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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

DC Declares "Crime Emergency"

In a city where it is virtually impossible for a citizen to legally possess a firearm for self defense, why would there be a crime problem at all, much less an "emergency"?

Here is a shining model of what the Anti-Gun Folks actually want for the entire country. If you are 'law abiding', you are to be disarmed and vulnerable. Yeppir, open season on your ass, baby. That's because while the law abiding population has not yet figured this out to the point of changing anything that would truly have a beneficial effect, the gangsta's are right on top of it.

It's still the criminals who are committing the crimes, not the law abiding. Possession of a firearm for self defense purposes by educated hands does not induce that person to commit crimes. It simply enables them to have the potential to defend against one.

The police can never be everywhere in time for everything and anything. And if they could be, you wouldn't like that.

'911' equates to 'Dial-A-Prayer'. (The whole post sequence is good, but don't fail to read the post by Kanda' Jalen Eirsie. )

"Safety" is a liberal myth.

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