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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Anybody See a Pattern Here?

It took just barely two days to elapse before the treasonists at the NYT's did it again!

Moderates and liberals will actually waste air consumption by attempting to debate whether this is as serious a breach of classified information as was Friday's unauthorized worldwide disclosure of the (formerly) secret SWIFT program.

Is it not obvious that that is not the point? The point is that "secret" and "classified" means SECRET and CLASSIFIED!

These exposures of covert information are illegal. Period.

While Allah and his Partner in Prime, Bryan, over at HotAir are engaged in open debate about whether we should indict and prosecute the NYT's for bullhorning these items, I once again and as usual see this as a simple, black and white situation.

Allah worries about the political fallout and the sure to follow Lefty's screaming about our "Fascist government" and Conservatives even daring to question the press' right to expose potential government intrusion (to be read: undermining our national security and directly endangering our troops). He also encourages boycotting the NYT's advertisers (which sounds cool, I agree we should do and it still won't work... but it would be reminiscent of the attachment Liberals have with symbolism). How quaint.

Bryan, on the other hand, states that we HAVE to pursue prosecution or they will just continue to do it again and again. It would be sort of like paying ransom to the terrorists for kidnapped victims... Show them it really works and they thank you for silently proving their methods. Click on "Repeat".

Well, it took almost two days to prove Bryan right, huh?

I think that the tendency to "cave in" (pun intended) to political fears in order to establish what is right and wrong is a major mistake.

President Jorge has repeatedly proven this theory:

  • Illegal Aliens
  • "you guys just lay down your weapons, be nice and return to your homes in Fallujah while we march on to Baghdad... and we'll leave you alone, OK?"
  • even giving a response to whether Gitmo is legitimate treatment for captured terrorists who have no uniform, no country of allegiance, are therefore NOT subject to the Geneva Convention (whilst their "brethren" are meanwhile sawing off the heads of our soldiers and civilians in Iraq).
  • STILL not imposing Martial Law in Iraq until we get control of the chaos that is continuing to be served on a daily basis by the terrorists.
  • Participating in Liberal sourced PC word games such as reference to terrorists as "insurgents", "militants" and even "freedom fighters".
  • "Oh, OK, we'll have direct talks with Iran after all... (Hey, how come Kim Is Ill is fueling up that there big missile?)"

I could extend the list down the page...

While I sure as hell am thankful it is not President John F'n Kerry in there, I am not without major criticism of how Jorge has allowed this PC disease to encroach upon effective and complete execution of this most important of wars since we gained our sovereignty.

And neither does it make any sense in the case of the traitors at the NYT's.

Enforce the law, do what is right and regain the traditional American BALLS!

My belief is that we, first and foremost, go after the LEAKERS of this secret information. Prosecute them and use the "journalists" at the NYT's as first squealers, then witnesses. Any resistance from them to participate in the prosecution of the leakers makes them accessories to the crimes. Then you can add those charges to the crimes of being active and willing conduits to dissemination of the secret info worldwide.

The NYT's actions embolden the terrorists and become evidence to enable them as they indoctrinate more evil animals into their Jihad through creation of more films and propaganda. (The cacophony of laughter roaring out of the caves is deafening!) Unlike Liberals, the terrorists don't ignore nor forget a history of actions!

For us to respond otherwise is to cow tow to actual terrorist support from within our very own borders.

Now what President and Congress could be trusted further if such was to be allowed to occur and continue?


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