"One man, living again in his home state, surrounded by territory once rife with Conservatives,
and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Need to Spoil Christmas

I loathe the inclusion of politics in the Christmas season and social gatherings. It is so distinctly improper in my mind to inject it into the occasion. At an assembly when the time is supposed to suggest "goodwill" and acceptance of a certain human commonality, why would folks want to delve into any conversation so rife with easily missed land mines?

One of the most frequent assemblies at which this poor choice of topics occurs is the traditional company Christmas Party. In fact, the whole concept of a business Christmas Party is counter-directional. How often does business ever have much to do with social interaction? And why should it? It can only complicate and obfuscate the course of business.

Stir into this idea the specter of frilly platitudes and banalities that so often get spewed forth with the additional of a few doses of the always present fire water and you now have the makings of a genuine atom bomb. All we need now is a fuse, so let's frivolously imbibe in some politics, right?

Presto... BOOM!

I won't bring it up, but it seems like there is always some brassy smart aleck that feels the need to exhibit their own lock on "how things should be". And if you happen to be of the minority stripe (which is Republican, or better stated "Conservative" in these occupied lands which I call home) to participate in the forced dialogue is to pin a large bullseye squarely to the center of one's a**.

I have no problem with donning that 'bullseye sports wear'. In truth, I rather enjoy the dueling opportunity when it's a potentially fair fight. Over the years I have become somewhat adept at deflecting incoming salvos by utilizing my "secret weapon"... secret at least to most of those on the opposing side which are foolish enough to step onto this field in the first place. That relatively unknown defense tool is a cursory study of facts and history all forced into a memory that is considerably longer than the typical length of one's... little finger.

And that often leaves the opposition at a significant disadvantage, but they usually don't realize that until it's too late. It is entertaining to watch the facial reactions when you ask for specificity and individual examples of the broad, sweeping, critical vagueries that the average liberal faithfully parrots in their quest to display their personal grasp of the political spectrum.

Oh... you know, questions like;

"When/how exactly did 'Bush lie'?"

"How would we be more strategically secure on a world platform by ignoring the threats that ALL politicians roundly agreed upon before going into Iraq?"

"If we never found the WMD's, do you think that means they never existed or that we never found them... yet?"

"Where's all the oil we confiscated by going into Iraq?"

"How would we be in a better defense position with respect to Iran if the huge force presence we currently have next door to them wasn't there?"

"What components exactly do you credit to Hillary's vast claim of "world policy experience"?

"What are the attractive items within the concept of socialism that endear you to it?"

"Can you describe the unique differences between the idea of a 'democracy' vs. that of a 'constitutional republic'?"

"To what degree do you feel it is legitimate to embrace the advance of political correctness over national sovereignty, identity and original culturism?"

"Have you ever considered the notion that you might be... wrong?"

But I can't say these things. Nope. It has been deemed matrimonially illegal. I have been implored beforehand to "just smile and change the subject" or "just keep your mouth shut" for fear of future employment repercussions and a distasteful blend of the variant 'office politics' which would surely follow.

How nice. So it is not actually an opportunity for those present to render their opinions in an adult, congenial discussion or even a pseudo-debate. Rather it is a kiss up session, wherein you are expected, if not coerced, into mock agreement and perceived 'civility'. Don't make waves or the generated tsunami will drown you, boy!

I don't have Christmas parties. My employees never seem to require one... just the twice daily bowl of high quality canine nutrition followed by a genuinely loving series of head pats and low mumblings of "good dogs" and "Daddy's babies". I like it that way and they seem to be quite satisfied also.

And, once per year, because I love, honor and respect my dear wife's few and minimal actual requests... I attend, smile a lot and nod... all the while keeping my brain sequestered and my mouth firmly clamped shut. It is the most bitter four hours of each year for me, but she's worth it.

(A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you all!)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why Say Anything?

I just read yet another post delving into the often asked question as to why people take the time to blog, politically or otherwise. I have seen these explorations and read their dissections before. This one was the third notable item of this ilk that I have digested in about a year's time.

The most recent one mentioned one of my large pet peeves... the criticism of having a long blogroll. The author suggests that "nobody" reads the output of everyone on their blogroll and postulates that people likely create such to enhance their individual popularity only. Perhaps that is true with some, maybe even many. But that seems not only grossly presumptive and unfair, but it also attempts to color everyone in general with a broad paint.

Sure, they exist. So what?

Idiots exist, and plenty of them, too! So should we stop meeting, socializing, developing relationships of various proportions and commiserating with people because there are plastic imitations amongst the true gems? I think not. In fact, I think it is a complaint that is hollow.

I have what has been described by some as a long blogroll. The folks that are there were selected and included carefully because of their noble views and their ability to convey them. I have felt a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment many times when someone mentions they found another that they deemed enlightening via my list. I also make every effort possible, within the same constraints of time that we all operate, to visit and see what each is up to periodically. I feel no compulsion or responsibility to visit each daily, although some I do. I also do not comment every time, whether I agree or not with the post and/or the author.

I have even removed one fairly capable writer from my list because he produced a stinging, condescending reference to anyone who might have a list of more than eight or ten sites. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet... and each of us is to only be impressed by a handful?? I find that quite ridiculous. Furthermore, I think it is very much revealing of a major personality flaw. However, because I recognized this writer as interesting in his own way, I still visit his site and read his words on occasion for my own interest. I simply do not choose to recommend him to others.

Another common complaint about bloggers in general is their alleged chase of fame and "popularity". Sure, that is out there, too. I think anyone who reads blogs much has found it and accurately identified it. I know of one very talented blogger that outwardly admitted and lamented his quest for fame (without success to date). That one does great work and, in my opinion, simply has not been widely discovered yet. I have no contempt for him as his goals are unhidden and certainly his option.

I have no problem steering others to writers and posts I feel are worthy, either. My main motivation? It is to spread the good words when the good words are located.

Yes, there is cheap cellophane. Yes, there is generic, thinly plated chrome. Yes, there are fakers. Yes, there are lime light seekers and those with a lifelong brown nosed journey. What is new about any of this in speech, or writing or any other form of communication?

Should we recoil from it all, only because truly finding that which is really good requires the same careful sifting and standards of any other life endeavor?

Should we shun all developed trends towards camaraderie because it might be perceived as sought for our own "invalid" reasons?

We could choose to stay home when not working, speak only of essential business and refrain from fraternization of all sorts otherwise. Then we could smugly state that all our motives were pure and single tracked. Maybe folks that don't participate in discussion outside of these basic forms are right and I am wrong for what I present here... but that is not how I see it.

I simply cannot write daily. I cannot comment daily. But when I do either, I have my own standards I impose upon myself. I do this without expecting my standards to be everyone else's... and what reason could I have for believing otherwise?

I do read a post by another in its' entirety... every, single word. I also read every individual comment before I comment... if and when I comment. I have no reservations about recommending those items when I find them with substance and something significant... in fact, I go out of my way to do so. I believe strongly in giving encouragement to those who contribute their opinions, even when they sometimes run head on into my own (I'll probably tell them that, too!). I believe in being polite when it is deserved, critical when fair and trying to maintain some reasonable level of demeanor throughout.

I don't care if you are a "rock star" in the blogging world or just a nobody like me. I am interested in your mind, your views, your passion and your conviction to your principles. I am humbled by the goodwill I have found and enraged sometimes by the ignorance.

I am uninterested in fame. I never request placement on anyone's blogroll... if I am there, it was that owner's decision. Period. My blogging is unknown to almost all of my personal friends, although I am outspoken in conversational circles and my efforts here would likely surprise very few if they were aware. I am "here" to speak and be heard by only those who wish to listen. I don't solicit readers and I very rarely "trackback". I only want traffic that comes by under their own power, for their own reasons. If you don't like my material or what I have to say, please go elsewhere and don't return... it will be much simpler and enjoyable for both of us. I write for personal satisfaction and to participate in the vast din of those who care. I strive to resist writing "fluff" just for the sake of writing. I have learned to deal with my own felt need to write regularly when responsibilities interfere or I can't put it together. I am beholden to no one. I am unafraid to show human emotion and compassion. I pride myself on ever present consideration of the two most important parts of the human element... the soul and its' governing intelligence.

Communication and exchange... They simply must be the most highly valued ingredients in this fascinating, perilous time we exist in.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Have We Lost Our Ability
To Say "Thank You", Too?

For generations they have stepped forward. The have selflessly given their everything; their time, their staunch effort, their personal freedom. They have forfeited the once occurring opportunity to see their own flesh and blood born into this world that they prove they care so much for. They have left behind wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and business. They have relinquished the responsibility of the family unit maintenance to others, who equivalently rise to the challenges of difficult timing and inconvenience.

They pass on to their offspring, who so often follow in their noble parental footsteps, the honorable sense of duty to country and fellow man. They uphold the clear differences between right and wrong. They leave good paying jobs, frequently with no guarantee that they will be waiting upon their return... if they return. They endure incredibly difficult conditions and ultra dangerous scenarios... so we won't have to. They give up home cooked meals, the familiarity of the dwelling and the town of residence. They turn their backs on everything that you and I accept as "normal" such that they may go fight to guarantee its' continuance.

They do these things for low pay, high risk and potential injury where immediate medical care is possibly scant or non-existent, at least by those standards the rest of us consider routine. Their soul driven efforts are commonly mis-reported, not reported at all or, worse yet, actually distorted. Could there be a higher "journalistic" or political crime than to alter the reported reality to the civilians that benefit from these super men and women who sacrifice for all of us? How despicable that this occurs for individual agendas, personal ground grabbing and power struggles!

And what is the price we, the defended, are asked to pay for these ultimate gifts of security?

We are simply asked to "support" them.

How is that too much to ask?

But, for so many, it is much too much. And I am ashamed of those people, their duplicitous claims, their weak kneed excuses, their hypocritical 'creeds' and their self serving motivations. Despite their individual transparency, they stubbornly cling to their chosen blindness, instead trying to paint their words and deeds a color other than yellow. Not only are they disrespectful and ungrateful, they have attempted to become the larger story on a sacred day like Veterans Day.

And they are not!

How repulsive that they would try to steal the light from those who should be duly recognized and decorated! Where is true justice when they are not roundly reviled?

This attention to the whiners is widespread, but not universal, any more than the whining itself. This great Republic still has truly thankful people who grasp and stand amazed at the unrelenting gifts of liberty. I am proud to stand united with those of clear vision and reverence. I will never ease my disdain for the takers who see no need for the most basic efforts of gratitude. How difficult must it be to be a military member and carry the additional, unnecessary burden of their insolence! How incredibly unfair to our guardians of good!

Thank you, Veterans! Thank you for your service now, from yesterday and for tomorrow! Thank you for your tough skins and strong hearts! Thank you for your iron family units! Thank you for all you give and give up!

These are words only, but they have sincere, heartfelt meaning from this beneficiary of your vigilance. I will always remember, respect and salute you!


Did you go to the New York City Labor Day Parade? I didn't either... but my good friend Urban Infidel put her arms around us all and offered to take us there after the fact. If there is a shred of patriotism in your body, you need to experience the thrill and the spirit of her incredible photo adventure she has posted for everyone to share!


Friday, November 09, 2007

Congratulations, Angel !!!

May I call to your attention that one of my dearest friends in the Conservative blogging world has rightfully been named the WINNER of the prestigious 2007 Weblog Awards in the TTLB Best of the Top 501-1000 Blogs category!

Her competition was of considerable high quality, yet she prevailed as she certainly deserved. This lady has all of the things true Conservatives value so highly; an irrepressible sense of duty to speak out publicly, an admirable history of service to community and fellow humankind, a dedication to family and friends and a passion for tradition and God.

Despite your reluctance to admit WHY you were first nominated and then VOTED as Number 1 in your category, Angel, those of us who read your words faithfully and participated in voting towards your victory do not require your admission of excellence... we have already seen it. In spite of your humility, please accept our collective applause and NEVER give up the fight!

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