders understand. It will remain to be seen if they are serious or not, but they don't have a history of joking much about their military strategy. If Shalit is already dead, PM Haneyah and his accompanying rats may be about to have the light shined upon them.

There is divergent opinion on this being the wisest path for Israel.

Think it is 'over-the-top' tactics for Israel to threaten to deal so harshly with an "elected government" of terrorists?

Well, a couple of days back many liberal forums made much hay out of the supposedly announced "deal" that Hamas had made with Israel in which they were alledged to be ready to recognize the Jews right to exist and live peaceably adjacent to one another.

Think so? Read this then... yeah, sure they are.
BOOM, BOOM, Out Go the Lights...

Do Palestinians still think it was such a wonderful idea to elect terrorist madmen Ham Ass as their leaders?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Two Thirds of America
That Wants The NYT's
Prosecuted is Persecuting
the Poor M(Left)SM

Fox News just released a poll of Americans which says 66% want prosecution of those responsible for the unauthorized release of the classified SWIFT terrorist financial surveillance program. Allah has a nicely narrowed breakdown of it here.

According to this article by AP Correspondent Charles Hanley, because we have taken exception to what they have done we are treating them unfairly.

This is what you would have to expect as the next step in the Liberal parade to vilify "us" and victimize "them" (in their minds then justifying them).

How dare we pee-ons question their self-assigned authority to cast final judgment over what really is secret and what is OK to disseminate? Especially if they deem it in their best career/subscription the public's best interest to do so.

Note also, while most articles use hypertext in their stories to link to supporting reasons, articles, occurrences, historicals, etc. that BACK UP their claim or point... this one uses links to "Topics Related to...".

With these helpful little gems further sub-categorized into more titles reeking of PC Liberal-ese, we can actually get from "national interest" hypertext in the article, for example, to an important "related" item such as 'Traffic a Killer at Talladega'!??

('national interest' when clicked on menus into Topics Related to: then 'national security', 'reasons of interest', 'view of interest','considerations of interest' and finally 'sense of interest'. 'Traffic a Killer at Talladega' is found under 'view of interest'.... Related? Huh, what?)

Of course, if you saw the hypertext, didn't follow it and assumed it was just a supporting link as most articles would use... umm, hmmmm, then you would just assume it was a supporting link.

Slippery Slope?

Hell no, we're actually arriving at the bottom of the hill.

CNN broadcasts the "off the record" diplomatic conversation behind closed doors between Condoleezza Rice and Russian diplomatic minister Sergey Lavrov and then comments about it all.

Why not? Nothing is secret or sacred anymore.