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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Myth of "Safety" and Other Left Born Prevarications

How did we get here from where we once were?

There was a time when we spoke clearly, with so much less vagary. I am not old enough to make this that long ago. Words had clear, defined meaning. They still do… some of them anyway, but so many have been crafted into tools for saying much more (or much less) than was originally intended. This trend is something I recognized quite some number of years back and its’ existence plus its’ disregard by many (most?) continues to nag and peeve me.

One of the best examples of what I refer to here is the perpetuation of the fantasy of “safety”.

It has evolved into a jubilant target, perceived and sought by all. It is the refrained reason behind all proclaimed acts of caution and precaution. It is used to market and convince the masses of their “need” for innumerable products and services all designed to make sure “you stay safe”!

Child “safety” seats, seat belts, air bags, video surveillance, home monitoring systems, helmets, child protection internet programs, safety organizations, recalls, complete world peace, etc.. The list goes on and on and on.

"What will it take to make us safe?"

Some of the devices and implements work and in some cases, work well. My gripe is not with product innovation, evolution or improvement. My problem with this is that each of these potential steps forward in risk reduction is marketed on the idea that true “safety” is actually achievable. It is the label, not the effort. It is, IMHO, the ultimate misnomer.

The truth is, there is no such thing as true safety… only varying degrees of danger!

To imply, and thereby essentially declare, that full and ubiquitous “safety” is possible is to perpetuate a fantasyland that we all might seemingly someday occupy… if only we subscribe to the myth.

This does our society no favors. In fact, I believe it harms us. It gives people license to live in a dream and ignore what “is” is. (GOD help me, I quoted Prez. Bubba!)

Don’t actually SAY it… use a fuzzy acronym or assign a more “pleasant” (“correct”) reference. The “F word”, a “militant”, an “insurgent”, a “progressive”, a “moderate”…

Do you have a “home invasion”? …Call ‘911’ (Liberal equivalent to 'Dial-a-Prayer' without that bothersome theological vein) for your ticket to “safety”.

In a world where “reality TV” has taken on such popularity, how is it that we have strayed so far from actual reality? Perhaps because “reality TV” is so completely contrived, staged and plastic?

I see it as more of the invasion of PC phraseology. It is the continuous forward walk to a “global village” mentality. It is a creeping process to socialism. It is the slow death of blunt speak and clarity. It is the progress of Leftist ideology and agenda.

It is dangerous.


FOR YOUR SAFETY, consumers will stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed by your Authority. For further information, contact your Guidance Commission and have your Universal Identification Number ready for submission.”

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