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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hand Wringing and Finger Pointing

The party of surrender has already begun its' "whaaaaaaaaaaaaa'ing" over the inevitable escalation of war in the Middle East.

Yes, I said inevitable, because it is and has been for a long, long time. I personally hope it is not just another partial volcanic upheaval. I am sick of this ongoing mess and I am intensely hopeful that Israel finally intends to truly accomplish its' stated goal of disabling Hezbollah.

Typical Leftstream Whine: "It's all because Bush led us here." Yeppir, Hezbollah wouldn't pursue Israel if we hadn't gone into Iraq. Damn, makes sense to me!

"Now look what I'm going to have to pay for a gallon of gasoline." Wail, cry and complain about your wounded pocketbook... that's classic Liberal compassion for all of humanity!

"Our support of Israel has enabled them to stir up the hornet's nest." Fools... it has been stirred up for more than forty years now. That inverted position of the Liberals only makes the blood rush to their heads and maintains a sand coating to their hairdos.

"Israel's response is disproportionate." Yeah, right. Hell, I believe even Bubba Clinton would have responded militarily to similar actions occurring on our soil. But this is somehow different?

What despicable, dishonest garbage. But to any Conservative who has paid attention at all (and thankfully many, perhaps most of us do) these are just the latest model rhetorical prevarications from the Peaceniks. There is no reason we should hope for, much less expect, anything different at all from these intentionally disconnected personalities.

Bush has pursued the fight that was started with us... not initiated it. He responded. IMHO, he has also responded with too much restraint and catered to far too many (ONE would be too many) Leftist "concerns".

My criticism of Jorge is multi-pronged: continued refusal to secure our borders; allowing combatants in Iraq to lay down their weapons and "peacefully just go home" during our march to Baghdad (that's how WE created Falujah!); capturing terrorists rather than killing them (er, um, you're prolly not going to change their minds... better to expand their minds with high velocity projectiles); exuding only mild upset when Spain, Philippines, etc. pulled out of the conflict (now those "allies" showed the terrorists how well they could run, didn't they?); not LOUDLY, PUBLICLY condemning ransom payments to terrorists for kidnapped victims (terror + kidnapping = $$$)... the list is damn near without an end.

These moves constitute appeasement. Nothing less. Bushy all too often appeases Liberal outcries which only brings louder calls for more, and, far worse, he in turn appeases terrorism which shows undeniable weakness. This is not just noticed, it is harvested and cultivated by our murderous enemy. But at least he doesn't pull a Juan F'ing Kerry and "reach out" to hold hands with the "persecuted, downtrodden freedom fighters". Talk fixes everything, right, Libs? That's how we won our independence. We talked. Uh huh.

Liberals extol their perceived "need" for the extremist death squads to fight for "militant freedom", but casually ignore (attempt to debunk?) our need to fight to retain ours! Afterall, freedom is something we just have always had, right? I think it fell out of the sky around 1950 or something... And of course, we always will have it, too... The left sees our freedom as a given. Why would anybody ever want to take it away?

Do you notice that the Libs cries all have the same underlying motivation? It's all about "ME".

The increasing cost of gasoline is something they all prayed for, because it would "teach us a lesson" about the need for alternative fuel sources and our wasteful consumption of fossil fuels. But now that they have what they wanted, it isn't because world demand is at the highest levels in recorded history, it's because "Bush lied", Haliburton and the administration's "war for oil". And now those 'fascist capitalists' are "hurting meeeeeeeeee....... whaaaaaaaaaa!".

Israel is a tiny, isolated country in the Mid East that is totally surrounded by hostile Arab countries: Egypt (sure they made "peace" with Israel... watch that evaporate as the conflict increases), Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Branch out from there and continue looking for friendly ground... Sudan, Libya, Eritrea, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates (a traditionally "neutral" country that ignores Israel's existence even in the phone book!), Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Turkey... Who ya' going to run to, Baby?

If only we could get Liberals to try to grasp the "feeling" of living on that Israeli island. Nope, won't happen. Like most darker scenes, lefties just close the curtains and "POOF"... the nightmare is gone. All better now. Care for a spot of tea?

We stirred up the hornets nest? How do you make crazed, exclusionary, suicidal/homicidal hornets "nice"? Hamas and Hezbollah both have the stated goal of wiping out Israel and have just begun a direct and intentional campaign to accomplishing the task. Without the history of inaction from the UN, NATO, France, Russia, etc., etc., these calls for Israel to "ratchet down" their "excessive response" to intrusion, kidnapping and murder would be, in a word, unbelievable. But since we have their loooooooong history of doing absolutely nothing, it should not even provoke a raised eyebrow.

The photo reports of the conflict in the Left Stream Media (LSM), are running along the lines of 30 images of the "Arab side" to one of the "Israeli aggression".

Arab photos exhibit the destruction of buildings and the retrieval of casualties, interlaced with verbiage about "innocent" victims. Hezbollah operates freely within southern Lebanon and occupies numerous positions within the Lebanese government (with direct Iranian backing, arms and money), but everybody there in Lebanon is "innocent".

Hamas, another long verified terrorist organization, is the freely elected government now in Palestine. When the people of Palestine overwhelmingly elected terrorists to lead them, are they realistically anything other than terrorists themselves?

Paraded Israeli pictures illustrate tanks firing, troops movements, warships perusing the waters near the Lebanese coastline, etc.. It is classic LSM artwork. Paint the Joooooooooos as the unjustifiable aggressors and the poor Muslim oppressed as the victims.

Is there any other Liberal presentation, ever, no matter what the subject? It is the SOP again and again on the Left... just change the names of the "good guys and the bad guys" and reintroduce.


Good luck, Israel. Hope you mean what you have chosen to pursue this time. By going through the door you have closed off the room you formerly resided in. No turning back. Surely, your people have finally tired of submission by now.

Give 'em hell, Hebrews!


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