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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Interesting Speculation as to Why
The NYT's was Motivated...

Was it a collective NYT decision to sell out the secret Swift program in order to save the Times failing readership/financial status?? KT at The Scratching Post offers some intriguing thoughts as to what would move an entire company of 'journalists' to a pure act of treason against their own country.

Watch the video wherein Eric Lichtblau "explains" his rationale for enlightening the whole world to a once covert and effective program. He (and his criminal cohort, James Risen) display the typical elitist "we know better than you lowly members of the public" mentality.

E-mail the editor at the NYT to add your view to the multitude:

Also complicit and to be equally blamed in this latest escapade to undermine terrorist apprehension BEFORE they strike is the LA Times, who can be e-mailed by using their online form found here.

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