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Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Liberal OUTRAGE
Slaps Us All

The details will make you puke the same color green that some thus far unnamed Surrender Monkeys plan to bathe our Empire State Building in, beginning tonight and continuing through Sunday. The green lighting of the ESB is to "honor" by use of the preferred color of Islam. Only blocks from Ground Zero! It is as if these people cannot shame us and lie down quickly enough for our enemies to walk over.

My Favorite Angel at Woman Honor Thyself has written another burning post outlining the details of the latest enemy emboldening decision from our PC underminers. Additional coverage, with excellent history of the Battle of Badr (the reason the Muslim CULT Ramadan fasting is celebrated along with its' end, Eid ul-Fitr), is found posted by Always On Watch.

I will re-post my second comment on Angel's site in an effort to encourage you to DO SOMETHING to register your outrage over this latest slandering of America:

As a follow up comment... I just phoned the ESB [212-736-3100] and my inquiry was re-directed to Melanie Marsh, who is Director of Public Relations. I of course got a voice mail inviting me to outline my inquiry and promising a return phone call (I won’t hold my breath...).

I left a voice mail explaining that I am respectfully requesting contact information for the individual or individuals responsible for this decision and that I would like to contact and ask directly the rationale for the decision. It was quick, simple and took all of perhaps 2 minutes.

While I expect no call back, I will submit to each of you that it is a simple thing we all can do if we truly care, and, even without any calls returned, a large number of polite but insistent message accumulations on her voice mail would surely be communicated to those responsible for this decision.

If you don’t have guts and conviction enough to speak out, then you should stop speaking period and join the ranks of dhimmification. This is something you can do from anywhere in our nation... is the expense of a phone call more valuable to you than your country???