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"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dawn, 2009...

The giant things in our history. They seemed the biggest things in the Universe in their times... all that mattered... all, at that moment. Instantly, they became our plenary focus. They captured our urgent attention. They reflected our hopes, yet mirrored our fears. Those amazing, unthinkable moments in our nation's past evoked our tears, our astonishment and our disbelief.

But through these tumultuous moments in our country's past, it has been the shining aspiration in time's distance that has made us clench our teeth and fight to forge our next tomorrow. By the tragedies and triumphs, generations before and including us have marked the times in our own little droplets of personal life. We recall where we were, what we were doing... and who we were with. As our lives advance, we more frequently lament those persons from our individual chronology having left us. Do we react by being implored to better mark time? Or do we become complacent and just return to letting it pass?

Despite these seeming boulders, this Grand Republic has always prevailed.

I'm not suggesting that this country has emerged victorious over all adversaries heretofore because of some dogged karma that simply always survives. It is no accident, nor is it any guarantee. It is the sumptuous, unforgettable taste of liberty. It's what its' sweetness has impelled good men and women to do, again and again, doing their part to make sure that the sun rises over a Free America the next morning.

Ponder that... let it check your peaks and valleys.

Conservatives are justifiably abhorred regarding things right now and their long term impact of the future. We damn well should be, too, and I am uninterested to listen to those from the opposing side whining for the missing squelch button. We listened to your groundless bitching, mindless threats and unsubstantiated conjecture about all things Bush for eight frickin' years. The New Socialists SUCK... we can and will say so. You will also have to tolerate one helluva lot less rhetoric and a whole bunch more unfortunate references to facts, figures and unpleasant historical reminders from us than you might be used to during the coming reign of the Messiah. (Or, you could just leave...)

You want New Year's Resolutions? How about repelling and resisting apathy, while not condemning ourselves if we temporarily become overwhelmed and fall victim to its' temptation? It's been me. It's been most of "us" at some time or another. It is a reaction that logically follows watching the population as a majority be totally illogical. Stay aware. Stay fair with those of opposing views who can present themselves with supporting reason rather than personal attack, but debate vigorously. Keep and defend our principles of tradition... those core values are the very foundation upon which this America was solidly built. Know and trumpet our stalwart Constitution... it is our very fabric. We don't quit. We don't surrender.

We're Americans, first and always. Those who don't love and embrace freedom, inevitably oppose it either from feared loss of an imaginary security blanket... or from a drooling lust to control all others.

Happy New Year. I encourage and invite you to enjoy Miradena's splendid, creative toils to celebrate our newest year's beginnings. As always, she has outdone herself yet again.

Please pass the torch...


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