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despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thinking, Working, Getting Quiet...

Yeppir, I have been bereft of the writing bug for a period. Can't fake it and won't try to.

Personally? I'm well, healthy, even vigorous perhaps!
(*G. Gordon Liddy smile*)
...And how about you? I hope you are similarly fine.

Nationally? ...very pessimistic, and may God save us... Please.

It is my busiest time of year. I do a ton of household, domestic duties for this period because my wife works a minimum of 66 hours per week during "tax season"... such is the life of an accountant. It is also the very peak of my busiest time in my trade, too. So we chat briefly during our two common meals and race for that beautiful Tempur-Pedic's gentle cradling immediately following. Four thirty comes early in the morning, you know.

So in addition to being in a quiet mode, I have very little writing time to boot. But that's not all of it. I could squeak out the minutes if I had the compulsion.

When things get bad (and my friends, things are bad) I tend to think more and talk less. Watching the banter surrounding three potential future "Presidents", for example, would be entertaining if the office was something less important. But it isn't, so it's not. Seeing people so caught up in the fervor over which might make the "best choice" illustrates to me how we ended up with such hollow, vacuous options. I find it impossible to remain "engaged"... and I apologize for that if you think it derelict of me. If you are called to it, please carry on. But please also respect my painfully present lack of enthusiasm.

I am simply of the opinion that there is no "good choice". Thus, I tend to focus more on how we managed to realize this abominable situation. I feel that the simple answer is that we allowed the erosion of our principles. In this vein, no matter how trendy and popular it has become, I will not be a willing participant. To do so, IMHO, would be to succumb to pawn-dom. Respectfully, adamantly... I will not. I am of the opinion we have brought the coming debacle upon ourselves, and therefore we have earned the painful lessons we have forgotten, but may learn again.

I have not lost my voice. I simply have little to say. In time, that will repair.

But for now, I watch and read and listen. I work, I serve my loyal wife and honor our glorious God. I am concentrating on appreciation of life and acceptance of that which I cannot change, no matter how emphatically I wish I could. And I pray for our country, our people and humankind. I don't think that can be done too much for a long while to come.

So those who have come here before and read some of my older posts have surely found my passion for the woods and back country mountains. They have known my lust for adventure and little known places. I can find such peace in the wind, in the dead of night, on a mountain top devoid of all other people, far from the lights of any town. I can wash my soul with the light of crystal stars, a giant orange moon's rising and the essence of desolation. Cold, crisp air peaks my senses and carries me to memories and golden voices of old.

Perhaps it is healthy to find that pursuit which allows us to take inventory of our blessings and be thankful. Perhaps it is time to consider what life means to each of us. Perhaps, it is that time.

I am weary of rants and arguments. It is too late to make a difference in what is to come now. We have dues we will pay for our paucity of coherence.

So may I extend my hand and invite you to come with me to some magical places I wish to share with you today? I can't tell you exactly where this miracle is, because, I'd have to... Well, you know.

Is Spring all around you where you live now? Well, Spring has its' own face here. It may be warm in your place, but come feel the life in mine...

May God allow us to truly live each minute he grants us with due appreciation and wonder. Happy Springtime to all.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Gaza Beautification Project

The next time this home to animalistic, murderous savages...

gather to celebrate...

the murder of innocent Israeli citizens and children...

let us finally recognize it for what it is and give it a deserving "face lift".

STOP the denial and whitewashing. Give them the eternity they have so repeatedly earned!


...and embrace the whisper of the winds.