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Friday, April 27, 2007

Redefining "Debate":
Liberal Instructionism

Back in my younger days, I used to have this obvious misconception that a "debate" involved opposing views, such that the good and the bad points of the subject(s) in question could be discerned and argued.

But, noooooooo... I stand corrected after all these years of wandering around aimlessly misguided. Thankfully, the Dhimmicrats have adjusted my path for me and the rest of us 'followers'. You see, it turns out that a real debate excludes the opposing views. It is an assembly of "those who just know", and therefore the messages to be reaped from such an occasion are expedited and delivered almost seamlessly.

And, quick to dissolve their own former backbones into the obligatory mush, the Republicrats have stepped properly into the dictated conformation and have scheduled their own "Republican debates". Way to follow! ..."GOOD work, thee who are simply wrong".

One thing's for sure, with everybody in attendance in virtual complete agreement, the elitist "Party Knows Best" guidance is imparted to the also partisan audiences with almost no disruption or dissent. Sweet, friendly, jovial directives free from any pesky opposing views or unpleasant discourse.

Thank God Allah that the Dhimms have once again set the tone for political correctness and removed that formerly cumbersome condition of competition. Man, I tell ya'... That's real leadership!

Yeah, America... when we're done here sorting this all out, the Alpha Ass says...

"You're next!"



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