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Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day Diarrhea from Daily Kos

No shame at no time for the Lefties:

PsiFighter37's diary :
To me, songs such as "God Bless The USA" demonstrate a rabid sort of nationalism that has become embedded in this country since September 11. Before that tragic event, I'm sure that most folks on the right wing really didn't give much of a damn themselves about making a show about being 'patriotic'. Nowadays, almost every GOP politician (and some Democratic ones) wear a lapel of the American flag on their suits. At any chance they get, they'll use the flag - or its potential destruction - for political gain. You have to prove your pro-American credentials for everyone because you're either with us or you're with the terrorists.

On the other hand, Springsteen's song (which I was surprised to hear at a July 4th event) is tinged with sarcasm and is similar in content to Billy Joel's song Allentown. 'Born in the USA' doesn't celebrate the best spirits of America; instead, it speaks of soldiers who are forgotten when they come home and of the hard knocks that the average American has to endure. I'm sure most folks on the right wing would call such a song treasonous these days were in not for Springsteen's stature as a legendary musician.

Yup, you're either with us or the terrorists... and by your own words we see clearly where your allegiance lies.

I wouldn't hesitate to call Springsteen treasonous the instant he gave legitimate reason to do so, despite you declaring his "stature as a legendary musician". Whoopty-F***ing-Doo!

As if you bestowing your lib elitism upon him somehow would or should insulate him from the same criticisms the rest of us mere mortals have to endure, eh? His song falls under the category of free speech that I don't agree with, not treason.

...Just like that tripe of yours I reprinted above.

You nutless Lefties are so swallowed up in your own Clintonian PC crap and awed by your pedestal mounted plastic assholes. How despicable that you can't even shut it off on our nation's Independence Day.

Please just leave now.

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