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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Examples of Reality: Redux

Item #1.) There is no "guarantee" of safety for the public at large or individually. Bad things happen and are perpetrated by persons who either:

A.) Don't give a rat's rectum whether it is fair, honest, decent, moral or legal to assault you, or

B.) As in this case, don't have the mental capacity to consider any of "A".

Item #2.) As to whether your personal attacker's reasons are either "A" or "B"... Ummm.... what difference did that make in the severity of your condition afterwards?

Item #3.) As has been perpetually taught in our "Public Education/Socialization System", even though you 'The Bystander' have such a clear view of the atrocity being subjected upon the innocent victim that you can describe the sequence and mechanics in vivid detail later... do NOT attempt to stop the attacker! You might you yourself be injured and NO ONE is more important than YOU! Besides, what would you DO??? YOU are properly, legally ...UNARMED! Merely watch and allow it to go unabated. What the hell... with your great account, the news story will be exciting and you might even be on TV!

Item #4.) Bystander, don't attempt to save the victim, either! Again, YOU might get injured and then who will be depended upon to talk to the cameras later??? You have a civic duty to perform here, and that is to WATCH with your hands in your pockets. Just don't get involved... maybe one of the earlier victims will do it instead, if he's still alive of course. This is the only recommended "SAFE" course of action! (Jeesh, how come the police haven't arrived yet? Don't forget to blame them later if somebody gets hurt...)

Item #5.) Make sure to appropriately applaud the efforts of the earlier victim saving the latter victim, but only quietly acknowledge the off duty cop who STOPPED THE SITUATION from continuing to escalate... (Hey, afterall, he used a GUN to do it and everybody knows they're "BAD"!
...Remember/Repeat: GUN = BAD... GUN = BAD... GUN = BAD...)

Michael Daly: "City should be proud of Amarjit, hero at 2nd Ave. slashing..."

The cop got one paragraph...

"Another representative of Good appeared, in the person of off-duty Police Officer Gregory Chin stepping from the diner. He identified himself and ended up shooting the still-crazed madman once in the stomach only after ordering him five times to drop the knives."

Man, Daly sure screwed that up didn't he? A "representative of Good"??? Didn't anybody tell Daly the cop had a GUN??? (I don't think anyone has told him about the "GUN = BAD" thingy... somebody better tell him quick or he might become a Republican!)

...and lastly,

Item #6.) The guy with the GUN was the guy who STOPPED the ATTACKER.

***You should probably ignore Reality Item #6 and just be complacent as your right to defend yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors continues to be trampled out of existence. That is all... back to sleepy now...***