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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lebanon Illustrates Why
Closed Eyes Don't Work

Capt. Ed notes why reports of damage and the question of possible success in Israel's drop of 46,000 pounds of ordnance on Hezbollah's headquarters in southern Beirut were impeded:

Hizbullah has a headquarters compound in Bourj al-Barajneh that is off limits to the Lebanese police and army [my emphasis added], so security officials could not confirm the strike.

Got that? The Lebanese police and army are not allowed to enter onto its own land. That's not much of an excuse for a state, especially given that the land is in the capital city of Lebanon.

This is what happens to independence, sovereignty and the ability to defend your own country when you take the "stick your head in the sand and ignore" approach to terrorism. I won't even suggest the hope that our Liberal Democrats in the Ostrich Party might take note. The problem is that when this fantasy is adopted by the leaders of a country, ALL of its' people are subjected to the consequences of such foolishness.

Can we learn by example?

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