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Friday, September 21, 2007

Wisdom in Times of Evil

Sometimes, our good Lord brings us timely messages of value in the most unique and unusual manner.

As I pondered the circumstances (and tried to calm the outrage of a dear friend on the other end of my phone line) which will allow murderous Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to travel to our soil and actually speak at the shameful Columbia University, I received an e-mail notice of a comment regarding a very old post of mine.

Until now, the post had gone without any comments at all. In fact, it took me quite awhile to figure out which post the man's comment was referencing (a glaring Haloscan shortcoming!). His comment was inspiring and deeply thought provoking. I was moved to determine how the gentleman had found me. In doing so, I found that I had linked to a separate quote of his within my old post... words from another forum that had impacted me as very profound. I re-read them.

Inspired, I actually searched and read a great many of his wisdoms. They were often harsh, even rough edged... but ALL damn good... my favorite! I always wonder why so many folks seem to think all that is good must also be pretty. His words drool with intellect. He speaks rock solid truth. I find his observations reassuring and comforting, especially now.

I know how troubled most of the great Conservative bloggers I have had the privelage of coming to know are presently. It is my fondest hope that you might also find some solace in this man's thoughts and I offer them to you, again, here and now. He signs his posts Kanda' Jalen Eirsie:


We like to think that we live in a much more complicated society than the ancient Greeks did 3000 years ago. But the fact is - really, we don't.

They had a saying back then that went something like this:

'Within the circle of each man's sword, there he is king. So go out and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits.'

They knew it then, most of you have forgotten it, or worse, never learned it. Oh sure, they didn't have computers, or the internet, automobiles, etc. or all the sh** that goes along with all that...

But then, very few of you have ever actually made a simple bar of soap. Or a length of rope. Or would even know how. Or would even know how to grow a garden for food if it came right down to it. You would freeze to death because you don't even know how to start a fire without your handy dandy bic lighter...

You never learned how to make soap, or make a rope, because you just go down to the store...

You don't grow a garden even though it would easily save you thousands of dollars a year in food cost and provide you infinitely better food than anything you could ever get in a store - Instead you just go down to the store...

And the same when it comes to education - You just went to the diploma store - You didn't actually learn ANYTHING... All you really got were instructions on how to use your toys...

So what's my point? What's this thing you never learned or that you have forgotten?

Freedom is not free. It's exercised with a price tag. That price is always paid in blood and tears and pain. It isn't paid in dollars... it can't be saved, and it doesn't earn interest.

Every Man, of every Generation has to buy it for himself individually, and keep it secure EVERY DAY of his life..

You are deluded if you think that it's something you can hand down to your children. Or something that can be legislated from a government. Whatever it is that you are handing down to them, it certainly isn't freedom. Whatever it is that you are getting from the capitol, it certainly isn't freedom.

So the question becomes then, is it worth the price? Those who have paid the price say it is. And I can say that I'm not JUST accepting someone elses words for it... I know what the price is for MY freedom.

The real question is: Are you prepared to pay the price for your own freedom?

Free men are. Slaves aren't.

If you aren't then don't come around here, acting like a free man, when you are nothing but a slave. We free men, will spot you frauds instantly...

A slave doesn't know what it is to ACT as a free man. He's never been free. The heaviest chains are the ones you cannot see.

Does the Wolf pity the sheep? Or the cat pity the mouse?

Free men have no pity for slaves. And a willing, groveling slave is the lowest form of slave...

So all I have to say next is this:

Not everyone is a free man. Some of you are born slaves. [shrug] If you are - then BE what you are. That is the only way you will be happy...

But IF you are, then all us free men, would appreciate it if you slaves choose a more slave oriented newsgroup to hang out in... Say something like alt.dumbass.liberal.whiny.twits or something...

It's as simple as this: Once you have been free - Nothing is going to convince you that slavery has any appeal...

So all you red diaper, doper, anti-gun liberal pre-pubescent panty sniffers - Just bug off- There isn't any way that you are changing anyone's mind. The simple fact is that you are slaves trying to convince free men, that slavery is something worthwhile.

And that's just plainly absurd and fraudulent. And is doomed to fail for certain... everytime.

The fine people who read this blog are not normally of the "slave type" he refers to, nor do they ever have any interest in being such. Therefore, I say, keep your heads held high and your America in keen, fine focus. YOU are America!