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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Frigid French Flavored Flatulence

Well, "Here we go now!" ...(fade in hot rocking Cooper Tire commercial background music)...

The Middle East is about to suddenly go silent and all hostilities are about to end... "permanently". Why? Because France says it will be so (and besides, not able to resist yet another opportunity to appear equally as foolish, we have concurred). And thus, it will be so. *meretricious echo* Amen... er... Allah Akbar!!

Who knew how easily this has been to solve all these years? How could we have overlooked the appeasement surrender diplomatic capabilities of our fair weather close friends in France? I mean, come on now... who else would we go to for professional instruction/demonstration on how to construct and wave a White Flag?

Well, I sure will sleep better tonight knowing that France has eradicated the Hezbo threat and put those damnable Joooooooooooos in their place!


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