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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Suspension of Further Discussion...

Four years ago, to this very day, I decided to create and write this blog. The first post followed sometime thereafter, but this was the exact day I decided. I recall it vividly, because it was a day that changed me. I watched my mother have a stroke in front of my very eyes that morning. She fought and eventually made a full recovery. Her unforeseen circumstances, their onset and her struggle all made me realize I had a voice... and some things to say. It seemed time to vent, to speak out about some of the values she and my dad had embedded into me.

It was a huge undertaking, and one that brought me many rewards of stress relief and commonality amongst good souls. It is, therefore, with more regret than I can adequately describe, that I respectfully make my last post here.

The blog will remain up for the lovely Miradena to continue to contribute her words, images and incredible videos, when, if and any time she might wish. We remain solid partners, disillusioned and watching this debacle spiral out of control. There is really nothing left to discuss, or everything to discuss, pending your view. But our direction is crystal clear... We, as a former beacon country of liberty, are going down.

I have never been more dejected about the future of our formerly great nation. We have been overrun from within... terrorist enabling, a socialist/communist "administration" solely focused upon power, the usurping of freedoms and liberties, open border policies with blatantly racist infusions, refusal to recognize/sustain the pillars of our Constitution, mockery "health care" of a stripe that continues to fail EVERYWHERE it has been employed, gargantuan debt, insidious "bailouts" of undeserving risk takers, encouragement of frivolity and worthlessness, and an astoundingly successful indoctrination march to disaster.

We will be less than the European economic example... Third World country status is our future. This puppeteer and his henchmen will continue to reduce this country to joke status.

What really amazes and depresses me is people's readiness to comply and lay down. I have been visited by census "workers" five times at my business (umm, I DON'T live there!). Yesterday, the sixth visit was a "Quality Control" enumerator. She had to "confirm" that the other five visits had actually taken place. And she wanted everything for information beyond what a census was actually supposed to be... a head count. That requires a simple number. Nothing more. Nothing. She also wanted me to volunteer personal information on my neighbors there and reassured me that "everyone" does it. Have you been threatened with fines and prosecution for failing to give the "required" information? I have been... to which I replied that I was aware that NO ONE has EVER been prosecuted or fined for lack of census "information". But it was worth a threatening try, I guess.

How many of you didn't know this? How many of you have given your name, birthdate, income amount (and host of other intrusive information for their database) to someone with a neck tag that could have easily been made in Photoshop in 12 minutes?? ...somebody you didn't know or bothered to take down THEIR name? How many of you know about the rapes, murders and break-ins that have occurred under the guise of being an "authorized government employee"? It's OPEN SEASON for criminals, even the ones outside of the "administration".

How 'bout those new monthly "job numbers" that they are trumpeting?? Ninety five percent of them are census "employees".

Productivity is down. Economy is in a freefall (and with what is already carved in stone for debt NOW... not still coming... THAT is going to be our status for many years to come).

History in our textbooks altered and/or completely eradicated. In fifty years, no one is going to remember or KNOW what happened. If they can indoctrinate the masses so effectively now, how easily will the leash and collar be applied in the Land of Tomorrow?

An unbelievable "freeze" on oil drilling, refinery building, nuclear reactor construction and more restrictions and fees on coal mining... We're all gonna power everything on wind and solar energy starting tomorrow morning! So who needs oil or coal??

I listened to a Demorat rail the other day about "stopping subsidies to those damn farmers". We're not eating up their farmland fast enough with housing developments and eminent domain takeovers I guess. Where do you think our frickin' vegetables come from, Morons?? Damn straight! Let's repress and control those "damn" hard working farmers! We don't need food or energy!

Meanwhile, we slip in another radical lefty with the Kagan nomination to our SCOTUS. One more stick in the construction to a guarantee of the permanent liberal House of Cards. Lifetime appointments, Folks... lifetime.

On March 15th, the Department of Defense suddenly suspended all buy up contracts of once fired military brass to major reloading outfits like Georgia Arms. All brass had to be completely "mutilated to department standards" before being sold as useless metal scrap. It was early speculation that .223, .308 and .50 caliber reloading brass would be damn hard to come by and over double the price. Reloaded ammunition would soon be very hard to find. It was a back door approach to their perpetual goal to disarm people, if not by getting their gun, by making ammunition unavailable and expensive when it was found. Ask a police department official what would happen to their pricing on once cheap, reloaded practice ammunition. Or ask a SWAT Team department head. And whose money actually buys this ammo for our Police Departments...? WE, the community! Ask Georgia Arms about the 60% layoff that they imposed company wide after the March 15th quiet policy change... now THAT'S helping the employment situation, Mr. Oblamblam... It was met with such an outcry that it was reversed in just three days time. But it was a very real attempt to once again control the civilian right to keep and bear arms. Tyrants seem quite concerned about that item in our Constitution... Hmmmmm...

And don't forget the "Cap and Trade" legislation that the scum lefties are still promising ahead of the November elections. Even O'Gutless has admitted that electricity bills nationwide will "necessarily" initially TRIPLE when we start trying to power our country on turnips and onions.

Whatcha' gonna do when the Iran-Israel confrontation finally boils over and Ahmadinajad shuts down the Strait of Hormuz? The world absolutely depends upon the oil that comes out of that 29 mile wide passage. It constitutes 42% of the world's ship borne supply. If it happens in the winter... and gasoline goes to $10 per gallon overnight... Who restocks the supermarket shelves? How do businesses continue to do business at all? If they do, who can afford to pay the new prices? What small, northern town will have a budget large enough to buy gas and oil for their snowplowing trucks? How do people heat their homes without oil? Ever tried, in four feet of snow, to cut and burn green wood in your wood stove inside your home (we're "polluters", you know). Oh... you don't have a wood stove? I hope you live in Florida then. I guess it will be just tough for people in the north... like dying tough.

How about when these camel humping, sub-human savages (that we are not allowed to call "terrorists" any longer) manage to get their bombs in a row and touch off a few simultaneous boomers, maybe with a bit of nuclear waste added to be thorough, in say New York, Washington, DC and/or maybe Los Angeles? Kim Jong Ill would be happy to sell some to ANY of our enemies. How do you envision the relocation of a few major cities worth of population (the ones that live) to "somewhere else" going? What do we pay for that with? More money from China? How do you think Wall Street does the next morning (if there is one)?

We have substantially become compliant, deserving IDIOTS. That's right... we DESERVE this. It HURTS... and we BEGGED for it. And it isn't fair to the few who didn't willingly jump on the self abuse train, but we're all on board anyway.

And talking about it AIN'T going to fix it! There's nothing more to say. Prior to November of 2008, we were standing on a plateau beside a cliff. We jumped off and gravity has taken over. There's no safety net (and there never was one).

You better get your ass to the voting polls in November and wake the hell up before just casually accepting the spewed BS that drivels from nearly every one of these corrupt, power seeking BASTARDS!

And PREPARE for something that isn't taught anymore... sustaining yourself and your loved ones BY YOURSELF. Otherwise, you will not have a chance in the coming calamity. This CANNOT continue indefinitely. And many of us, any of us, may not survive the eventual, sure demise of this country. But that's where we are headed, believe it or ignore it.

If you drown in this cesspool due to lack of foresight, preparation and historical grasp of what this must surely culminate in... you deserved it.

God bless the remnants of what was once the most beautiful nation on this earth. And God bless each of you.

Good luck and God's faith...