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Friday, June 30, 2006

USA Today Jumps on the
NYT's Treason Bandwagon



Did you think that the NYT's getting away with publishing classified information would not set a precedent? (Many thanks for the excellent summary view by A. J. Strata at the Strata-Sphere!)

Better question would be why wouldn't it?

Have you seen anybody get indicted? ...go to jail? ...get anything more than a stern verbal rebuke?

Just like your children learn through lack of punishment when it is OK to do something wrong, the adolescent, self centered Pulitzer seekers at the NYT's have demonstrated that it is "OK" to publish secrets to the rest of the 'media', too.

Lesson complete! Treason is abolished! What pesky 'Rule of Law'?

'Prhaps we shoulda' learnt 'em better...

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