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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Maintaining That Warm,
Secure "Feeling"

Michael Chertoff pisses me off!

Tuesday, he gave us Saran Wrap assurances that the 11 missing Egyptians that arrived in New York on student visas and then vanished, ALL of them (three now captured) supposedly in transit to their claimed destination at Montana State University, were just kids skipping school:

Homeland [Imaginary] Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was less than pleased when the Federal Bureau of Investigation put out a BOLO (be-on-the-lookout) for 11 Egyptian students who failed to show up for class.

“The secretary was not happy that we went so far for a just a bunch of kids who cut class,” said one senior Homeland Security official. “It’s a visa violation not a national security matter. “

Today, as his follow up, he has fulfilled his view of his job description by keeping that glowing, fuzzy oozing and telling the American public:

"our aviation system remains safe and secure"

Rubbish! Only two days after the 'students' have coincidentally, simultaneously gone missing and London is essentially shut down to all incoming and outgoing air travel from a huge discovered terrorist plot, he somehow feels compelled to continue to lull Americans into some happy sing song that we all continue to cheerfully live within our 'bubble of safety'.

Preparedness for attack, caution, keen observant skills peaked, family plans and emergency supplies in place, home defense measures at the ready, full tank of fuel and back-up gas can, radio and spare batteries... These are USEFUL reminders the Homeland Mythical Security Secretary could have calmly, assertively encouraged Americans to have in place. We don't know where this is going and what may still be yet undiscovered! He could have emphasized calm but realistic acceptance of the facts and what their implications might be. There will be little to no time potentially when a disaster terrorist strike of epic proportions occurs... again.

One headline last evening on the news was that polls in Israel reflect that over 90% of its' civilian population is supportive of their country's war effort and remain prepared for the worst at all times. What would it take to replicate the same consensus and demeanor in the USA?

Factually based Leadership without the sugary happy faces!

There is no such thing as safety. Chertoff is perpetuating this Liberal falsehood to the detriment of us all. Liberalism, and all it doesn't stand for, has poisoned this country, seemingly permanently.

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