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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Good Thing Israel Is Apparently Serious...

Because the rest of the players seem to be waffling around with each change of wind direction. The UN is busy coming up with another resolution of fantasy. We are trying to figure out when it is politically ideal to endorse a cease fire. And the French are ready to gallantly march into southern Lebanon and "save the day" for the best political "we're so KEWL" points they have seen a chance of scoring in, oh, well, maybe a decade or so.

Yeppir, gotta' luv that France! They will keep things secure... AFTER the Israelis do all the heavy lifting and WITH the "assistance" of other countries (like Italy). Once they can get GUARANTEES that they won't have to actually do anything to quell any violence, or in any way risk getting their respective white diapered, wussy asses shot off, for every reason political and no reason humanitarian... the French stand ready to pretty much, well damn near, almost somewhat totally secure Israel from rocket fire and protect Hezbollah from uh, er... unfair oppression. Just another example of why the world needs and reveres France.

(And don't worry, they really mean it, too!)


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