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Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Rangeled, Muddy Waters"

In 2007, Pelosi made her infamous pledge to drain the swamp:
"Drain the swamp means to turn this Congress into the most honest and open Congress in history. That’s my pledge — that is what I intend to do."

At her weekly press conference, Nancy Pelosi declared that the swamp has been officially drained, despite upcoming ethics trials for two longtime party members, Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel.
Waters is facing charges for requesting federal help on behalf of a bank where her husband served on the board of directors and owned stock
Rangel faces several charges including a failure to disclose assets and income, nonpayment of taxes, and improper use of a subsidized NY apartment for a campaign office

Pelosi stated:“Drain the swamp we did as this was a terrible place.
We made a tremendous difference, and I take great pride in that."

It is time for Pelosi's pride to goeth before her Fall.

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