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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When You Appease Terrorists

We see civilians bombed as they try to leave their homes and neighborhoods (...because you can't tell who is "innocent" and who is "bad" down below from the cockpit of an Israeli warplane). Civilian homes leveled, homes that Hezbollah has stored weapons caches in. Homes that were commandeered by terrorists to utilize the very occupants as shields from Israeli attack. Mosques used for the same purposes; to conceal, store and fire their lethal rockets from. Neighborhoods with tunnels to deeply entrenched bunkers.

These civilian populations surely got to a point where they had no choice. They were threatened with death and hideous abuse if they didn't comply with the serpents who were infiltrating their land, their country. No choices... not after their government had allowed their foot over the threshhold in the first place.

They took the Jihadi "gifts" and charity. They permitted and then elected them into their politics. They gave them buildings to occupy and, eventually, excluded their own police and military from even entering these places. They turned their backs and closed their eyes to Iranian support and the Syrian conduit that delivered it.

When Israel finally completely pulled out of southern Lebanon on June 16th, 2000, Hezbollah continued to remain there, despite the ineffectual UNIFIL's continued presence there. UNIFIL was charged with the duty of purging of the terrorist occupation. There as a result of UN Resolution 425 since March 19th, 1978, UNIFIL has only been occasionally successful in bringing food and related supplies to civilians. Six years have passed since Israel moved out while Lebanon continued to tolerate, ignore, and do nothing regarding Hezbollah's control of their southern countryside.

Did Lebanon let it get to a point of no return? Certainly yes. Now we observe the unforgiving difficulty of trying to reverse such huge mistakes.

We have open, essentially unprotected borders in the US. We also have terrorist groups in our midst. Since we have an estimated 12 million or more illegal aliens in this country who we know NOTHING about, we DON'T KNOW how many are terrorists. We do know that Hezbollah has many "sleeper cells" worldwide. Those cells are publically being called to action by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. How intensely and thoroughly have we been infiltrated... like Lebanon?

As Conservatives and Liberals alike witness the most severe repercussions (of Jihadi appeasement) to the Lebanese civilian population, do we see the lesson?? We just sent Condi to Beirut to snuggle up with Lebanese leadership. Here's hoping the message behind closed doors was not all kisses and hugs.

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