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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Israel: You Deserve
What You Will Now Get...

With the deaths and maiming of its' innocent northern citizenry, numerous dead and wounded soldiers, kidnapped soldiers still unreturned (or even solidly verified alive), Hezbollah remaining in southern Lebanon and still launching rockets, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has agreed to a ceasefire. He had an estimated 90+ % support from his country's people in the war effort yet he has folded and promised to have his troops cower and withdraw, recognizing officially Hezbollah as if it were some legitimate entity rather than the organized band of murderers they truly are. What a stunning surrender from a now publicly weak kneed "leader"!

Well, it got tough, huh? ...too difficult to route out these terrorists? Afterall, Condi, Kofi and Co. have encouraged it as the sensible move (no surprise here... these are the same people who have effectively condoned and recognized Hamas as leaders of the Palestinians). And hey, Rice did point out that there is a provision in their "declaration" that there can be no support or resupplying of Hezbollah via Syria or Iran... or ELSE! Or else they will be in violation of the UN Resolution!


When did this world's human population morph into such withering, repentant, self-flagellating lambs?

There will be 15,000 or so UNIFIL troops from Italy, France, Turkey (and others) who will now supposedly go into southern Lebanon and oversee the withdrawal of the surely dejected Israeli troops. Then, you can bet your hind quarters, they will oversee the repopulation/resupply of the area by Hezbollah. While the Iranians and Syrians celebrate the victory, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah will maneuver into his always sought position of the being next Lebanese President. And now that these wizards have just made him a hero to his terrorist supporters, he will make it to his goal.

Nice job, Jorge, Kofi, Condi and Ehud. You have just guaranteed that this will be a significant downturning point in the worldwide war against Jihadistan. It could have been a victory, but not without the spine that you all have replaced with a jello-like Sheehan/Murtha intestine.

My sympathy for the Israelis just dwindled to squat doodle. You don't speak up loudly when 90% of you understood the threat and authorized the sacrifice of your people to fight it? You don't flat footedly cry out against your Prime Minister's cowardice and rancid appeasement?

Then you deserve the spoils that Hezbollah will bring you. Fools.


Alas, the completely predictable materializes:

Hezbollah Claims Victory Against Israel

Hezbollah Claims Big Victory

Hezbollah inspires Hamas

Olmert is an Idiot!


Emboldened by Israel's cowardly cease fire cave-in, terrorists in Gaza have now kidnapped two Fox News journalists. What mystical 'shield of steel' do reporters in the press think that they have when dealing with such savages? Say some prayers for Steve Centanni (USA) and freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig (New Zealand)... we are ALL targets. Israel's astonishing mistake is one we will all heavily pay for.

While Liberals may miss the significance, Iran, Syria and all Al Qaeda subsets were counting on this weakness and will capitalize on it. Jorge Bush and Condi Rice are directly responsible for their collaboration and encouragement in this shameful charade they call a "solution"! They have elevated a bloodthirsty terrorist gang to the same status as a nation through recognition and appeasement via the amoebas in the UN. Premature, but it will prove true when Nasrallah becomes the next President of Lebanon.

What an abominable failure!


I highly respect and enjoy reading Jeff Goldstein. He has a very different and much more encouraging "take" on this "ceasefire" that is excellent reading. I sure hope he proves me wrong, but I still remain unconvinced.