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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Threat of Smallpox

Ever since 9-11-01, I have repeatedly argued that the threat of a "smallpox homocide carrier" is only a logical evolution from their more typical current technique of blowing themselves up. Homocide bombers only kill victims in their immmediate area and frequently get discovered before reaching their intended targets, risking an even lower effective kill ratio.

An intentionally infected carrier could criss cross our nation by commercial flights for days on end without any risk of obvious discovery, at least until he himself (or she) showed any symptoms of the disease. In the process, the terrorist would infect potentially thousands, which would then go forth in their daily activities and travels and infect countless thousands more. With the time period of ten days or more before anyone infected would typically begin to show signs of the disease, the possible impact of such a maniacal exercise could be devastating.

Jim Meyers of Newmax has written an excellent and provocative article outlining this very real threat. It essentially endorses a preemptive approach through vaccination now, instead of after the crisis is identified... which well might be too late. A great, yet disturbing read.

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