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Monday, February 05, 2007

Vacillating Amoeba

Here is something to make anyone with even a cursory knowledge of history and fact head for the lavatory to hurl your most recent meal. It was written by one Philip Martin, a wanna-be soldier who mistakenly joined the Marine Corps. Go ahead and get angry with me for criticizing him if you see fit. But I'll be damned if I am going to somehow assign any sort of immunity to this man for his baseless venom simply because he joined the military. There is a lot more (at least, there should be) to being a true soldier than just wearing the uniform.

One of Mr. Martin's early burning questions put forth:

"How do you justify 'sacrificing' your life for a war which is not only illegal, but is being prosecuted to the extent where the only thing keeping us there is one man's power, and his ego."

What unfounded rubbish... pure gibberish and BS. "Illegal" war? By whose standards and are we or are we not supposedly sovereign?

We are not there due to "one man's ego". While there are many procedures and undertakings that I believe should have been prosecuted differently (and especially more harshly) vs. the steps this administration has chosen, we are there because we have a President who sees clearly the big picture threat and wishes to save future generations from the demise that the radicals would surely impose upon us otherwise. You think that the criticism and raw sewage that the Left throws at our President somehow boosts his ego? You think he would endure such because it is desirable or cute?

went there to remove a madman dictator who imposed a thirty year totalitarian rule over his people. We went there because of evidence of weapons we believed were possessed there which have the ability to destroy on a massive, never seen scale. (Surely, you will say Jorge "lied"... the information and evidence we relied upon did not come from Jorge Bush, but from our intelligence agencies, and virtually everyone within our Congress agreed with it at the time. But what the hell, it is easier for you to ignore that, too! The dead Kurds of northern Iraq would argue that one with you if they were alive. We may well see the day when these weapons re-surface and are used yet. Fools like you would rather believe they were some fantasy and that our real enemy is our President. Your gullibility is only exceeded by your cowardice.)

went there to remove a monster who quite likely has killed more millions of Muslim citizens than any other animal in history. We remain there to kill the throngs of terrorists that continue to swarm in because they, unlike this "soldier", recognize the huge importance of defeating us there. It would be both an inspiration and motivation to show the remainder of the teetering Islamists that a caliphate is possible and feasible. Terrorists see this clearly while you conveniently choose not to.

remain there because it is a hugely strategic place to have our forces to deal with the uncertainties of Iran, Syria and Lebanon. We remain there because if we leave now, the country would digress into wide open civil warfare and simultaneously be overrun with external Al Qaeda elements. The bloodbath would be tremendous, far beyond the amount of casualties thus far incurred.

No, it is not fun nor pretty there now. But it is no more difficult to sustain or fight for than a multitude of battles that our forefathers fought elsewhere to repel previous rabid, worldwide threats to freedom and civilization. Thankfully, our fathers of history had the
fortitude to see beyond that which was their own self-centered world and give of themselves for their children and future generations. These are facts, cold, hard and real. I cannot fathom the selfish, shallow mindset that must be necessary to allow these present day realities to be ignored. Mr. Martin obviously can, and he grasps and embraces it.

This is the product of a would-be soldier who has
volunteered for his military service and been specifically trained as to what to do in our current areas of war as well as why we are there. He has, however, chosen to see only what he wishes to see. Surely he would be much happier (something paramount and vastly more important to him than his duties as a member of the US military) if he was back home and able to sing shallow-minded chants with his real heroes, Jane, Susan, Tim, Sean and Cindy.

Assumably, the despicable acts of terror that this video compilation by the David Horowitz Freedom Center has reviewed have no impact or hint of reality to young Mr. Martin. (Sincere appreciation to USpace of "Hard To Swallow" blog for bringing this to our attention in one of his recent comments here). No, Sir, let's just ignore what we already know and blame it on Jorge Bush and the rest of us evil Americans for deserving the hatred the perverted "religion" of Islam purveys.

My advice to sniveling Mr. Martin would be to center punch his next encounter with an officer... Yes, that's right...
Hit him right squarely in the nose! I'm sure a dishonorable discharge would be a badge of courage amongst your leftist cronies! What possible difference could it make to you, as long as it gets you what you want... out. It would make you the hero you long to be, within the circle of snakes you choose to honor. You could all sit around and gratuitously spit upon the graves of the real soldiers who have given of themselves like you cannot. What a smug cloak of fame and complaining you could warmly wrap yourself up in then... all "safe" and sound at home.

What a disgrace you are to the uniform, your country and your fellow REAL soldiers. Choose your avenue and just leave, Sir. Who would want you watching their back in combat anyway?? What man could trust in your ability to save his life if in doing so yours might be threatened?

Go home and stay there. Enjoy and relish the liberty others have died to guarantee you... and good riddance. Enjoy the freedom of speech, too, that you have at your disposal as an American citizen. I would not for one second dispute your right to say anything you wish (...just remember not to deny mine either). Disregard that it will be used as an example to terrorists and their recruits to exemplify the soft underbelly of this country's modern lack of spine. Why should you care when it is superceded by everything that is about you?

A perfect dovetail with the above mentioned video is this catchy creation by another of my visitors, "Nevsky" of Murky Waters blog, entitled 'We Do This For Allah (and Our Seventy Two Virgins)'. When I first began reading it, I thought it was going to be some silly, loopy little sing song. Not only is it quite well done, however, but it also offers a glimmer of hope that ultimately some remainder of the Muslim population could someday clearly see the perverse mentality of Allah and his twisted, murderous directives. I find that encouraging maybe, even if I personally don't give it much of chance of actually materializing.

One last thing, Mr. Martin. This is only Round Two (Afghanistan was Round One and is still going) of a very long fight. Don't even expect it to end for a very, very long time to come... the murderous savages will see to that . So get your whining voice finely tuned. It is the only weapon you possess and you choose to use it against your own people.

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Has anyone some information on what became of recently added blogger "Nevsky" who operated the "Murky Waters Blog" referred to above??? His e-mail address ended in ".ru" and he was very pro-democracy and Conservative... Perhaps Mr. Putin and his KGB viewed him as a threat??? Where the hell did he go?



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