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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Israel to Target Palestinian
President Ismael Haneyah if
Kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit is Killed?

Rather unorthodox and unusually direct, but it seems they have chosen to speak a language that Hamas terrorist leaders understand. It will remain to be seen if they are serious or not, but they don't have a history of joking much about their military strategy. If Shalit is already dead, PM Haneyah and his accompanying rats may be about to have the light shined upon them.

There is divergent opinion on this being the wisest path for Israel.

Think it is 'over-the-top' tactics for Israel to threaten to deal so harshly with an "elected government" of terrorists?

Well, a couple of days back many liberal forums made much hay out of the supposedly announced "deal" that Hamas had made with Israel in which they were alledged to be ready to recognize the Jews right to exist and live peaceably adjacent to one another.

Think so? Read this then... yeah, sure they are.

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