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Friday, July 21, 2006

Lebanese Army May Join Forces with Hizbullah?

When I read the headline, I thought surely it was a mistake or a joke. What civilized people would join up with the terrorists that have occupied southern Lebanon instead of taking the opportunity to finally boot their asses out of their own land?

Would they do it as a result of the civilian losses from the IDF's bombing campaign? With only a cursory review of these circumstances, one might easily, quickly say "yes".

However, Israel pulled out of its' occupation of southern Lebanon six full years ago. It was (as was the pullout from the West Bank) Israel's concession to the long perpetuated notion of trading "land for peace". Hezbollah has since obliterated that myth as have the Palestinians. They have unabashedly insisted that they will not be satisfied until "Israel is driven into the sea".

Israel has repeatedly demanded that Lebanon retake control of its' southern region and remove the terrorist threat that remained there. They left it to the sovereign, 9 year old democratic state of Lebanon to handle on its' own... as it should be. Lebanon has failed to act, letting down its' people, who in turn have remained mute regarding this failure. Democracy comes with a responsibility (defined here for the ignorant) to use the included tools to speak out. The people of Lebanon have subsequently, therefore, also failed.

Israel to date tolerated the continued threat and was not the aggressor in this latest conflict, but rather the target. It has responded, as any nation should, to first a barrage of rocket attacks, followed by intrusion onto their side of an internationally recognized border (except by Hezbollah) and the killing of eight soldiers while also kidnapping two more.

Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman stated clearly to the UN and his Lebanese counterpart, Nouhad Mahmoud, on July 14th:

"Deep inside your heart you know that if you could, you would be sitting here next me. If Israel wins the war, Lebanon will benefit."

Gillerman quoted a Lebanese minister who lashed out at Hizbullah and Iran and Syria who support it. He accused the Lebanese government of failing to impose its sovereignty on all its territory and disarming the Hizbullah as demanded by Council
Resolution 1559
[September 2nd, 2004].

Indeed, I believe Gillerman is quoting Lebanese Communication Minister Marwan Hamadeh, who stated unequivocably on July 14th:

"[Syrian Vice-President] Faruq Shara gives the orders, Hezbollah executes them and Lebanon is the hostageā€.

Hezbollah has become a pillar in Lebanon, both politically and militarily. Pure terrorists. And now Lebanon threatens to join Hezbollah to fight Israel???

If they do as they suggest, then who in Lebanon is innocent? Numerous civilians, who perhaps don't agree with their government's idiotic "solution" to Hezbollah? But they elected that government. And when that government sides with bloodthirsty terrorists, they become terrorists.

Civilians who disagree should heed Israel's repeated warnings to leave southern Lebanon... because Israel is left with no alternatives but to invade and clean out the terrorist hornets. To stay would be suicide. It is, still, their choice.

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