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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As If She Was
Waiting For My Cue...

The whining blame game begins. She lost by a full 19% yet she predictably claims it must have been the electronic voting machines... a real "threat to our democracy".

Cindy, honey... tell me about "hard work".


McKinney staff members got physical with media reporters... twice... AGAIN!


Who would have believed she could actually lose (again)? Afterall, she has had Al Jazeera's endorsement for years now:

"Cynthia McKinney, an honest, progressive, and brave Congress woman from the 4th district of Georgia. She was among the few representatives who dared not to support the pro-Israel resolution, in April, which rewarded Israeli aggressors. As a result, she is being targeted by pro-Israel groups to prevent her reelection in August, 2002. If you care about a genuine representative, who cares about Georgria [sic] and the United States, support Cyntia [sic] McKinney."


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