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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What's Going On Over At Your House?

So did you think I died, fell off the face of the Earth or stopped having my pointed opinions? Nope. None of the above actually.

In fact, my opinions have probably never been so consistently harsh, rude, loud or outspoken. I just haven't written them lately. The holidays were busy and yet when they finally arrived by date, I was ready to spend some time with my little wife and two wonderful girls (my puppies). I wanted tradition and family and closeness... and I wanted to stretch it out as long as I possibly could. It was NICE and it made me slow to return to the stench of our changing, devolving society. I made the assumption that those who faithfully read my refuse probably didn't spend hours thinking to themselves, "I wonder if 'DI' approves of Nancy Pelosi?" HA!

The political scene is morbid and getting worse, however expected that was anyway. I know, I know... It is the process of allowing the Dem's the opportunity to thoroughly screw things up so amazingly that America will realize (by Prez. Election '08) that we were all morons to ever allow them the keys to our car in the first place.

Hmmmm... what more to say about that? I see no need for repetition. It is still true and it is still not the way I would have chosen, but the intersection is far behind us now. I believe my distaste with this approach is chiefly due to my difficulty in imagining that it should be necessary at all. Right and wrong seem to be more easily perceived in my small mind... the questions and "close calls" seem very few to me. This is surely a major shortcoming of mine.

I have rather opted to visit many of the outstanding blogs that I list on my page and occasionally leave a comment where deemed appropriate. The Conservative blogs have done their usual excellent job of covering the issues as they occurred and I have found little to add except a few of my supportive words here and there. I don't troll liberal sites, as I see very little chance for real debate, and besides, I have been the receiver of more than my quota of personal insults in my past. No eminent need for more in this corner, especially when it doesn't lead to anything resolved. So... while I remain ready to defend against them, I don't actively solicit them.

In fact, my "coping mechanism" has been to apply myself to my business and my family. I can't, with clear conscience, divorce myself from the news but why join the chorus of deserved, whining chants over what is so abhorrent? It doesn't seem to change much. I see little need to express my astonishment or sadness when kids get kicked off a school bus for speaking English (not the first time speaking English was "wrong"), a group of singers get their asses kicked for singing the Star Spangled Banner on New Year's Eve, a father beheads his 4 year old little girl and leaves her corpse for her mother to discover, Ted "The Guzzler" Kennedy threatens to withhold finances for our troops in order to force Jorge to decidedly turn Iraq into Vietnam, and members of the NYFD are required to remove any references to 9-11 from their lockers, trucks and personal equipment including anything deemed supportive to the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, Joe Kennedy plays oil delivery type guy on my television while enticing people to dial 1-800-JOE-4-OIL so you can get your own personal fix of "cheap oil" from our "good friend" Hugo and the nice people of Venezuela (I'd burn my own furniture in my livingroom first...).

As if these things are any less foolish if I fail to chime in and state the obvious? Did you good folks who stop in here honestly expect me to condone any of these things? Nah... I didn't think so. This is all so unbelievable that twenty years ago it would have had trouble passing for a cutting floor movie reject.

What is likely much more deserving of mention is why. This, all of this, is the product of loose morals and loose leadership. There's my declaration. It is decay. It is the result of years and years and years of slow, steady erosion and blurring of the basics of right and wrong. Ultimately, the point where we will arrive is that there IS NO WRONG.

It is OK to allow child molesters to go free with no hard jail time as recently was permitted by Judge Edward Cashman in Burlington, Vermont. On January 3rd, the abuser, 53 year-old Ralph Guillette, himself assigned a much more fitting punishment than Cashman was able to muster.

It is OK to wonder what unfair and cruel experience in Michael Devlin's background "made" him see no other option but to kidnap and ruin a young child's life. (Hell, if we had only been a little later in finding Ben Ownby, Shawn Hornbeck would probably not have even been an issue to deal with. Shawn was growing up, you know. He didn't have that early pubescent appeal anymore and was probably only useful for training his new replacement, at which time he would have surely ended up under a nearby landfill. How many young boys do you think came before Shawn... or did you consider that? Wanna' bet???)

Want more? Why is it that three young men's lives can be dragged through the dirt for approaching a year with NO EVIDENCE pointing to them, in fact, quite the contrary. Evidence is instead that FIVE OTHER men had sex with the slut stripper in North Carolina at some other time that same day!! Why is it that the wheels of justice roll so incrementally even after it has been solidly established that the DA Mike Nifong and Forensics Lab Head Dr. Brian Meehan BOTH withheld that exonerating information from the defense attorneys (Meehan found sperm sourced DNA in both her underwear as well as her rectum)? Nifong has NEVER met with the accuser... and his office did only in late December. The trollop's story has changed more times than can be accurately counted (really!) and she just gave birth to the baby of yet someone else.

Twice now, that slimeball Nifong has released major case changes late on a Friday afternoon in an attempt to reduce media attention. First, he continues to maintain the charges of "kidnapping" (Huh? ...who got kidnapped?) and "sexual abuse" while dropping the original rape charge. Second, he recuses himself from the case stating that he cannot continue and guarantee a "fair trial for the accuser" (that right is guaranteed for the accused, Butthead!) because he is now facing numerous ethics violation charges over his mishandling of the case. Where is the universal public outrage for these excuseless acts? Why is it not important that the system may be serving up a huge platter of injustice for those accused? Does that not speak volumes for the system's lack of distinction between right and wrong?

When people, MOST people, just don't seem to really care or get ruffled by these things anymore, does it mean that everything is OK now? ...or does it mean that nothing matters? Is there any difference between the two?

No, I'm not done blogging. I'm not tired of rendering opinion nor am I anywhere near short of having them. I am just thoroughly, completely disgusted.



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