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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tell Your Representatives
to Defeat HR 5825

Our resident idiots are about to drive off the road again like Teddy on his way home from the local watering hole. HR-5825, sponsored by New Mexico House Representative Heather Wilson, has language roughly reinstating the President's powers of surveillance ...but only AFTER another terrorist attack has actually been successfully executed! It boggles the mind that at this point in time, with all the threats and examples of atrocities that we have accumulated via our "friendly" Islamic Jihadists, that an elected official would propose such lunacy. Furthermore, the members of the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees also apparently support her proposal.

Shamefully, she is also a Republican (at least by gift wrapping anyway). She too carries the distinction of being one of only eight Republican House Members who are endorsed with a 100% rating by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), as compared to 154 Democrats in the House. Here is a listing of the ratings issued by CAIR pertaining to the various Rep's endorsement histories that will give you a great idea of who needs to hear from you most.

If you're not up to date on why CAIR should be a priority on your radar screen, read this post by "Rob" over at 'Say Anything' blog. It will literally make your hair stand up.

So it's time to get your butts in gear and either make the phone call or send her an e-mail. She can be contacted in Washington at 202-225-6316 Albuquerque it's 505-346-6781. And here is her e-mail contact form. While you're at it, you should also contact your own representatives from your state. Remember in all cases to be polite as you calmly explain without profanity to each why their actions are plainly stupid.

More details of the actual language of the bill flanked by added outrage are found here at Scott's 'Ah, Shoot' blog. If you're a gun nut like myself, he should be part of your regular reading anyway as he consistently maintains his crap in one sock.

Do your duty as a truly concerned, non-apathetic American voter ...go get 'em, Patriots!

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