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Thursday, June 29, 2006

SCOTUS Slaps the US With Yet Another Terrorist Tool Revocation

Enjoy your day, love your family and kiss any hopes for winning the war against Jihadism bye bye. Not only have they infiltrated our Leftstream Media, but they actually have commandeered our "Justice" system as well.

Can you hear it? Listen to the cave dwellers rejoice. This is beyond what the mind can conceive. Who would have really believed that victory for these animals would have been handed over freely from people who were supposedly on our side?

By the time this gets bloody enough for the Liberals to withdraw their heads from their respective asses and look around, they will only be providing their heads to the terrorists for the next throat slitting.

10:54 AM UPDATE: More overview and perspective from Andy McCarthy here.

1:36 PM UPDATE: Webloggin has Justice Thomas dissenting view here.

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