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and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Liberal Democrats Have No Moral Compass

Cpl Chris Mason, a soldier who was killed in Iraq on November 28, 2006, made this video "Message to the Democratic Party" sixteen days before his death from an IED explosion. Surely it will be passed over and ignored in deference to the Pelosi and friends' greater concern over power and pandering to the cowards. But some of us hear this fine man's message loud and clear. May God's will prevail and serenely rest his soul forever.

Chris Mason, 32, was a member of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He once told his brother over the telephone that “he loved being (in Iraq) and waking up there because it was another day helping those people,” Garland Mason said.

“He talked about it a lot. He loved the people, he loved the children that would come out and hold his hand and walk with him. He loved training the Iraqi army. He had a great relationship with the Iraqis."


Comrade Pelosi and Her Repulsive Crew...

Ralph Peters is well known for his experience, his wisdom and his blunt speak. His most recent article, 'Inviting Attack', is excellent in its' entirety, but the following excerpt pretty much sums up the whole picture...

Back in Iraq, the Dems’ “Contract With al Qaeda” undercuts the progress our troops have been making since the arrival of Gen. David Petraeus (the Dems tossed him the keys to the car, but won’t give him money for gas). For all too many politicians, our 2008 elections are more important than the fate of our soldiers or the Iraqi people.

They’re doing all they can to guarantee failure. After a year of tragic setbacks, our new tactics in Iraq have brought real signs of progress. Ultimately, of course, that progress may come to nothing. Sunni assassins may succeed in reinvigorating the religious war with the Shia - who’ve behaved with restraint for the past few months.

Success is never guaranteed in any war.

But that’s no reason to guarantee failure. Threatening to cut off funding for our troops is simply despicable.

The Republicans in this administration made unforgivable mistakes in the Middle East.

Now the Democrats appear determined to do even graver damage. And they utterly refuse to consider the consequences of their actions.

The Pelosi-Murtha Democrats won’t even confront the likely results within Iraq if we quit prematurely. As for considering the effect their duplicitous bills and votes have on the calculations of bad actors elsewhere in the Middle East, the Dems just shut their eyes and cover their ears.

We’re in an appalling position where our enemies in Tehran, Riyadh, Khartoum and Damascus, and in al Qaeda’s compounds in Waziristan, are thinking ahead with greater clarity than our elected officials in Washington. This isn’t about politics.

It’s about the fate of hundreds of millions of human beings. It’s about our national security. It’s about the defense of civilization.

It’s about the lives of our men and women in uniform. And it’s about the 15 Brits held somewhere in Iran because the U.S. Congress signaled that there will be no penalties for attacking those who fight in freedom’s cause.

It was bad enough years ago when liberals went out of their way to poo poo any verbalized notion by Conservatives that threats were real. Now we have been repeatedly attacked and the new big liberal obstacle is the rest of us trying to keep the cowards from running.

The Founding Fathers would be amazed... and shamed.

Meanwhile, the House has adjourned for their two week recess after demanding that we establish and adhere to a pull out date for withdrawal from Iraq (and attached millions of dollars of pork to the bill to insure proper impetus for passage). Jorge says he will veto it now that a similarly worded bill has also been OK'd by the co-squishies in the Senate. We shall now get to see if Jorge has yet become a full eunuch or not...

What did Queen Pelosi decide about commenting or forming a House Resolution denouncing the hostile act of war Iran has made by taking hostage 15 British sailors?

Pelosi's spokesman Brendan Daly said the speaker was reluctant to weigh in on the incident without knowing that such a message would do more good than harm. Daly said the British government had not asked Congress to try to pressure Tehran.

"The leadership discussed it and agreed that inserting Congress into an international crisis while ongoing would not be helpful," Daly said.

Oh sure!! ...She wouldn't want to do anything that might be detrimental to the troops or their situation now, would she?

That's why she is headed to Syria, against the direct, public request not to from the administration...

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the speaker "should take a step back and think about the message that it sends."

"This is a county that is a state sponsor of terror, one that is trying to disrupt the Senora government in Lebanon and one that is allowing foreign fighters to flow into Iraq from its borders," Perino said.

In Pelosi's empty cranium, this exhibits good and necessary appeasement characteristics that are important to impart to the enemy at each and every opportunity.

Actions speak in tandem with her words... Pelosi IS an extension of the ENEMY and should be treated as such. She and the Dems are in the process of flushing this country down the sewer system.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Demon Returns...

I am someone, like so many of us, who cancer has touched very closely within my circle of family and friends. My wife has one kidney and is in her tenth year as a survivor of renal cancer. My mother has battled one of the rarest types of the 500 different variations of sarcoma type cancer since February of 2000 (last April she had the entire right lobe of her liver removed... an extraordinarily difficult recovery period followed, during which she also suffered a stroke and recurring bouts of super high blood pressure). I have a dear friend, five years my junior, who is struggling through post colon cancer surgery and treatment right now. Who amongst us does not have similar stories and experiences, nearby or directly?

I know firsthand the imperative nature of a positive attitude, and especially, prayer. Please take a moment of your day and pray for this exceptionally good man, Mr. Tony Snow. May God stand strongly by his side and guide him to survival.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Presidential spokesman Tony Snow's surgery to remove a small growth showed that his cancer has returned, the White House said Tuesday.
Snow, 51, had his colon removed in 2005 and underwent six months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colon cancer. A small growth was discovered last year in his lower right pelvic area, and it was removed on Monday. Doctors determined that it was cancerous, and that his cancer had metastized, or spread, to his liver, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

She said Snow is resting comfortably after his surgery and has pledged to aggressively fight the disease with an as-yet-to-be-determined treatment course.

"He said he's going to beat it again," Perino said in an emotional morning briefing with White House reporters. "When I talked to him, he was in very good spirits."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Dilemma of Mixing Business and Politics...

It happens from time to time because I have posted a tribute and a couple of photos on my business website. I don't discuss my business here, nor do I link here to my biz website. I try to keep them separate. But that doesn't mean I shirk from my responsibility... yes, I said responsibility... to at least give recognition to those who give for all of us. It is no more complex an issue than that. How difficult is it to simply say "Thank you" to those who give their absolute ALL for the rest of us?

What follows is an e-mail exchange over the last couple of days from a veteran who took the time to notice my tribute. Given the unthinkable outrage that just occurred via our spineless "representatives" in the House yesterday, I think it a timely correspondence to give real consideration.

You make the call from here...

Daniel xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the tribute to our Military Men and Women!


-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 3:38 PM
To: Daniel xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Website

Hi Dan,

No thanks expected or required, but I sure do enjoy hearing from someone else who recognizes the tremendous sacrifices that our military makes for each and every one of the rest of us daily. I well know also, that people like yourself who take the time to do what you just did, also make time to thank individual members of our military when they are encountered on the street. It is such an easy, almost effortless thing to do and it sure makes those folks swell with justifiable pride.

I put my hand on a soldier's shoulder who sat in front of me on a plane flight recently. When he turned to see who I was, I shook his hand firmly and thanked him for his duty and service. He immediately teared up and could barely respond... when he did he told me that I couldn't possibly know how rare that gesture was and how deeply it was appreciated when it did happen. I told him it was an honor to have the opportunity.

...And it was, too. Thanks for your e-mail, Sir!

Very best regards,


Daniel xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Just a short story...coming off the plane from recuperating in Hawaii after a stint in sunny southwest Asia, I was hobbling thru the LA Airport when I came upon a group of what we called hippies, and each proceeded to spit on me for wearing a uniform. Well, I wielded those crutches like battle axes until airport security whisked me away.

Welcome home!!

I am particularly moved by the photo. My dad served in WWII, both Europe and Pacific theaters. I'll stop in and say hi one of these days.


Subject: Re: Website
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 09:16:47 -0400
Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Daniel xxxxxxxxxx

Good Morning, Sir,

Thank you for relating that sickening story of your disgusting treatment... it made me so angry I just shook. If I ever witnessed such a despicable exhibit I would be paying an attorney big $$$ to retrieve my ass from jail on multiple assault charges. I have very severe views on how such users of our common air supply should be dispatched. Their actions enrage and embarrass me... and I am compelled to apologize to you for their unforgivable abuse.

Thank you so much, Sir, for your compassionate devotion to our country and fellow citizens. The photo also is very significant to me. I try to avoid mixing my politics with my business (because I find it extremely difficult to work for someone once I find out they are liberal). Despite this, I cannot resist, at the very least,
acknowledging our military's selfless sacrifices in the face of such rampant ignorance and civilian contempt, thus the photo and tribute.

If you are ever in my area, Sir, my door is always open... It would be a real honor to meet you and shake your hand. Here is another website of mine that you might be interested to review sometime.

God bless you,


It is so easy to say 'Thank You'... and can you not see why it means so much to them?

Please... Do it! ...and Mean it!
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Friday, March 16, 2007

Ironic, Isn't It?

While liberals scream from the rooftops that we need to bring our "boys and girls" home from Iraq because of the violence and death that they are experiencing...

While they periodically alternate their chants from alleged "concern for the troops' safety" to accusations that they themselves are committing unconscionable acts of murder and abuse perpetrations upon the civilian Iraqis...

While they conveniently ignore that the troops are fighting to protect liberals, Conservatives and all people of the Free World from REAL savage and heinous crimes carried out daily by terrorists sworn to extinguishing the rest of us from God's Earth...

Liberals meanwhile are spending their money to go see movie creations by fellow Hollywood liberals that exploit the most graphic and realistic depictions of sick, blood soaked barbarism. The creators use every effect and technique available to present movie footage that appears as real as they can possibly muster. They push the limits each and every time, straining to go further with even more outrageous "material", replete with as much nudity and twisted depictions of sex as they can get away with. Every video angle, every lighting, music and sound effect to shock, scare and cause the viewer to recoil in disgust.


Nope. That would be my reaction... certainly not theirs! I will submit to you that this ghastly effort is viewed by eager movie goers with enthusiasm and anticipation. They go seeking a higher level of fear reaction and adrenaline than the last repetitive cycle they paid to witness. After all, it is all just "fake" and therefore harmless, right? This also has the effect of making true danger and savagery less and less of a reality to them. They are, in a word... "hiding".

And the liberal creators of this garbage are worshipped as "leaders" and "mavericks" in their "industry", to be revered and honored at every Hollywad tinsel ceremony designed to celebrate themselves.

And when they are all done with their evening's PC brand of "entertainment", the sheep go home... guided by their On Star 'Turn by Turn' navigation systems, turn on their ADT "dial-a-prayer" alarm systems in their "safe" gun free homes and click on Brian Williams to reiterate how dangerous and old fashioned the heartless Conservatives are that seek to preserve tradition, family, security, liberty and freedom. Conservatives are bad because they endorse fighting rather than dhimmitude. We're mean-spirited because we speak plainly and to the point. We're politically insensitive because we call a spade... a spade. ...a terrorist, a terrorist..

Just read some of these excerpts from the reviews of Quentin Tarantino's latest trash he is about to release to the hungry fantasy-on-screen crowd:

March 15, 2007 -- THE people who dole out ratings at the Motion Picture Assn. of America just might flip out when they see "Grindhouse," Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's tribute to the ultraviolent, nudity-drenched pictures that once screened 'round the clock in the grungy movie palaces of 42nd Street.

"Grindhouse" is actually two short movies - one directed by Tarantino, the other by Rodriguez - with an intermission between them. During the break, a series of fake trailers will be shown for such fictitious titles as "Werewolf Women of the SS," directed by Rob Zombie.

"In one scene, a cute, topless girl is roughly tied down on a table by evil female Nazi experimenters who begin draining her blood and, as she screams in agony, they brand her like livestock with a coal-hot steel swastika," our source said. "And every girl in the Nazi concentration camp is topless."

Another trailer, directed by Eli Roth, of "Hostel" fame, is called "Thanksgiving," in which a town's celebration of Turkey Day is interrupted by a mad slasher.

"There's a part where Jordan Ladd [daughter of Cheryl Ladd of 'Charlie's Angels'] is in a car with her boyfriend and giving him [oral sex] when she lovingly reaches to stroke his hair and discovers his neck is just a bloody stump - some maniac had just cut off his head while she was in the act."

Later, a frisky cheerleader climbs onto a trampoline and begins stripping naked as she jumps up and down until she does a split and her skirt blows up without panties underneath. "You get the full 'Britney Spears-getting-out-of-the-limo view,' " our source says. Another jolting scene shows a grossly obese man chewing on a baby.

Now who could afford to miss rich, engaging content like that? Save your lunch money kiddies and get that fake ID polished up... you can't miss this next greatest hit!

And liberals wonder why Conservatives like myself have given up on saying anything directly to them anymore, anything at all, that would attempt to get through their thick skulls and result in them inhaling a fresh, deep breath of reality and what used to be common sense... Why bother?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have You Reviewed
'The Example' Lately?


I was just filling a few moments with brain activity while I simultaneously slammed down "lunch" on a Saturday workday (at 4:35 PM!). Sometimes I open up one of my browsers (I have IE, Netscape and Mozilla for some reason I'm sure indicates a deep seated problem within me) and I pick a category from amongst my 'Favorites' or 'Bookmarks' and just sniff around a bit. I like to see what I have saved for sites and have a look to freshen my memory of why they caught my eye in the first place. I have very wide, eclectic interests and I have a zillion trillion saved URL's, so I never know what I'll stumble onto or how long since I have last looked at a given item.

I found a few unique things of interest to me that I thought I would share and copy to an e-mail friend. And then I happened to re-open 'Ghost Town'.

I don't know what Elena's personal politics are. It doesn't matter to me, really. ...Because my interest in her is for her work. She is an artist with a camera and a tremendous storyteller. Her story presented in Ghost Town is not new (she prepared it and presented it several years ago), but it has the slap of a sprung tree branch in the face. It is a sad, morbid story that she has given depth and clarity. The tone is one of consideration, respect and deep thought. It is long but richly, stunningly imaged and moderated.

And, of course, it has relevance... justifiably more now than ever before.

It was an accident. Yet the effects are as bad as if it were intentional. Today it is probably more likely that a similar catastrophe would be intentional... and perhaps on a much larger scale, or in multiple occurrences.

600 years... what is that like? Can you comprehend a current, living, breathing city as suddenly dead and uninhabitable for that estimated period of time or longer?

What would America be like after something like this happened in New York, Washington or LA due to intentional terrorist infiltration and bombing? We cannot miss but only once for it to be devastating.

The point? Ghost Town is real. The threat and the enemy that can create many more permanent Ghost Towns are real. Their commitment to destroying us is real.

You may not like Jorge Bush and some of his policies, but his goal is to survive this greatest threat ever. He isn't trying to murder innocents (as are the terrorists) and he does not seek world domination (as do the terrorists)... merely preservation of freedom. That should place us all on the same side. Whether you like how he chooses to fight this WOT or not, it is imperative that the American people recognize that we will have to fight to save ourselves and our children.
Running away and quitting is not an option.

This Ghost Town could be any town. And it could happen in an afternoon just like it did for these poor people... any of us in the Free World, any afternoon. On purpose. Do not deceive yourself... Our enemy would dance and rejoice in our bloodshed (as they have done before).

Make yourself look at it and consider how it could be, in a flash. Look at what is, what remains... after.

'Winners never quit... we are no different, nor can we be.'

Read and view Elena Filatova's poignant Ghost Town (I highly recommend downloading her videos Ghost Town and Consumed Land also):

"My name is Elena. I run this website and I don't have anything to sell..."


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just Shut-up and Obey...

My favorite paragraph in this story is (I bet not what you think...):

He said he and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Reps. John Murtha (D-Pa.) have been spending “night and day” trying to figure out a way [out] of the war in Iraq. Instead of trying to help them in the task, the members of liberal groups are viewing them as the enemy rather than their friends, Obey said.

Why my personal favorite? Because it illustrates three noteworthy things...

1.) The classically typical standard of awareness and "research" that liberals do NOT do, and thus this incident is a another glaring example of them 'eating their own'.

2.) The ironic point that Obey, Murtha, Pelosi and the rest of their companion traitors are admitting spending "night and day" trying to find a way to "end the war" rather than trying to WIN IT!

and 3.) That even if these unmitigated IDIOTS do find some devious method of surrender, (despite the fact that them not having the votes means that the constituents are urging their representatives NOT TO), this moronic action WILL NOT stop "the" war! It is one helluva lot bigger and more vast than just Iraq! (That just happens to be the current center of it all, and where we need to remain to continue a well located base from which to exercise our continued response.)

NEWS FLASH for blinded liberals:

"We" didn't start this war on terror, the terrorists did, STUPID!

It is a worldwide, epic battle of ideologies and the fact that some cowards refuse to recognize this does not change reality!

We have two, and only TWO, choices:

Win it or lose it. To quit is to concede the latter.

It is high time that we Conservatives started being frank and concise about who the enemy is. The terrorists and those who support them, in any way whatsoever.

Bitch, complain and argue with me in the comments section... I did not intend you to read any stutter in the above words... 'cause there wasn't any!
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Giant Storytelling...

Need a departure from the Liberal Takeover? I sure do!

In the midst of the conviction of Scooter Libby, Hildebeast's obnoxious feigned drawl during a southern campaign pandering effort, Bill Maher's declaration that death for Dick Cheney would be a good thing for America, abhorrent neglect of wounded soldier's at Walter Reed Medical, and the UK's foolish decision to offer a high profile target to the enemy for a potential further degradation of moral... do you sense the breaking point rapidly approaching?

I do. I am in the midst of my absolute busiest portion of my company's biz calendar. The pressure and daily status inquiries are overwhelming. This reason, and only this reason, is what has taken my time from my pleasant involvement in blogging... at least for the short term. This too, will come to pass. Still, we all must have outlets to relieve the tension and wind down occasionally.

Therefore, for those of you who find solace in the woods or a good old fashioned story, I will point you to my friend in the South, Rex of the "Deer Camp" blog, for a chapter in his story of "Thunderhoof", the giant buck of Christmas Place.

Rex is a sincere, fine and moral family man and avid sportsman. I periodically wander over to his blog for an oh-so-pleasant temporary escape from all the realities of today, what might be tomorrow and the effect that rampant liberalism might have on our lives. I find such enjoyment in each of his tales and sincerely hope you find his effect similar. I know his concerns for our direction today are equal to those of the readers and friends I have made here, yet he still manages to temporarily divorce himself adequately to write his many entertaining stories.

Go there... and feast.


Thursday, March 01, 2007


Information on where this shirt can be purchased. I have a large number of interested potential buyers, myself included. Please leave any leads on this in the Comments Section... Thank you!