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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Two Thirds of America
That Wants The NYT's
Prosecuted is Persecuting
the Poor M(Left)SM

Fox News just released a poll of Americans which says 66% want prosecution of those responsible for the unauthorized release of the classified SWIFT terrorist financial surveillance program. Allah has a nicely narrowed breakdown of it here.

According to this article by AP Correspondent Charles Hanley, because we have taken exception to what they have done we are treating them unfairly.

This is what you would have to expect as the next step in the Liberal parade to vilify "us" and victimize "them" (in their minds then justifying them).

How dare we pee-ons question their self-assigned authority to cast final judgment over what really is secret and what is OK to disseminate? Especially if they deem it in their best career/subscription the public's best interest to do so.

Note also, while most articles use hypertext in their stories to link to supporting reasons, articles, occurrences, historicals, etc. that BACK UP their claim or point... this one uses links to "Topics Related to...".

With these helpful little gems further sub-categorized into more titles reeking of PC Liberal-ese, we can actually get from "national interest" hypertext in the article, for example, to an important "related" item such as 'Traffic a Killer at Talladega'!??

('national interest' when clicked on menus into Topics Related to: then 'national security', 'reasons of interest', 'view of interest','considerations of interest' and finally 'sense of interest'. 'Traffic a Killer at Talladega' is found under 'view of interest'.... Related? Huh, what?)

Of course, if you saw the hypertext, didn't follow it and assumed it was just a supporting link as most articles would use... umm, hmmmm, then you would just assume it was a supporting link.


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