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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Giant Storytelling...

Need a departure from the Liberal Takeover? I sure do!

In the midst of the conviction of Scooter Libby, Hildebeast's obnoxious feigned drawl during a southern campaign pandering effort, Bill Maher's declaration that death for Dick Cheney would be a good thing for America, abhorrent neglect of wounded soldier's at Walter Reed Medical, and the UK's foolish decision to offer a high profile target to the enemy for a potential further degradation of moral... do you sense the breaking point rapidly approaching?

I do. I am in the midst of my absolute busiest portion of my company's biz calendar. The pressure and daily status inquiries are overwhelming. This reason, and only this reason, is what has taken my time from my pleasant involvement in blogging... at least for the short term. This too, will come to pass. Still, we all must have outlets to relieve the tension and wind down occasionally.

Therefore, for those of you who find solace in the woods or a good old fashioned story, I will point you to my friend in the South, Rex of the "Deer Camp" blog, for a chapter in his story of "Thunderhoof", the giant buck of Christmas Place.

Rex is a sincere, fine and moral family man and avid sportsman. I periodically wander over to his blog for an oh-so-pleasant temporary escape from all the realities of today, what might be tomorrow and the effect that rampant liberalism might have on our lives. I find such enjoyment in each of his tales and sincerely hope you find his effect similar. I know his concerns for our direction today are equal to those of the readers and friends I have made here, yet he still manages to temporarily divorce himself adequately to write his many entertaining stories.

Go there... and feast.



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