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Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Dilemma of Mixing Business and Politics...

It happens from time to time because I have posted a tribute and a couple of photos on my business website. I don't discuss my business here, nor do I link here to my biz website. I try to keep them separate. But that doesn't mean I shirk from my responsibility... yes, I said responsibility... to at least give recognition to those who give for all of us. It is no more complex an issue than that. How difficult is it to simply say "Thank you" to those who give their absolute ALL for the rest of us?

What follows is an e-mail exchange over the last couple of days from a veteran who took the time to notice my tribute. Given the unthinkable outrage that just occurred via our spineless "representatives" in the House yesterday, I think it a timely correspondence to give real consideration.

You make the call from here...

Daniel xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the tribute to our Military Men and Women!


-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 3:38 PM
To: Daniel xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Website

Hi Dan,

No thanks expected or required, but I sure do enjoy hearing from someone else who recognizes the tremendous sacrifices that our military makes for each and every one of the rest of us daily. I well know also, that people like yourself who take the time to do what you just did, also make time to thank individual members of our military when they are encountered on the street. It is such an easy, almost effortless thing to do and it sure makes those folks swell with justifiable pride.

I put my hand on a soldier's shoulder who sat in front of me on a plane flight recently. When he turned to see who I was, I shook his hand firmly and thanked him for his duty and service. He immediately teared up and could barely respond... when he did he told me that I couldn't possibly know how rare that gesture was and how deeply it was appreciated when it did happen. I told him it was an honor to have the opportunity.

...And it was, too. Thanks for your e-mail, Sir!

Very best regards,


Daniel xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Just a short story...coming off the plane from recuperating in Hawaii after a stint in sunny southwest Asia, I was hobbling thru the LA Airport when I came upon a group of what we called hippies, and each proceeded to spit on me for wearing a uniform. Well, I wielded those crutches like battle axes until airport security whisked me away.

Welcome home!!

I am particularly moved by the photo. My dad served in WWII, both Europe and Pacific theaters. I'll stop in and say hi one of these days.


Subject: Re: Website
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 09:16:47 -0400
Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: Daniel xxxxxxxxxx

Good Morning, Sir,

Thank you for relating that sickening story of your disgusting treatment... it made me so angry I just shook. If I ever witnessed such a despicable exhibit I would be paying an attorney big $$$ to retrieve my ass from jail on multiple assault charges. I have very severe views on how such users of our common air supply should be dispatched. Their actions enrage and embarrass me... and I am compelled to apologize to you for their unforgivable abuse.

Thank you so much, Sir, for your compassionate devotion to our country and fellow citizens. The photo also is very significant to me. I try to avoid mixing my politics with my business (because I find it extremely difficult to work for someone once I find out they are liberal). Despite this, I cannot resist, at the very least,
acknowledging our military's selfless sacrifices in the face of such rampant ignorance and civilian contempt, thus the photo and tribute.

If you are ever in my area, Sir, my door is always open... It would be a real honor to meet you and shake your hand. Here is another website of mine that you might be interested to review sometime.

God bless you,


It is so easy to say 'Thank You'... and can you not see why it means so much to them?

Please... Do it! ...and Mean it!
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