"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Next Opportunity for Redemption of The Republic...

...6:00 AM Eastern, November 1st, 2016

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gerald Rudolph Ford...
Rest In Peace

Although he was a President who angered me and many others when he pardoned Richard Nixon, I respectfully wish for God to accept and care for President Gerald Ford's soul for all eternity.

I frequently, perhaps usually, disagreed with his sharply moderate, if not liberal decisions and policies. I will however always admire his courage to speak his mind, clearly and staunchly. Contrary to current misstated opinion, he did support the war in Iraq, just not the premise that it should have been undertaken because of alleged WMD's. He felt Saddam was more than ample reason alone... I agree. He at least did not reflect the all too common liberal characteristic of flopping his opinion with the changing of political wind direction.

Similarly, my opinions do not flop one iota, either. That was, afterall, exactly my reason to be so exceedingly disappointed when he granted a "full and complete" Presidential pardon to impeached Republican President Nixon. I was no less a proud, Conservative Republican back then, yet I believed that pardoning a Republican, Democrat or otherwise, that was found to be so deeply immersed in scandal only lowered the bar for everyone else in politics. It was simply another act of blurring the line between right and wrong. Nixon should have been tried and imprisoned. The fact that he was a Republican should have had nothing to do with it. Perhaps in Ford's mind, it didn't. But it sure was not received that way and I think that was reality. Although I strongly disagreed, to his credit he did what he believed and never offered a single word of apology for his act.

It surely cost him the election almost two years later and instantly caused him scathing reviews from his earliest hours in office. Liberals now revere him as fair and "neutral"... how predictable. I would label him as left leaning, which is anything but fair and neutral. But he rigidly stood by his principles no matter what. I can at least have respect for that rare stance, essentially liberal and often wrong, or not.

Gerald Ford was our President, even if under strange and unfortunate circumstances. The fact that President Bush and most members of Congress could not, would not and did not make the time to appear at his Memorial Service in the Capitol Rotunda is simply shameful. The same logic that moved Ford to pardon Nixon should have moved our elected members of Congress and our current President to attend his services... Gerald Ford was also a former President of the United States! He deserved the same memorial respect that any deceased President would receive!

It should not be this way. This unacceptable absence is perhaps the most noteworthy portion of the occasion and is, in a word, unforgivable. It is only another deplorable failure of our elected representatives, but competitively one of the gravest to date. We, the American People, should be able to collectively fire and replace damn near all of them!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Blessings to You

Well, kind people, the rush and bustle is nearly over at long last. The magic and memories from every Christmas past can dance through our heads and bathe us in their warmth. This is a time to inventory our blessings and reconcile our tragedies as we are best able.

I am impacted by many things each year at this time.

I consider the local family who lost their 17 year old son barely two weeks ago. He was hit by a truck, almost in front of his own yard, driven by a man who fell asleep at the wheel. He was walking with a school friend who was unhurt because his buddy always walked on the highway side of his friends, to give them protection from traffic. By all accounts, a bright, outgoing, wonderful young man... suddenly, unbelievably, gone.

I recently learned that a very dear friend's wife was killed in an accident the day before Christmas last year. We had not been in touch during the year because I had not wanted to burden him with news of my mother's numerous health complications in the past 11 months. He had not contacted me because he didn't want to add his nightmare to my family worries. That, folks, is concern and thoughtfulness born of real friendship.

I think of the friends and family who are not with us any longer to enjoy the spirit of the season. I silently thank them for the wonderful lessons and beautiful celebrations they were such a part of.

I think of some good friends, some twenty plus years younger than us, who are about to have their second child. I have known them since they were just kids and watched them overcome so many difficulties together. They are successful, happy, loving parents of a fine young boy and now he will have a sister soon. Life replacing life.

I look at my beautiful wife, our life, our dogs, our home, our freedoms and I am so humbled and eager to say thank you. I have everything a person could honestly desire.

A couple of years ago, I made my first attempt at a video compilation for my family members and close friends. I decided to snip out and edit some of the closing moments of that video and create a 2006 "shorty" version. The pictures are all mine, quite obviously when you see the poor quality! The snowmobile video footage was shot with one hand on the handlebars, one holding the camera (I got to get a helmet cam before I get seriously hurt! HA!). It is crude and rude, but couldn't be more sincerely from the heart. I hope it brings a warm feeling to your soul, as you do to mine. It is modified and presented here specifically for the good, incredible people that I have had the honor of "meeting" through this medium... YOU!

You folks have restored my faith in America and made me realize that Conservatives do not live on a deserted island! There are lots and lots and LOTS of us, each with great creative brains and much to say about faith, conviction, values, ethics and tradition. And unlike so many of the 'blame America first' crowd, you don't just sit around and whine, you get involved and act.

So this is to you good people. CHEERS from our little house in the woods in the North! God Bless and keep you, each and every one!


Watch the Video

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Bending the 6th Amendment

North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong seems to have a fair charge of "splainin'" to do after a court hearing on the three rape accused Duke Lacrosse players, Reade Seligmann, David Evans, and Collin Finnerty.

After DNA Security director Brian Meehan testified in court on Friday, December 15th, that the results of DNA testing on the alleged rape victim's underwear showed absolutely no traces of DNA attributed to the accused, he somehow seems to suggest that this was an accidental omission from court evidence presented? This is a conclusive lack of evidence that was known to Meehan on May 12th, 2006, almost a month after the three were indicted. Mr. Meehan stated under oath Friday:

"Had Mr. Nifong said, 'We want a report on everything,' that is what we would produce," Meehan said.

"You violated the protocols of your own lab," [questioning defense attorney] Bannon said.

"Correct ... I don't have a legal explanation for it," Meehan said. "I was just trying to do the right thing."

"This goes to the credibility of your lab, correct?" Bannon asked.

"Absolutely," Meehan replied.

What kind of double-speak is THAT? Why, in such a serious case, or any case for that matter, would Meehan make the assumption that Nifong wanted anything LESS than "everything" that resulted from the DNA testing? Wouldn't that be the reasoning for the testing in the first place? And how can Meehan state that his motive for withholding such critical findings until seven months later would be "trying to do the right thing"?

In addition the reality that these young men may very well be falsely accused, yet continue to have their lives savaged by these charges, has anybody given thought to the possibility that this could happen to any one else in the community accused if this precedent is allowed to pass unpunished? These men are charged with kidnapping, sexual offense and rape! The charges stem from a party that occurred last March! This apparent collusion between Nifong and Meehan is to be construed proper in a country with a 6th Amendment right to a speedy and public trial? It has only been very public.

Where is the evidence to accuse, much less convict, these three young men? There are no witnesses, no pictures, no injuries to the alleged victim and NOTHING to connect the three accused to this woman. Why has the judge not thrown this case out the window?

There have been many other shortfalls in this case, too. Like one of the two investigating police officers taking more than two months to complete and turn over his notes on the case. Like no toxicology report on the alleged victim. Like that the victim has just been announced pregnant and about to give birth. Reports have marked the date of conception as two to three weeks after the alleged rape occurred. This would mean that the supposed victim had yet more sex , assumably consentual (no new charges against anyone!), very shortly after such a traumatic attack was to have taken place. How many women who had really experienced such a gang rape would be able to have meaningful, wanted sex so soon? And the panties that had not one trace of the accused perpetrators DNA in them... they did have the DNA of "several" other men in them, to date unidentified, from that same night. This has all the appearance of a District Attorney exploiting and capitalizing a "case" to stir up enough fluff and attention to ensure his re-election to his post last month.

Why don't any of these facts so easily weigh in favor of the accused as the hearsay from the "victim" weighs against the accused?

If Nifong has evidence, fine, present it. If the accused are guilty, fine, convict them with solid fact and punish them heavily for the heinous crime. But it is every bit as heinous to falsely accuse these men and publicly stomp their reputations into the dirt without substantiating evidence. Safeguarding against that is also one of the very important reasons we have a justice system. At least, it used to be.


Friday, December 22nd...

Nifong has dropped the rape charges, but only the rape charges! He left the felony "kidnapping" and "sexual assault" accusations in place, both of which are punishable by multiple years in jail. The guy is simply beyond the pale!

First, the WORM tries to slip this under the radar on the Friday evening of Christmas Weekend and shortly after the space shuttle makes a return landing, in an effort to be as low profile in the news list as possible. Then, he leaves the other two charges in place after stating that the rape charges have insufficient evidence backing them up. We still have no evidence, so how do the other two charges remain??? And where was/how was this woman ever "kidnapped" in the first place???

This is the epitome of arrogance and abuse of power. I am hearing rumblings of legal action against mike Nifong, but I also heard Megan Kendall of FOX News state that prosecution of an elected District Attorney over pressed charges against accused perpetrators is almost unheard of. That is very disappointing as she is almost always right on the money and I can't remember a more abusive breach of justice by a DA! Public outrage in the area should be deafening and this will remain interesting to see how it evolves. Interesting for us, a continued nightmare and travesty of justice for the three Duke University LaCrosse players.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Different Kind of Christmas Story...

A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU.

One day the professor shocked the class when he came in. He looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes."

The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop.

Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God. I'm still waiting."

It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine finally got up out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him, knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold.

The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence.

The professor eventually came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked, "What the hell is the matter with you? Why did you do that?!!"

The Marine calmly replied, "God was too busy today protecting America's soldiers who are protecting your right to say stupid shit and act like an asshole. ...So, He sent me."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Morning Breakfast

My wife is not in the habit of having or preparing what most of us would consider a "light breakfast". She actually doesn't know what a light meal of any kind is! This dovetails perfectly with my preferences actually, so we enjoy meals that are varied, fulfilling and delicious, albeit perhaps not typical fare in most American households. We both view food as one of life's truest pleasures, far more than just a required periodic routine to keep oneself alive and sustained.

One of our favorites for Sunday morning is fried rice served alongside my Honey Mustard Venison. She is a Filipina and makes the most incredible fried rice. It is usually concocted of whatever we have for leftover meat and vegetable scrids in the fridge, chopped and sauteed with garlic, salt and pepper literally stir fried with freshly steamed rice. She throws in an egg or two in the final frying and there you have it. No real formal need for a recipe here, it is more akin to "use it as you find it".

I usually build the Honey Mustard Venison (pork or beef tenderloin is a very nice substitute if you don't happen to have the Bambi in your freezer). I did not fill my deer tag this year, but fortunately have quite a pile of venison from a vehicular road impact as well as a good charge of "mercy meat" from hunter friends who have a good memory for what it is like when they have gone "deerless", too!

So, I give you a very simple, quick recipe for making your own with my sincere hopes that you find it as delicious as we do!

*Peel and slice up two or three onions (we love them, so we usually use three large ones)

*In a preheated cast iron skillet, add two tablespoons (or so) of olive oil and dump in the onions for a good high heat saute. Allow them to start to brown and caramelize while stirring and turning them frequently.

*Between stirring the onions, mix about 4 oz. of Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard with 3 to 4 oz. of honey in a suitably sized bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, about 1/2 to one teaspoon of black pepper (I grind my own fresh from whole peppercorns), a bit of dried parsley to preference (I use about a teaspoon), one tablespoon of olive oil and mix thoroughly with a whisk. Taste the mixture to check for suitability to your palate. I usually add a small amount of hot sauce (I have many kinds, but about five drops of 'Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce' does the trick for me). I also usually shake in about a teaspoon of dried, minced onion. The big advantage here is that you get to taste the mixture and adjust until it is to your liking.

*Remove the sauteed, caramelized onions from there heat and scrape into the sauce mixture. Mix thoroughly and set aside.

*Return to hot skillet to the stove and use medium high heat and a bit more olive oil if needed while adding the meat. Carefully sear the meat and turn it over to sear the second side. Once both sides of the meat are browned, reduce heat to medium low and add the sauce and onions. Simmer the meat until it is cooked to the desired inner finish when slicing a thick, test piece.

That's it! You can alternate other types of mustard to vary the taste... I find that the coarse, stone ground mustards are exceptional. The same can be said of the sweet side of the equation... I have used maple syrup, dark brown sugar and even molasses (very rich!). Garlic can also be used, although I don't. Not because we don't LOVE garlic, but because we like the taste of the venison with only the onion flavoring.

It takes only a few minutes and will yield a most delightful, rich complimenting taste that is sweet and at the same time tangy. Add some steaming hot coffee, a warm woodstove, good wife, good dogs and an early Sunday sunrise!

How much nicer could it get? Enjoy!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Great Discussion!

I attempted to respond to comment made by "BB" in my post below, but my word count evidently blew over the 3000 character limit imposed by Haloscan. I tried to edit my comment and add back in what I had earlier typed (I have learned from past Blogger failures to at least temporarily save what you do, somewhere else first!), but "Copy" and "Paste" attempts still were not appearing in the re-saved edit.

So, here is my original post, and here are my answers below to his latest comment.

"Yes, I am in agreement that Dem's will at least appear to be projecting a defense image. Now that they are inpower it would be very unwise to act otherwise. I am just very cynical about how well they will back it up based on past performance.

For example, BB points out the shortage of infantry and others... "but we are thin in the area of combat infantry, special forces, interpeters and MP types; essentially the folk required." I agree wholeheartedly! From where/when was this huge military downsizing sourced?

BB: Sorry about the "sniveling parasite" insult. It would not represent my opinion of you, but others in your party. I know I should stow the insult hurling and stick to the facts, but I am just as human and flawed as the next guy. I slip sometimes.

I am very much enjoying our discussion and am happy to be showed where my positions are wrong. I am interested to learn what I don't see.

Yes, we talked with Japan beforehand, and a little over a week later after stopping, they bombed the snot out of us. As you said, "Not that it did much good. " Agreed again... how does that enhance your argument to talk with Syria/Iran? Do you see them as one sliver less intent upon their goals, repeatedly paraded and reiterated in our faces, than Japan was? As you might guess, I see them much more committed. Hope I am dead wrong.

I think Syria's 'official' participation against Saddam in '91 is more evidence of what I am saying. Where do they stand now, despite that history? Their motives were the same then as now... a greater Sunni stake in control and influence in Iraq. Ditto Iran and the Shites. What does that tell me now? That their goals are unchanged regardless of any convenient posturing in days past. More control for either in Iraq means more connections and alignment between either country. Neither want any freedom or semblance of it in Iraq. That would only weaken their own hold over their own citizens to have that so near and visible.

In my archives somewhere, I have several articles on high end military people of Saddam's "whip" that were witnessed collaborating with Bin Laden's in Malaysia in Jan. of 2001. They included paperwork trails that were captured by US forces shortly after we took Baghdad.

I also am not convinced of no WMD's. Our military is supposed to have satellite views of major transporting taking place out of Iraq, just days before we went in, going into the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which is controlled by Syria. I can't accept this idea that we can't seem to find them, after giving all the public warning that "we're coming" (that was yet another mistake) so therefore they aren't and never were any. What killed all those Kurds? If they do exist, how do you think we will eventually find out? By us stumbling onto them in all that sand, or by them being used against us?

Think Iran will use nukes against us (or Israel) after they are finished building them? Is it worth the gamble? The reason to talk about this when they continue to declare they will do as they please and still plan to wipe Israel off the map is?

I am not aware that we have ever stopped trying to find Bin Laden. But he is one golden nutcase, praised and protected by many more nutcases in an assumed area that is incredibly severe, protected and hostile to everyone from outside. It is proving difficult, isn't it? I still will only view his hopeful killing (not capture) as symbolic, hopefully moreso to the terrorists than to us, but I'll bet not. We always seem to get more carried away as a public unit with symbolism of that type than they would. There will quickly be a replacement, with just as big an ego to serve and please, perhaps larger. This is one monster that will always grow a new head and cannot be killed in that manner. We will have to kill the body and all its' tentacles to stop a new head regenerating from the remaining body. And it is one BIG monster with LOTS of tentacles... all the more reason to kill it before it grows even more. And to stop making mistakes on our side. There is a point somewhere here where we don't get any more realistic opportunities.

I am not in lock step with "stay the course". I want agressive, overwhelming force used against the enemy. I think no Martial Law was and is a HUGE hamstringing for us.

I may not know crappola about their mindset afterall, BB. But I think I do, and yes, I am fairly confident in my argument. I don't usually participate unless I am. (I bet you don't either!) But who writes that doesn't have some self righteous idea that they are correct?


I just don't see any way of winning this by being short on careful planning, severe execution of decided agressive actions, use of only overwhelming force, Martial Law throughout Iraq until we got a grip that we can someday hand over, and the absolute public conviction that we will not cower from the tremendous task before us.

It will take huge sacrifice from our people, our soldiers and our directors. These crazies we are battling don't have to implore their followers to have those qualities. They already got them.

"How long will it take, how many US troops will be KIA and what will the successful conclusion look like?"

How long? Many, many years. The Jihadis make their war plans on a hundred year scale typically. Wow.

How many killed? I think potentially more than any of our previous wars and conflicts. And we are way off the count there now. I expect that means we are going to see death and destruction on a scale that makes these days seem like fun at the fair. With as powerful a military as you noted, that seems like a very unnecessary thing, if it happens.

What will a successful conclusion look like? A world in which the people remaining alive see a purpose for being that is greater than blowing yourself up for a false cause held by another coward. Until that group think is dead, this will not be over.

Your turn..."

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Odor of Defeat

With the submission of the Iraq Study Group Report by Co-Chairmen James Baker and Lee Hamilton, I see us turning around on the stairway against this struggle to beat Islamofascism and intentionally plunging head first to the concrete floor waiting below. When you are advocating departure from a still unsecure Iraq and ambivalent, Kofi-esque "talk" with our sworn enemies, Iran and Syria, you are essentially throwing in the towel, folks. It seems that in every direction I turn and look, our ability to continue to fight is about to be abandoned.

Bush is making both conciliatory statements and moves to the incoming pervasive liberal mentality. Mel Martinez is the pick for the new Head of the RNC, a man who publically endorses a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens (my predicted path of the next major terrorism hit or hits against our nation). Rumsfeld has thrown up his hands and quit. John Bolton has done the same, and in the process rejected numerous requests for him to take another "significant" position of influence. The Senate has reinstated shamed and demoted Trent Lott as the new Senate Minority Leader.

Dick Morris is predicting that Obama and the Hildebeast will pair off for the Presidential run in '08 and suck millions of the apathetic, historically non-voting and ignorant public into the voting booths, assuring them of a hands down landslide.

Many supposedly "staunch Conservatives" stayed home from the recent mid-term election. I am astonished at the number of Republicans, just in my area, who decided to "teach ourselves a lesson" by skipping their right to participate in the process. Indeed, many bloggers for whom I hold the highest respect, are threatening to leave the party.

Let me tell you, people, the Dem's didn't win this election... we caved in to the Left Stream Media message and we threw the damn thing! Instead of holding the feet of our elected representatives to the fire and screaming from the highest rooftops that "WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THOSE ELECTED ON SWORN CONSERVATIVE VALUES TO IGNORE THEIR PROMISES AND COMMITMENTS", we chose to endorse, directly or passively, those who have openly acted, through word and deed, to punish, criticize and belittle any and all efforts to effectively defend the principles and values upon which this nation has been established for over 200 years.

Even the Arabs, both on the supposedly friendly side as well as the decidedly enemy side, are declaring a victory for terrorism and a sure defeat in Iraq, the center stage of the WOT theatre right now. And a defeat in the most important, strategic battle in the Middle East right now will evolve into more 'whipped puppy' behavior in all the ancillary extensions, and an eventual complete establishment of the desired worldwide Caliphate. A defeat in Iraq will surely be used in the future to preclude any other "acts of unfair aggression" (to be read "pre-emptive") by our forces.

Are we completely bereft of any concern for the future of this nation and our children?

Have we finally arrived at a point where the largest consideration is how we can be sure not to upset anyone in the opposition with reality and historical lesson?

Has anybody, anybody at all, considered the "feeling" of desparation and horror that we would live with until the day of our respective deaths after a nuclear holocaust or germ warfare attack(s) is successfully deployed against this nation? The blackness of death would seem a kindness following such a very real catastrophy.

Is everyone now content to live the "all about me" lifestyle until such time as the situation becomes irreversible and un-salvageable?

Where the hell are the people who said they would firmly fight this?

Shall we allow the sacrifices and deaths of our Forefathers and warriors to be ultimately for absolutely nothing?

Are we really going to be proven to be Bin Laden's Paper Tiger?

It sure looks and sounds to me like the answer to all those questions is an unsettling, cursed, unbelievable mouse-like "Yes". I am so completely ashamed of all these withering cowards. And I vow to fight each of you sniveling parasites people in the opposition, until I have no remaining movement or breath. When I state that this America is my proud and beloved home to defend without waver, I for one at least, mean what I say. Damn each and every one of you who used it as only a once fashionable phrase!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Replacing Direct Diplomacy
with a Bloviating Ass Kisser

...and from my deplorably liberal home state even! George Mitchell. Prepare for smug, holier-than-thou hand holding and appeasement.


We're falling down the spiral staircase built by Biden and Co.! ...and whose door was opened by Election Day stay-at-home RINOcrats. This is going to require handfuls of aspirin.


7:36 PM Eastern Time on Drudge Report:

"George Mitchell said to be 'on short list' for UN ambassador"


Dec. 8th, Mitchell acknowledges...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dead Man Walking...

The recent assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel on November 24th completed yet another step forward in the Iranian and Syrian backed effort to have Hezbollah thugs become the next 'government' officially in charge of Lebanon.

I predicted this would happen as the direct result of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's cave-in to the pacifying leanings of George Double Use as communicated through Condi Rice, arm in arm with Kofi, last August...

"They have elevated a bloodthirsty terrorist gang to the same status as a nation through recognition and appeasement via the amoebas in the UN. Premature, but it will prove true when Nasrallah becomes the next President of Lebanon. "

Today marked the third consecutive day of Hezbollah backed protest 'encouraging' the Prime Minister Fuad Siniora to step down. In Lebanon, this is the "nice way" of an in-the-way leader being extracted from power where speakers today...

...vowed to continue their street protests and campaign to remove Saniora from power.

"We will not leave until the government is changed," former interior minister Suleiman Franjieh, a staunch ally of Syria, told the crowd.

Siniora's public refusal to step down today will surely put in motion the next phase of the operation. He glossed over the 30% of the population in Beirut who have been stirred to rise up against him, but it won't change what is to come. He will either be violently overthrown by the enraged Shite crowds or perhaps the more direct approach that Lebanese history is so wrought with.

Just ask Rafik Hariri. Oh yeah, you can't...

But either way, that is the course they are now on. Regretfully, the day will soon dawn in Lebanon with a President Hassan Nasrallah in place, giving control of a former democratic nation to a seething, unmerciful group of murderous terrorists.

The specter of this coming new loss to terrorist control must sit very poorly with the +90% of the Israeli people who supported Olmert's war against Hezbollah. It ought to sit pretty poorly with those of us in America and Europe who can see beyond the end of their nose, too.

But I am betting it will be another virtually silent and successful creep up the stairs to most. Too bad for the Free World.


December 10th, "hundreds of thousands" of Hezbollah supporters in Beirut streets protesting for Siniora to step down...

Please Pass the Smoked Bacon...

Kevin @ Amboy Times has found and posted a real gem here...

It meshes so appropriately with the recent outcry by Muslims to create "prayer places" in our nation's airports. You know, a reciprocal move on our part, like that of the Arabic countries currently, to provide churches within their airports for Christians.

Yet another stellar example of the Religion of Peace's high tolerance and compassion for those outside of their faith. While Islam makes a steady and purposeful, indignant encroachment into our lives, our space and our country, Conservatives, who did not start this fight but are simply trying to WIN it, are roundly criticized by the general Left for our "lack of tolerance".

If it wasn't so real, it would be rich humor.
Into Their World

*This is "Part 2" of my effort to take you on a hunt for whitetail deer. "Part 1" can be found here...

As the door closes with a swoosh and a click, the air has grown routinely colder than that first morning of archery season, now almost six weeks earlier. Rifle season is almost two weeks old and it gives me the "reach" I might need if I get so lucky as to see again the deer I have since nicknamed "Buckzilla".

When I saw him on October 14th at 5:46 PM, the light was perfect, his stride could be followed and it was laced with convenient pauses as he "rubbed" his horns on the occasional hardwood tree. His neck was swelled up with the lust that fills him earlier than when the female "doe" will come into estrus and only then allow him to mate. He was alone, brassy and yet moved with a perceptive, acute radar of what might be near him. He was so old he was greyish brown...and broad across as a steer.

He would eat like the toughest shoe leather (and I am not one to normally hunt for 'trophies'), but he was such a magnificent beast that no one with the opportunity would pass on him just for fear of having to reach for the meat tenderizer. It was a jaw dropping sight after a quiet afternoon of sitting motionless and viewing the same woods in every detail for so long that you are almost convinced that no animals really live here anymore.

Just... *poof* ...he is there! So sudden and seemingly miraculous, yet at the same time he really does look perfectly fitting to his surroundings.

But he was too far away to reach with an arrow. All I could do was watch as he disappeared. With the rifle in my hands and a season to allow it, he would have gone home with me that evening. But it was not to be. These difficulties build character, I pray. That kind of anguish simply must have some God sent positive. Wow! Let the obsession begin!

The thing is, mature male deer, "bucks", are creatures of meticulous habit. And my treestand is now proven to be on his "route". So my duty becomes to sit on that route as often and as long as possible until he comes through, maybe, just maybe, again. When he goes into "rut" and begins mating, he could be anywhere at anytime and it is the only time he will abandon his ultra-conservative protection tendencies. But for now, and until then, I need to be in that stand, especially in the first hours of morning and the last hours of the afternoon. No rules for him to follow, either, yet there are plenty for me to adhere to... and strictly. No guarantees or promises of any kind ...that's one of the challenging parts of the pursuit. And there are many other things for me to potentially screw up. But first, I have to be there when he comes through or I get no chance at all.

Now I carry my rifle rather than the bow and I can shoot anywhere I can see. With the bow, I draw the line at 25 to perhaps 30 yards. That means that you are only immediately responsible to see deer that are that close to you for them to be in 'the range' ...anything sighted further away is simply a complimentary early warning ...and may not come into your zone at all anyway. But with the additional range of the firearm, you are also instantly responsible for all the little nooks and crannies and patches of openings within your 360° field of view where a deer might walk through momentarily. In that stand location, I can see (not necessarily shoot, due to branches and obstructions) as far as 135 yards in a couple of spots. This is not Kansas! That's a long way in tight woods. So with capability comes more nerve racking territory to try to watch simultaneously, or perhaps... miss your chance.

When I began back in archery season, I was using two "climbing tree stands" placed in different locations. Their typical operating height is 15' to as much as 30' or a bit more on the right tree. They are cramped, but well suited to bow hunting and they allow me to easily move the stand to a new tree location if I choose. Since you have to be so close when archery hunting, you have to go where deer are frequenting most. This sometimes requires new choices as conditions and deer movement change.

That Saturday evening that I saw old 'BZ', I had recently instead relocated myself to a twelve year old, permanent stand I built in a double oak tree quite a distance from where I was formerly using the climbers. It sits on a knoll, well within the forest, covered with a grove of oak trees and also peppered about with miscellaneous 4 to 12 foot White Pines (acorns for food and the pines give seclusion). It is 34' at its' deck, fully enclosed with three foot high walls, a trapdoor in its' floor with a custom, steel re-bar hanging ladder in place to gain entry. It is camoflauged and well hidden. It is also very comfortable and quiet, with a stool (internally heated by candle when really cold) and decent wind protection. The view from the "theatre" is what I liken to looking down into a dollhouse with the roof removed. On the ground, your line of sight rarely exceeds ten yards and is usually five or less. From my perch, I can see at least fifty yards in most directions (with a few nearly one hundred yard shooting "holes") into that same dense growth. But first you have to get there...

I do use my Mini-Mag flashlight to get across my yard on the way into the woods. One of the girls is still a puppy and, although she easily was trained to do 'business' outside, we haven't yet made the connection that "outside" begins at the woods edge and beyond! There is nothing pleasant about being late to get into your stand because you have to wash dog doo out of the intricate treads of your once-but-no-longer de-scented hunting boots! Hopping around on a one sock foot, trying to wash, not touch, not splash, not stand in &^%* again, in the dark, with ice cold hose water... I challenge you to do this and not say bad words at volume levels that you then silently hate yourself for using. One mistake reminds for the duration of the season... or, a little dab will doo ya'!

If there simply is no moonlight to allow you to walk in, then you have no choice but to use the flashlight. I turn it on facing my stomach and rotate the lens the required amount to give a narrow, focused beam. I then use it only pointed directly down at the ground, immediately in front of my next steps, and follow my trail in to the base of the target tree. The closer the flashlight is to the ground while not pointing it "out" but only "down", the less viewable it is from points nearby. I know where the trail goes so there is no need to light what I am approaching up ahead, only that which is immediately in front of me.

My trails to my stand locations are trimmed just wide enough to slip through without hitting branches with body or gun. The paths are left natural, but also trimmed and picked clean of branch pieces and debris that would make excess noise underfoot. Keeping them picked clean becomes part of the routine of using them in times of light... exiting after a morning hunt or entering before an afternoon hunt. I prefer to go into my morning stands in the dark whenever there is enough moonlight and/or starlight to allow this. I line the sides of my trails with pieces of dead and fallen white birch to give reflective contrast with even the smallest amounts of existing light. I also wear my hat brim low over my eyes and don't look up at the moon or stars... that makes your pupils smaller and undoes the good night vision you had going to that point. I typically spend 20 to 25 minutes getting to my tree.

Everyone has their own opinion it seems about when to go in to your morning stand. Many maintain that you should go in only after first legal shooting time. This way, if you "jump" a deer that was on or near your path, you may have the opportunity to get a decent shot. I find that, in practice, that is rare, especially in the heavy cover around my entry route and near my stand. When disturbed, deer move very, very quickly and it is really tough to get any opening in dense woods. In good conditions, I can hit a running deer, but I don't take poor shots. If you were walking down the edge of an open field, I would go in after it was legal light. But in the deep wooded cover I like to hunt, I want to be in my stand all settled and silent early... I like to be an hour early, sometimes a bit more. It gives the woods plenty of time to 'normalize' and settle down.

Going in early in the dark, there is still a very real chance you may jump deer. They usually feed and move at night. With dry, crackly leaves, I take three or four gentle steps at a time and stop. (If the leaves are wet at all, then they are quiet, too, and I can just carefully walk in.) A ten to fifteen second stop time between step sequences makes you sound more like another deer in the woods. If you don't stink and are otherwise quiet, nearby deer can't necessarily tell you are a person. If deer are near your walk to your stand, they are going to hear you... better they wonder what you are than know immediately. If you don't really scare them, much better chance you will see them in the area again later, after you are situated and have light.

I touch down the advancing foot on toe tips and smoothly roll contact back onto the heel. If I step on something really noisy, I dramatically slow the roll to the heel and it will lessen the noise. It's like the difference between separating velcro fast or very slowly. The resulting noise volume is way reduced. Discipline, discipline, planning ahead and more discipline.

If I "bump" deer on the way to the stand, I freeze up and mute my flashlight's beam immediately. They will often "blow" if they detect another 'something' nearby to them. They blow their entire lung capacity out through their nostrils in a sort of exhaling snort, which indicates to the other deer they might be with that they are alarming over some possible danger. It is a very dramatic, noisy and intriguing response! To continue my own deer emulation, I will usually "blow" right back at them, and then remain rigid and still! This many times amazingly will bring about more curiousity than fear from the deer. Frequently, they also will stomp one front hoof repeatedly into the ground every eight or ten seconds, another danger warning and meant to be a bit confrontational, especially if they perceive me to perhaps be another deer. It is a generally good sign they are at least unsure. Multiple blows are also a common response.

Many times, a situation like this will dissipate, often without them running away scared. They will just snort and blow and be generally 'pissy' and slowly work away from me. One time, the snorting and stomping lasted for almost 50 minutes in a pitch black night! There were four deer on three sides of me, anywhere from roughly eight to maybe fifteen yards away. I was bow hunting that time and just praying for it to last long enough to have light and perhaps get a sight pin on one... it is quite a challenge to take a deer from the ground while walking with a bow! But, as it turned out, they departed (again slowly and without any real alarm) about ten minutes before there was any kind of useable light. Oh, well. It was still a really cool, exciting experience and a fine example of great things you may encounter while hunting!

To get comfortable with doing all the entry steps in the dark, everything is practiced before the season in the daylight. Which foot goes up on the ladder first, which rungs favor weight to one side or the other to avoid a characteristic creak, a seamless entry into the platform without dragging clothing across anything noisy, closing the trapdoor just right to avoid any sound, etc.. It soon becomes quite interesting just how well you know all the intricacies through rote, and how good you can become at getting all the necessities done while being just about silent. Eventually, the whole sequence of moves takes just about the exact same amount of time, right down to the minute. There is a confidence and satisfaction that comes with these little things. Above all else, your awareness of what is out of the ordinary becomes amazingly keen.

Once you get above about 30', it is rare that deer will smell your scent or see your careful movement (in my experience, at least). So for me, real treestand life begins there and above. But falling from that height or more is almost certain death or major injury (probably followed by more slow, painful death!). Most falls occur when the hunter is getting into or getting out of his stand. It is rare that someone falls out once in place. I climb into the stand in the darkness with no light burning to further disturb the woods. You really don't need it. Everything can be done reliably by feel and existing light only once you start up your ladder and know the drill.

I have this year added a catch-fall line which runs parallel and adjacent to my ladder. It attaches, via a short lanyard, to my catch-fall harness on my back and shoulders. The lanyard is attached to the vertical catch-fall line with a sliding knot called a Klemheist. If the lanyard is alone pulled in the down direction (you're falling now), the knot instantly grabs the vertical line and your fall is stopped. Otherwise, the knot can be easily, quietly slid up the vertical line as you ascend keeping your maximum fall distance to the length of the lanyard only. It can also be slid down the catch-fall line when descending, affording you the same fall prevention. It is an ingenious, simple device and I LOVE it! After eleven years in that stand, I will never risk falling again when it is so easily avoided.

Once in the stand, the trapdoor is closed and the rifle is hauled up on its' own dedicated rope hanging opposite the ladder side. The rifle gets positioned across the rails at the south end of my little 4' X 3' rectangle. My stool is righted, positioned gently and I can sit down.

One of my favorite parts comes right now. It is time to drink in big puffs of crisp, cold air and stare up at the stars. Meteors streak across the silent black sky. The satellites drift over, catching and reflecting the still unseen rising sun, along with the occasional high elevation Trans-Atlantic flights headed south to one of the big cities. Many mornings I see the International Space Station drift noiselessly by at over 17,000 mph. The old oak's gnarly arms silouhette themselves against a blue black background, hardly any paper bag leaves remaining.

Now I can play a mind movie of memories and solve all the World's problems as I wait for the first grey light.

to be continued...