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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

It seems as if the breaking point has been reached. If this is the beginning of all out confirmed war, here's hoping that PC half measures won't be utilized... ala Jorge style. There are many snakeheads that should be properly and firstly chopped included Hamas/Hezbollah leaders and Syrian Prez. Bashar al-Assad.

If Israel steps into this cesspool without the resolute committment to draining and thoroughly cleaning it up, it will become the largest terrorist toilet this world has ever witnessed.


More up to the minute blogging found here at Euphoric Reality including breaking reports that Hezbollah is attempting to move the two Israeli hostages taken at the Lebanese border to Iran. This would make it a four front Israeli conflict: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and now possibly Iran.

*POOF*'s a major pile of sh*t now!


One of the terrorists whose release from Israel is being sought is Samir Kuntar. Read about who he is and his history as a bloodthirsty murderer here, courtesy of ShrinkWrapped.

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