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Monday, July 10, 2006

It Feels "Icky"!!!

Read this squishy "article" about Deb Frisch's outrageous over-the-weekend behavior at Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom website! Just in case Scott Jaschik opts not to post my comments pertaining to his piss poor example of journalistic coverage of the Little Debbie affair, they were as follows:

1.) First and foremost, Deb Frisch is an unabashed, verifiable LIAR. Her lascivious comment regarding french kissing Jeff's son was hers, is a matter of record and was witnessed by myself as well as HUNDREDS of others in real time.

2.) Jeff, sue her. Otherwise she will take the typical Liberal high road and continue the lie and victim portrayal amid smoke and mirrors she creates. You know the truth in what was said just like the rest of us who witnessed this crass spectacle... don't let her get away with it. JUST DO IT.

3.) Scott Jaschik did an extremely poor job in writing and reviewing this incredible mess and, when one considers how plain and easily verifiable the facts in this situation were, the conclusion must be drawn that it was intentional. You have needlessly compromised your own journalistic credibility, albeit by apparent choice.

4.) The statement above that Jeff never received any e-mail or phone attempt from anyone at "Inside Higher Ed" only reflects more suspiciously on #3 above. If he didn't wish to answer Mr. Jaschik's questions, why would he post and do so here?

5.) One must be left with the lingering question as to WHY ANYONE might wish to soften and deflate the impact of such outrageous behavior, especially by one of such alleged high profile.

6.) Disgusting. Utterly, simply disgusting.


As I anticipated, the above listed comments were deemed too truthful and pointed to post in the comments section of Mr. Jaschik's 'article'. It makes sense I guess from his point of view. Why take additional heat from a gun you hold in your own hand? So Jaschik chose to unload and throw away my cartridge.


I have submitted an apology to Mr. Jaschik which should appear in his comments section. He did post my comments pertaining to his article. I was premature in my judgement that he would not, I said so, and I thanked him for doing so.

Many thanks to Vermontaigne for pointing this out to me!

Pass the cold dish of crow, please?

Meanwhile, Patterico also got a link posted to his dismemberment of Jaschik's weak ramblings... and it is a damn good one.

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