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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Liberal Priorities

With the pace of unraveling news, events, reaction and mainly, inaction, I suddenly got the urge to purge. With that in mind, I figured what better source for inspiration than to view the latest Mother Cindy feculence.

It took only seconds to unearth her most recent spewage and, as always, it only took seconds of her fumes to satisfy the need. But then I started noticing that today's infusion was posted at an outfit called Political Affairs which included the sub-title "Marxist Thought Online". So much for asserting the myth that she has no connections to communism (" A publication of the Communist Party USA and designed to appeal to the broad left "), but then again most sane thinking Americans that paid any attention didn't need much more evidence than her history, deeds and rhetoric.

The part that then further attracted my attention was their included cute little "polling opportunity". Well, after I saw the question and their list of possible answers, I wanted to see the results! How do these listed biggest issues, that confront and confound the typical Liberal mind coming to this place seeking salvation, actually stack up?

I had to participate in the poll to be allowed to glimpse the results, so I pulled on my tightest, whiniest, emotional headsock, squinted my eyes and chose "gas prices" as my Liberal rant.

As my finger nervously shook, about to witness the tally, my mind toyed with the idea of a possible clearcut winner by a landslide. Afterall, I reasoned, those on the Left claim to speak with a solid, singular voice, right? Would it not surely have to illustrate a mandate?

BEHOLD! The results of the those in their sample of non-apathetic Left:

The item that most concerns the participating: Gas Prices (a full 1/4 of those voting).

It was closely followed by end to war... 23%. Almost catching both of those were universal health care and jobs/economy at 20% each (as per normal, conveniently ignoring any part of yesterday's economic update).

One in eight (13%) said it was their biggest concern was ending "Republican corruption". (Good luck at "ending" any kind of political corruption!)



"Like, ah... Whaaaahhh! Like, I want cheap gas for my, like, car and You Guys STOP this bloody war for OIL! And I want, ah, like, DEMAND FREE health care and, like a $32 per hour minimum wage for my, like, guaranteed job (haven't you seen how, like, COOL they do this in France??). Oh yeah... and send those, like, damn mean spirited Republicans all to, like, Guantanimo for Chrissakes!"

Fighting the terrorists of Jihadistan? Closing our porous borders? Stopping Ahmadinajad and KJ Ill? Protecting freedom? Education for our children? Preserving the differences between right and wrong?

"Come on, like, pay attention Conswervahtiffs! The poll was about, like, important issues, for Chrissakes!"

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