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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rules and Why I Decided To Do This...

Well, after getting my comment status "banned" from one of the more popular blogs, I have decided to create a forum wherein I can freely post my views without that continued risk. It seems that a multitude of these posting forums are only interested in views which reinforce their own... and in words that they insist to be sanitary, canned and pre-packaged.

I will enable and invite comments here. I will never require anyone to agree with me, although I will expect arguments to be based in fact and please abstain from only personal insults (throw some substance in there, too... OK?).

That does not mean you cannot insult me, nor does it mean that I won't reciprocate. It simply means that I require some foundation stemming from history and actual occurrence when you wish to attempt to negate my views and statements.

I appreciate emphasis and heartfelt emotion in expression of your views (contrary to the sometimes popular opinion of us as "unfeeling, mean-spirited" Conservatives perhaps?). Therefore, I will tolerate some occasional use of profanity. I will not tolerate nothing but profanity, nor will I allow any blasphemy... whether you believe in God or not.

I will remove any comments which, in my opinion, deviate from the above basic rules.

I don't have endless amounts of time... actually, very little. I am a Landlord, a Sole Proprietor of a separate business, a devoted husband, a good friend to worthy people and a dedicated enthusiast to the pursuit of LIFE. I will post here as a self imposed duty to speak my mind and, secondarily, as a recreation. I am a politically active Conservative, I write my Congressional members and I always vote.

That's it. Sparse, yet firm, rules to allow as much freedom for you to respond as I feel is reasonable. Post your words as you wish...


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