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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dear Congressional Republicans:

I end my greeting to you with a colon, not a comma, because this is business. You are not my friends nor the friends of the electorate that sweepingly put your substantial majority in place in both houses of Congress. In the last elections, you wanted a mandate ...we overwhelmingly gave you just that. We gave you the positions and power to effect what we the American people spoke loudly for.

We wanted secure borders, illegal immigrants aliens removed from our land, aggressive confrontation and victory with our sworn enemies, fiscal accountability, strong education for our children and energy development/independence from those very same enemy countries that wish to overthrow us.

You have squandered the opportunity handed to you. You have categorically failed us. You have failed us in a time of our country's historically greatest need and when there are virtually no other reasonable alternatives to your failure. It appears that the only way to prove your failure to you is to actually further poison the body of our great country with even worse representatives of the American people's voice than you have been.

From President Bush to Condi Rice to legislative Republicans, you have repeatedly fallen down and caved in to the very liberal trends and tendencies that we put you in office to defeat. The specifics have been itemized and defined by Conservative scribes and pundits for months, years now. Virtually none of you listened, none of you acted. Certainly not enough of you, at the very least.

It was 4:10 AM when I began writing this. I did it because these few words were screaming to get out and I could no longer rest comfortably. There are no alternatives any longer to your disgraceful performance. Only more bile that will surely prove to be worse than you have been. Liberal, wrong way, knee jerk, terrorist applauding, fuzzy mush that will make us even more vulnerable.


They won't win because steadfast voters like myself vote for them. They will win because of people who don't stay well connected and will vote reactionary. You have allowed the Leftstream Media to parade in a list of your failures and bludgeon you with it. And in allowing it, because that list is real and directly of your causing, you have bludgeoned us all. It is inexcusable. Disgraceful.

You could perhaps still save the day for America. Newt Gingrich has outlined 11 major points that we the people have loudly supported ...and you have soundly ignored. Actually doing something to change this country's direction in the few days remaining before the November elections might truly make a difference in the outcome. You could show resolve and enlightenment and do something right at long last.

But why would anybody truly believe that you would now? How could anybody have believed that you would have been so performance poor to date that this would be necessary?

You have become the jelly spined, wet-finger-in-the-air, self enabling power mongers that the liberals were before you. The only solution in the eyes of the majority of voters now is to punish you removing you. I won't help them do it, but I must concede that you deserve it.

America does not deserve it, though. We listened to your supposedly heartfelt words of conviction and solidarity and we trusted you in the most critical of times. It is almost without explanation! Your history of action is what placed our trust in you, and then, as if manipulated by our enemies, you morphed into what we had rejected. Your answer to our trust was to emulate the train wrecks that you replaced.

So the process will take place and proceed. May God hold this country in his arms and allow us to get through the coming further intensification of the storm. The storm YOU allowed to intensify.

On the morning after your collective defeat, as you sit alone in a room echoing with liberal jubilations nearby, I want you to reach into your shiny suitcoat pocket. Pull out that pretty primping mirror and stare into the eyes of failure.

You did this. You did this to us all.

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