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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When Stripes Diverge

McKinney's absence from the debates apparently suggested to Georgia's DemoRats that perhaps that isn't what 'representation' is all about? So they canned her most plentiful ass. What a wonderful breakfast item (although I did expect it) to awaken to! That loud mouth, cellophane classic won't be missed in my household. Doesn't it make you wonder what kind of conversation she will have with herself in the aftermath? It seems it was beyond her comprehension that she could be rejected yet again. What I really look forward to is her littany of "reasons" excuses and blame that are sure to follow. Stay tuned to this channel... whining up ahead.

What I find particularly interesting here is that Cynthia was not ejected by Dem's to install a pro-defense, conservative type alternative... Johnson stands on no more competent platform than she did. He is just a different face of the same plate full of muck. He is, however, a different entity and that is all that seems to be really required by the lefty voters. Image is everything and he hasn't slapped any cops (yet) and he did show up for the pre-election debates. Poof! You're elected! Who needs substance or direction when you are a Liberal?

Meanwhile, up in Connect-'em-up, the Party of Surrender has beheaded the guy who sat dutifully by Algore in their determined march towards defeat just six short years ago. He was endorsed and extolled as the 'tough' example of the Democratic wingers... the man they all affirmed to take over Al's footsteps in the event of a Presidential catastrophe. Man, this is a GREAT day!

Lieberman is LIBERAL to the core, except he believes that we ought to kill terrorists who want to kill us. Well, that's just not good enough for those "let's all hold hands and hug" Peaceniks. No, Sir... sounds too much like a Republican to them. We now have another golden example of where the party faithful's hearts and minds truly lie... Well, they don't actually lie. You can't run away or wave a white flag while lying down. Now old Joe must leave the party and run as an Independant to have a shot at remaining in his state's Senatorial seat. The icing on this eastern version West Coast Cake will be if he LOSES come November. I like it when the Libs show us where their importance is placed. Running away is a great cardiac workout.

I have faith that the rest of American voters will clearly see this as the defining moment. This is GOOD for Republicans. The people figured it out in 2000, again in 2004 and those same voters will be paying attention this year as well. Conservative views and values do not flip flop, nor do the people who espouse them. The "Progressive" rhetoric will be loud as always, but the truth will speak louder. Every time the Jihadis make another move against freedom and liberty, people will consider the 'facts of Democratic acts'.

Where are the Democrats really turning? Left, center, or....


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