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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wasting a Strong Brain
to Become a Cliche'...

The liberal mentality and lemming-like verbal repetition truly irritate me. Every single time. Of course, that is their object.

It's the numbing adherence to snarky little group sourced comments, almost always with the seemingly required personal insult(s). Sometimes, in my opinion, they just aren't that bright. They don't have the capacity to look beyond the surface and face of issues. They are simply, intellectually... short.

More often though, they are lazy, selfish and apathetic. (The apathetic quality, thankfully, is why they are currently out of power.) They perhaps possess the essential intelligence to grasp and consider the issues at hand in a realistic light, but that is far too much effort. These are often among the loudest of liberals. They are motivated by their laziness to assume their political views, as valueless and missing in foundation and history as they are. It is just easier for them and they repeatedly veer for the "Easy" button. It allows them to hold out their hand and seek demand to be enabled. They can scream out endless criticisms according to the fuzzy impulses they use to navigate their ship every day. What do you mean responsibility/accountability? ...The "government", in fact all of us, ...owe them! They're special!

Besides, making the investment of time and research to stay abreast of the facts and history, it is just, well, not simple. They possess endless lists of excuses, not to be confused with reasons. Furthermore, in today's Left Stream Media world, taking an outspoken Conservative stand makes you an instantly delicious target, which requires defending one's position, which requires knowledge of one's position, which requires entry into that responsible category of effort again. So that's just not an option. It's just much easier to hurl insults and vagueries. I sometimes marvel at the lengths they will go to to revise and twist history, though. I should think it was bordering on, you know, ...effort!

But the one's that really wind me up, which is their particular fuel, are those who do have great, strong, God-given brains. They don't invest great effort, because they don't have to. They are sharp and cellophane rhetoric comes easy to them ...again, easy, the common thread. But it is focused on rebuttal for attention and wordsmith wizardry credits. It is for a self-satisfying, yet sick, "feeling" that apparently comes after they troll a conservative blogsite's comment section, or similar actions. They are articulate and thoughtful, but only to a point. Here again, I believe they view it as easier to take pot shots and flee, without fact, value or content.

For example:

"...the right have a reason to whine n’ wail one [one???] time
and suddenly the 1st Amendment is dead. If it were to truly die, I hope the righties can hide their euphoria about it. "
Sure, Mr. Cliche' nuanced and eloquent. The Right has always sought the utter removal of Free Speech, eh? We would be "euphoric"? Nice contribution. You know just as well as all of us that we worship the First Amendment (along with the others that you selectively choose to recognize) and we defend it consistently, daily. Otherwise, you would be banned and squelched from the blog owner's comments board. But he, and we, watch your antics and let you believe that you are entertaining and clever. You aren't truly that stupid, you just think you're cute.

When the moderator responds and says,

"...I have never seen such evidence. If you’re going to make such a statement, find me some source material."
You promptly (because you were back watching to see if you got the desired reaction, your personal heroin) come back with,

"Nah, I’ll pass on using the effort to provide sources for the material. This is your website, you provide the slanted material and I’ll just rebut with pure blogs, like a good guest should.

But the method you say the right uses has a name, it’s Bushleague. And they do it best."
Translation of your transparency:

"Nah, I’ll pass on making any effort to provide sources for my "material" (cause they don't exist). This is your website (my excuse disguised as courtesy), you provide the factual material and I’ll just rebut with pure bullshit, like a good self serving liberal troll always does.

But the reality you say the right uses gives opportunity for some patented liberal name calling, it’s insert crafty yet meaningless insult here (no, I'm not original enough to think of it on my own, but hey, I am a well trained liberal parrot). And you guys actually do whatever we invent to accuse you of, because, well, we say you do."
One very noteworthy item that you smartass liberals do contribute in the most dire times that collective civilization has ever faced is assistance to our enemies. The old saying, "not part of the solution, then part of the problem" applies squarely to you. You folks state we Conservatives are 'over the edge' but we do defend your rights and, by using staunch military aggression against our sworn enemies, also defend your asses, too. A convenience for your position, eh? You can sit back all smug and elitist, and spew forth more hollow sewage while still enjoying the security that our service people deliver. Sounds "easy" to me and obviously must to you, too.

You think we Conservatives are intolerant and seeking all powerful control over you? You might utilize that seemingly strong brain of yours to consider how Al Qaeda would treat you if you were one of their swine and spoke out against their actions and directives. But you'd rather not consider that line of thought... the consequences might speak a bit too loudly to something in you deeper than your skin.

However, each time you assist the enemy with your appeasements, your apologies and your excuses, you put another weakening chink in our armor. That is the same armor that protects you, too, despite your refusal to concede that. You are the proverbial "useless idiot" and the foes are very adept at using your offerings. And you may succeed someday in opening that one slot of vulnerability that the terrorists are patiently watching, plotting and waiting for. With the evil plans and tools they have, they will perhaps only need one opening.

If that calamity is of a biological or nuclear or similar scale catastrophic tint, the aftermath will be very, very ugly. Or haven't you considered that? How do you think it will be if you are one of those that don't perish immediately, on a massive scale? How will you do with no clean water to drink or food to eat from your local supermarket? No fuel, no electricity, no ammunition or guns, no health care, no money, no shelter or method of traveling easily to locate such? How are you going to do when pointless, mundane arguments with your old Conservative "enemies" render you as defenseless and insignificant as an amoeba? For the time that the remainder of your life lasts, what will you think about then? I hope you live many, many days to consider that.


JayI over at WAmbulance pens about a related liberal's "strategy" in attacking our President. Of course, the author he refers to, one "Ms. Blumner" of the St. Petersburg Times, demonstrates how multi-purpose their 'tool' actually is.

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