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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Traitor Murtha Goes Over the Edge...

As hard as I am trying to IGNORE this unrepentant a**hole (for, like the Ditsy Chix, he is betting on our attention to keep him in the headlines), his latest stunt in Miami truly goes further than even I could have imagined. He actually stated publicly that his OWN COUNTRY is more dangerous than Iran or North Korea!


Even my most liberal 'aquaintances' shudder and recoil at this most recent insidious quote... When his rhetoric gets this stupid, it is really telling to see who on the Left continues to place him on a pedastle.

I hope all liberals continue to do so, since it can only contribute to the Conservative effort in the most essential manner possible.

Thanks, "Jack"! I'm sure the troops, who he "supports", really appreciate this too.

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