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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Meet Prof. Deb Frisch, PHD

You aren't going to believe your eyes when you read what this University of Arizona Faculty member (Thank GOD, FORMER... she allegedly resigned) wrote for vicious, threatening comments in Jeff Goldstein's blog. Stunningly candid words of a truly unbalanced kind.

Everything you need to know about what she did is on this post... a page from her very own blog along with spot on comments from readers. Wow!

To e-mail the University of Arizona regarding their employment of this lunatic:

Here's her e-mail, if you'd rather write her directly:

... or perhaps BOTH!


Well, I should have expected it, but honestly didn't. Here's someone (no one?) that makes right of Little Debbie's "wanderings" afterall:

I was under the impression that you were/are suffering from some sort of mental illness in making those comments. If that is the case, seek help - but don't resign from your job.

[Nah... "mental illness"?? ...that's not it!]

You needn't lose your job because of this.

[But of course not!]

You have apologized. You have made it clear that your intent was never to cause anyone real harm (as if Jeff Goldstein or anybody else ever thought for a moment that anyone was in actual danger...)

[...other than a couple of itty, bitty child molestation threats... in writing. But wait, I guess it ALL was in writing.]

1. Call your boss and tell him that you are un-resigning

[Yeah! THAT'S it... 'un-resign' !!!]

2. See a mental health professional if you aren't seeing one

[You know, just in case... besides, it will look good!]

3. Ignore the hypocritical wingnuts here who pretend as if what you did was some enormous crime against decency. It wasn't. What you did was stupid and misguided.

[Yeah, afterall, all us "hypocritical wingnuts" are really closet child molester wannabe's anyway, right? Since when is child molestation any sort of crime against 'decency' for Chrissakes?]

Conservative bloggers are masters at being stupid and misguided.

[Ah, yes, that last required Liberal parting shot 'factoid' that is just rife with detail and history]

Posted by: The Liberal Avenger at July 8, 2006 11:55

Beautiful... just f***ing beautiful...


Emperor Darth Misha I at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler performs the obligatory Frisch vivisection here. Helluva job... I see nothing missed. "Tushy"! (I won't use anything borrowed from the French anymore.)

Patterico continues with similar surgical precision. The comments are also spot on, many with links to other blogs bringing up additional concise points. For example:

I guess that’s now the new SOP for congenital sociopathic idiots like ol’ Deb.

First go way out of line with disgusting threats. Whine that you are the victim when you get caught, and then try and see if you can somehow bring up “Bush lied, people died!!” as a way to deflect criticism.

Deb, I am not a rightwingnut, I’m a liberal. Stop trying to make it seem like your revolting, unacceptable behavior and non-apology are in any way, shape or form justifiable.

Get yourself hospitalized, get some therapy, do whatever it takes to cure yourself of your obvious, out of control delusions.

As a former Sun Devil, I never thought I would say this…..but in defense of the University of Arizona and the city of Tucson, for those who have never visited the area, rest assured that Deb Frisch thankfully is not representative of the people who live there and lead decent lives.

My condolences go out to the state of Oregon.

Comment by KoryO — 7/8/2006 @ 8:37 pm

OK, like most all of the other Lefty bloggers, she has not even made mention of anything about Ms. Frisch Fry on her own blog, but at least she did have the decency to speak out in the comments section at Patterico's.

The utter silence by the liberals on this is rather telling of the magnitude of embarrassment Little Debbie has delivered... rightly so, too. There's that silver lining to an otherwise vast array of black clouds!


More top shelf coverage with multiple links to be found here with The Stout Republican! Another excellent job! This outrageous display of out of control behavior simply boggles the mind.

Deb Frisch is a PHD who was (still will be??) teaching our youth! She comfortably and casually refers to herself as a "moonbat" (and all this time I thought we Rightists conjured up that term to be derogatory... she considers it somehow a badge of honor??). She is blatantly manipulative and patently passive/aggressive.

Yet she still adheres to the long advanced Lib methods of stating obvious obfuscations and vagaries while offering no supporting evidence. Herein she is typical Liberal to inner core. And to preserve the "normal" left tactical operation, straight from the training manual, she exits this affair with proclamation of "victimhood".

Well, I guess the cake now has its' frosting. I'm getting a big brain ache...

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