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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Have We Lost Our Ability
To Say "Thank You", Too?

For generations they have stepped forward. The have selflessly given their everything; their time, their staunch effort, their personal freedom. They have forfeited the once occurring opportunity to see their own flesh and blood born into this world that they prove they care so much for. They have left behind wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and business. They have relinquished the responsibility of the family unit maintenance to others, who equivalently rise to the challenges of difficult timing and inconvenience.

They pass on to their offspring, who so often follow in their noble parental footsteps, the honorable sense of duty to country and fellow man. They uphold the clear differences between right and wrong. They leave good paying jobs, frequently with no guarantee that they will be waiting upon their return... if they return. They endure incredibly difficult conditions and ultra dangerous scenarios... so we won't have to. They give up home cooked meals, the familiarity of the dwelling and the town of residence. They turn their backs on everything that you and I accept as "normal" such that they may go fight to guarantee its' continuance.

They do these things for low pay, high risk and potential injury where immediate medical care is possibly scant or non-existent, at least by those standards the rest of us consider routine. Their soul driven efforts are commonly mis-reported, not reported at all or, worse yet, actually distorted. Could there be a higher "journalistic" or political crime than to alter the reported reality to the civilians that benefit from these super men and women who sacrifice for all of us? How despicable that this occurs for individual agendas, personal ground grabbing and power struggles!

And what is the price we, the defended, are asked to pay for these ultimate gifts of security?

We are simply asked to "support" them.

How is that too much to ask?

But, for so many, it is much too much. And I am ashamed of those people, their duplicitous claims, their weak kneed excuses, their hypocritical 'creeds' and their self serving motivations. Despite their individual transparency, they stubbornly cling to their chosen blindness, instead trying to paint their words and deeds a color other than yellow. Not only are they disrespectful and ungrateful, they have attempted to become the larger story on a sacred day like Veterans Day.

And they are not!

How repulsive that they would try to steal the light from those who should be duly recognized and decorated! Where is true justice when they are not roundly reviled?

This attention to the whiners is widespread, but not universal, any more than the whining itself. This great Republic still has truly thankful people who grasp and stand amazed at the unrelenting gifts of liberty. I am proud to stand united with those of clear vision and reverence. I will never ease my disdain for the takers who see no need for the most basic efforts of gratitude. How difficult must it be to be a military member and carry the additional, unnecessary burden of their insolence! How incredibly unfair to our guardians of good!

Thank you, Veterans! Thank you for your service now, from yesterday and for tomorrow! Thank you for your tough skins and strong hearts! Thank you for your iron family units! Thank you for all you give and give up!

These are words only, but they have sincere, heartfelt meaning from this beneficiary of your vigilance. I will always remember, respect and salute you!


Did you go to the New York City Labor Day Parade? I didn't either... but my good friend Urban Infidel put her arms around us all and offered to take us there after the fact. If there is a shred of patriotism in your body, you need to experience the thrill and the spirit of her incredible photo adventure she has posted for everyone to share!