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and now hijacked by imported Liberals. This is the product of a self-imposed duty to continue to speak my Traditionalist Values
despite the Left's proliferation, procreation and perpetual regurgitation."

"One woman, living in a southern state, invaded by liberal policies, where strong Conservatives
were once revered. Proudly clinging to my guns. Proudly singing to my God."




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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Rage Against the Machine"


“Obama is the hope of the entire world.”
(Louis Farrakhan)
“Hitler was a very great man.”
(Louis Farrakhan)

What would happen if some crazy, “right wing extremist” dared to compare Adolf Hitler to Barack Obama? Is the comparison only accepted within the parameters of a warped mind, such as Louis Farrakhan’s - or is selective demagoguery simply a matter of perspective? Who are those “un-American” rabble rousers, flaunting their badges of conservative radicalism, while proudly marching through the doors of countless town hall meetings in Every Town, USA? Do these rebel, right-wingers actually represent American pride and an enduring freedom of expression, or are they simply swarms of “angry mobs” more easily portrayed as “terrorists with swastikas” by the mainstream media? That woefully, unapologetically-biased, propaganda machine, fueled by Pelosi, Gibbs and other Liberal (foot-in) mouthpieces, who refuse to retract repeated inferences of domestic terrorism, despite evidence that the majority of vandalistic acts surrounding town hall meetings have been orchestrated by groups with oppositional, far Left agendas. Welcome to Rules for Radicals. (Lesson 101). Blame the Opposition.

It is no surprise that this form of underhanded smear tactic is just another page from a playbook written by Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinksy. And yet, those “unpatriotic,” “racist,“ “brown shirts” with “fishy” behavior have successfully rallied to become a genuine nemesis to the Liberal superhero that once was Barack Obama. Steadfast opposition has meant bad news for a hushed and hurried passing of the Healthcare Reform Bill (HR3200) but good news for a healthier, healthcare debate. While informed arguments have been the equivalent of Kryptonite to the powers of Obama, they have spawned countless discussions about subsequent power abuses by his Administration. However, a comparison of Hitler to Obama should none-the-less, never be made by the faint of heart.

Words are classified and demonized as “hate speech” at the mere insinuation that the efforts of Obama’s Administration could in any way be equated to the heinous destruction of human life and liberties once imposed by a former dictatorial regime. It is no wonder that even fleeting mentions of such a comparison have been met with immediate condemnation from groups such as the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Congress and the National Review. After all, if there were any facts to warrant a comparison such as this, there would surely be no outrage from respectable groups, with knowledge of historical events. So, exactly where is the real perspective? What could our 44th President possibly have in common with a Socialistic tyrant who meticulously worked towards unrestricted control of an entire country and total, unyielding power over its government and its people?
Oh, say can we See –
Or can we still Nazi?

Did the people of Germany ignore clear warnings when Hitler was first rising to power? Were these warnings woven amidst the cheers of the crowds as he waved his hands over the masses and promised prosperity? Hitler proclaimed that the people needed to put their trust in him because he needed them to believe that he could change Germany. He promised that he would replace an unpopular government with an elite group of his own choosing. He guaranteed economic and social reform. He promised to implement land reform. Nationalize big business. Nationalize healthcare. Provide employment for all workers - and even destroy certain businesses controlled by select capitalists. It seems as though intelligent people should have been able to recognize the dangers of such obvious, political pandering and propaganda.

Ah, but it was such an innocent progression of power. Armed with only flowery speeches, Hitler was easily able to convince the German people that he was a man of ideals and immediate action. To most Germans, he was like a Messiah who could deliver them from financial responsibility and economic ruin. He was an eloquent and gifted orator who promised them Hope. Every speech he made was laced with lies, but his words always appealed to the majority. He knew that his success was completely reliant upon gaining followers as quickly as possible. He held endless rallies and parades with the sole intention of suppressing opposing viewpoints. There was totalitarian control of entertainment, literature, newspapers, radio and public events. Remarkable celebrations made the Nazi Party seem exciting to the youth and they innocently became followers without fully understanding the movement.

There were, however, some resistors to Hitler’s changes. Protestors were ordinary citizens who fought hard to resist the Nazi movement. Unfortunately, these rebel groups were eventually forced to do whatever was demanded because Germany soon became a police state. Total police control was government mandated because the Nazis believed that the German people simply did not know what was best for them - and therefore they needed to be forced to do the right thing – for the good of the country.

Hitler demanded that all people needed to work together in order to make the country stronger. He began the German Labour Front which replaced trade unions, and the government steadily took complete control over all industrial workers. The Labour Front determined which people would work - it scheduled the hours people could work - and it even restricted how much pay the people would be permitted to earn. All employment and all employers became reliant upon governmental restrictions.

Can you See?
Corporate Takeovers

Can you See?

With the new government, a new Gestapo was formed to investigate and eliminate “all tendencies dangerous to the State.” Spies and snitches were deployed to report anything that was done or written or spoken against the government or against Hitler. Freedom was systematically taken from all people living in Nazi Germany.

Can you See?
Report Your Neighbors

Can you See?
Internet Takeover

Hitler believed that all young people would be an integral part of his continuing success. Strong feelings of nationalism and pride were instilled in all youth, convincing them that they must be willing to do anything to help Germany. Military training was also simultaneously provided to them because the best of the Hitler Youth went on to become special members of Hitler’s police. Membership was mandatory and unavoidable.

One of the most important elements in Hitler’s plan for National Socialism was a Socialized Health Insurance Plan. His Nationalized Healthcare Plan marked the beginning of governmental, utilitarian principles. Mercy killing began as a gradual process. Children with disabilities began being euthanized and those most elderly and sick started to disappear from hospitals. Taxes were no longer being spent to care for what were considered to be “medical burdens” and people quietly accepted this new policy because they were convinced that it was being used only as a form of “mercy.” All life and death judgments were made by government planners on consultation panels. Nazi doctors were directed to judge the quality of their patients' lives and the German people were only given healthcare depending upon whether they were productive to society. Treatment was given to patients only after weighing the value of their lives to the cost of their care.

Can you See?
ObamaCare HR 3200
Pg 354 Sec 1177
– - Government can restrict enrollment for special needs
Pg 425 Sec 1233 Lines 4-12
- - Death Care Planning Consultation/End of life panel
Pg 427 Lines 15-24
- - Government mandated program/Order for end of life plan
Pg 429 Sec 1234 Lines 10-12
- - Advanced Care Consultation/Order for end of life plan
Pg 430 Lines 11-15
- - Government can decide treatment for end of life plan

Capps Amendment - Tax dollars may subsidize abortion, and nationalize free abortions, for low-income urban neighborhoods

Once Hitler’s agenda became a reality, his totalitarian power became unstoppable. He soon eradicated all opposing parties - and all opposing viewpoints were permanently eliminated.

And the rest is history.

Can you See?
Fairness Doctrine

“Do you not yet perceive or understand?
Are your hearts hardened?
Having eyes do you not see?
Having ears do you not hear?
And do you not remember?”

(Mark 8:18, English Standard Version)

God Bless every American who is taking the time to attend town hall meetings and educate others through blogs or community events. May you continue to see - and to challenge - and to protest – and to fight for our rights - with as much vigor and fortitude as necessary to keep freedom ringing loudly in this land. We are truly one nation, under God and indivisible. It is our choice individually, and collectively, whether we will learn from history –or whether we will become destined to repeat it.

What would happen if some “crazy right wing extremist” dared to compare Adolf Hitler to Barack Obama?

We shall see



Clarity: The Antecedent to Boilover...

So how's that "hopey/changey thingy" working out for you?

The fierce minority is, and always has been, the rudder. The others are just onboard the same ship. Even many of the folks who are on the "right" side of the equation are often too overwhelmed to delve into the details and enunciate specifics to those around them. This recurrently spawns a genre, a kindred sense... of futility.

But the minority is resolute and steadfast in the onslaught of belittlement. We recognize the veracious meaning of ignorance, apathy, ad hominem attack and name calling.

WE are NOT withered, nor disheartened, nor defeated by the proliferation and spread of poisonous Leftist authority that currently has permeated OUR nation.

This is OUR beloved Republic! This glorious nation was built with the stone and mortar of FREEDOM, LIBERTY and FREE SPEECH.

I will submit to you that there is NO SUCH THING as "hate speech"... there is only FREE SPEECH. This is yet another LibSpeak fabrication transparently designed to defer The People's RIGHT to take exception to intrusive government BULLYING.

WE will NOT live quietly under the intimidation of authoritarian, totalitarian intentions of blatantly Socialistic, veiled, destined Communists!

Our blog, and that of many similarly minded Conservatives, has been hit upon by numerous Washington, DC IP's, most recently the Department of Homeland Security. How DARE these assignees surveil the very people that they were hired to defend and protect? This is precisely the type of malignant governmental conduct that Mr. Orwell's book outlined and forecast in the compilation "Nineteen Eighty Four" exactly 60 years ago.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

...George Orwell

"When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon. Those who expect to reap the blessings of liberty must undergo the fatigues of supporting it."

...Thomas Paine

WE do NOT argue our VALID contentions and LEGITIMATE CONCERNS in order to deny ANYONE proper medical access. WE are NOT terrorists. WE are NOT "brown shirts". WE are NOT "the mob". WE are NOT "extremists", the "fringe", "crazy" or a "danger" to "mainstream society".

WE ARE The People!

WE are the loving parents of our beloved children, who learned and recall true history. WE WILL teach our past and its' indications/lessons with accuracy. WE REFUSE to be brainwashed by the agenda driven "Authority" and their mephitic agitprop. WE will NOT stand down or be silent. To do so would be to cede the very vertebrae of OUR Constitution and dishonor the sacrifices of those who bequeathed this NOBLE FREEDOM to ALL citizens of America. OUR voices of dissent and objection have equal place and right in the direction of OUR society.

WE do NOT require or request coddling, enablement or entitlement, nor do we accept the forced infusion of the government making OUR choices for us. WE WILL endure and persevere in our quest to preserve the ESSENCE of LIBERTY that sets us light years apart from EVERY other country on Earth.

Make no mistake... do not misinterpret OUR resolve. WE will contest every attempt to bleach this society into grayed, universal "equivalence" with the fervor of OUR God's Hand and OUR consecrated Forefathers.
"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."

"The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse."

"That the greatest security of the people, against the encroachments and usurpations of their superiors, is to keep the Spirit of Liberty constantly awake, is an undeniable truth."

...Sir Edmund Burke

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

...Benjamin Franklin

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."

...George Bernard Shaw

ALWAYS... Again and again, in time eternal...

God Bless America!

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"This Ain't America No Mo..."

Found at Freedom Now and Nanc's excellent "It's Curtains for You" blog. This is the same Town Meeting wherein Rep. Jim Moran (Demokraut - Commonwealth of VA) insisted upon seeing a man's ID before "allowing" him to ask a question publicly.

"Actually, school grounds have very different 1st Amendment rights than anywhere else..."

We're not imagining this sh*t, America... Pulse and immediate consciousness required!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Late Evening at Beer Fest '09...

Miradena is kindly sharing Photoshop skills with me. We are finding a variation in expressing our mutual outrage with the ongoing political nightmare through imagery. It has been great fun combining thoughts and ramblings and turning them into "creations". They become little projects that are nursed along until done (in the few minutes lately that we each have to devote to such). This collaboration is our latest meandering.

Its what the spectacle could have (would have?) devolved into had a tad more time and a few extra beers been poured. Tempers would flare and squelched emotions would spill. The above is no more ridiculous than the charade that was served up to America.

"Beer Summit"

UGH! My respectfully naked posterior!

Neither of the Emperors wore clothes. There was nothing "racist" in this episode (except using the accusation as a lever to summon the clamoring town criers). The puzzlement for me comes in witnessing the millions "Bam-Boozled" by the transparent absurdity. Such an astonishing, endless plethora of fools!

It was a public smoozle, a twisted simulation... an artfully fabricated portrayal. The Sarge caved and humbly submitted himself as a pawn while the wolves danced around him and mercifully let him live.

Damn, Sarge... Did you, for even one millisecond, consider how classy it would have been to tell The Circus to shove it (in the most polite, genteel language you could muster)? In the beginning, I honestly thought you had the stones to see it through. I disappointingly cede I was wrong.

"No one apologized."

But of course not! There is no right nor wrong in LiberaLand. Everyone is a "winner". Children! Children! This is NOT a competition (...that sordid, "Old World", barbaric practice).

Let the message echo from the mountains to the seas! Dissent will be squashed! Fall into line... or be abased and excluded from the Fruits of His Wonderfulness. Do your jobs as contained by the parameters of our agenda, mere serfs.

And it well represents the entire glossy, contrived, cheap chrome trickery approach to all that has proven to be this administration's foundation cracking "changes". Image, perception and deception take precedence over fact, specificity and harsh, bitter economic reality.

The trance-like march to obedient socialism is numbing to watch.

So laugh at it. Or at least try to.


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