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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Theresa Peguese:
Emulation of New McKinney-esque "Standards"

Theresa Peguese (I) is a Councilwoman in Ecorse, Michigan, who now stands accused of striking Mayor Larry Salisbury on July 18th during a council meeting. She was arguing, and apparently losing the disagreement, on behalf of a resident when she decided it was time to play the "McKinney Card".

Prosecuting Attorney Bill Colovos stated that she could get up to 93 days in jail if convicted (yeah, right!) and that, after reviewing the videotape of the incident (I'm still trying to get it), she "was out of control" and "is in need of some serious anger management classes".

According to the reports,

...the police chief was at the meeting when Peguese and Salisbury began arguing over a zoning ordinance that dictates rules for building manufactured houses in the city.

Peguese was siding with a resident who wanted to build a modular home, despite the city attorney telling her that the council didn't have the authority to bypass zoning rules.

"Councilwoman Peguese continued by saying that this would not be the first time that City Council would have committed a criminal act," Anthony's report says.

The mayor then told Peguese that she "should be the last person to call someone 'criminal,'" the report says.

After telling the mayor he didn't want to "go there," the report says Peguese walked toward Salisbury "in what appeared to be an effort to engage him in a fight."

Standing within inches of Salisbury's face, the report says, Peguese "struck the mayor in the chest and neck area with both of her hands, causing him to stumble backward into his desk."

Council members Robert Hellar and Angela Smith, along with Anthony, restrained Peguese as the mayor left through a back door. The police chief immediately took Peguese into another room to question her about what had just happened.

"Councilwoman Peguese calmly acknowledged that she had assaulted the mayor because she did not like being called a 'criminal,'" the report says. "She also apologized for her behavior and stated that she was prepared to be arrested."

While there's no mention of any racial slurs in the report, Peguese told The News-Herald that what led to her confronting the mayor was that he called her a "nā€”ā€”- criminal."

That's not in the report, Salisbury said, because it didn't happened [sic].

"I never referred to Ms. Peguese by the n-word or any other racial slur," Salisbury wrote in a letter to The News-Herald. "I can only imagine that if I had used this derogatory and demeaning term toward her or any other African-American, I would have been immediately denounced and the council meeting would have evolved into chaos, if not riot.

"Those things did not happen because there were no racial epithets used or uttered. Isn't it odd that this allegation didn't come up immediately, but only surfaced several days after her attack on me?"

Does this sound familiar? Remember it was a couple of days before superabundant Cindy skillfully submitted the 'Race Card'? Also recall that one of her whip threatened a reporter who was following her for comment as she ascended the steps of Congress a few days later?

After being interviewed by the police chief that night and released pending further review, Peguese allegedly threatened a resident before she left City Hall.

Police Officer Lawrence Rivera, who was called into the council chambers for crowd control, said he saw Peguese point a finger at a 67-year-old woman and threaten her by saying: "And you, you will get yours from me. I don't care if I have to do life for it."

Rivera said he also heard Peguese say, "People do not know who they are messing with."

Perhaps that is what she would like to believe, but I'd say we're "messing with" the first of the offspring of Cindy's New Rules. As always, they call them precedents for a good reason. Slippery Slope Surfing, anyone?

Theresa apparently is also the self proclaimed "CEO" of a private company she calls D&T Express. While it is supposedly a private construction company who has had contracts with the city in the past (allegedly illegal and the reason for her two month expulsion from the Council back in September of 2004), it seems to be offering website development at this site, opening with the enticing line:

"I like to welcome all personels [sic] to the web site of D&T Express which was astablish [sic] in 1997 which has grough [sic] through the years."

Very ummmm... polished. Have a look around. It exudes professionalism and attention to detail don't you think? Maybe they can do sumpin' for you, too?


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