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Thursday, April 05, 2007

...Was Just Checking Out
the Syrian Herbs When...

"I had this really cool thought... Olmert... Israel probably REALLY WANTS to make a peace offering to Syria... They just don't really dare to SAY IT! Hmmmm... I could... I should... I am the Messenger for them!!!

....Yeah ....Yeah! THAT'S IT!"


*More applause for the Queen of Dhimmitude

*How do you tell she's a bad idea???

"I'M not trying it... YOU try it... I'm not trying it... YOU try it... Hey! Let's get Jimmy to try it... Hey, he LIKES it... Hey, Jimmy..."

...And speaking of 'Jimmuh', here's a fantastic quote for your consumption:
“Jimmy Carter left the White House with a lasting legacy, though not one any president would covet. He continues to cast a long shadow over the Middle East, a shadow that wilts flowers, stunts cactus and blights dreams, wishes, hopes and prospects for peace with far deadlier efficiency than the fiercest sandstorm. Mr. Jimmy is well and truly sui generis.”

—Wesley Pruden


Our buddy Blogiburton just happens to be one of the invited Photo Journalists along for the Official Pelosi Appeasement March and has captured these stunning images of her in Syria Using Different Light Filters...

Ole Blogi never misses a trick!

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